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59 Barbie nail design ideas

59 Barbie Nail Design Ideas to Make You *Sparkle*

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Main image – @overglowedit/Instagram

“Hey Barbie, wanna go for a ride?”

Those of us old enough to remember Danish band Aqua’s infamous Barbie Girl (1997) will recall this classic line that sparked a veritable pink avalanche of interest in everything Barbiecore.

And Barbie is having an even bigger moment again this year with the release of Greta Gerwig’s long-awaited movie starring the ever gorgeous Margot Robbie (she can do no wrong in our eyes) and Ryan Gosling.

The much-anticipated release has been getting *a ton* of attention from celebs and the public, with household name influencers, singers and actors set to make surprise appearances or soundtracks for the film.

Barbie’s filming even required so much pink paint during construction that it wiped out one entire company’s global supply.

But paint is not our focus here. Instead, we’re unleashing our inner 5-year-olds (you know, the ones who wanted *everything* pink), and looking at 59 of the best Barbie nail design ideas to make life just that little bit sparklier in time for the film’s release on July 21 this summer.

We. Cannot. Wait!


59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – Kimi.exe/Adobe


What colour are Barbie’s actual nails?

The doll’s creator Ruth Handler once said that, “Barbie always represented the fact that a woman had choices”, with the 1984 slogan, “We can do anything, right Barbie?”

And while Barbie is, of course, free to wear whatever nail colour she wants, “Barbie nails” are typically bright and vibrant pinks in a phenomenon now known as as Barbiecore.


Simple Barbie nail looks

1. Barbie pink nails

This ‘Heidi Hot Pink’ nail polish from Australian brand Esmio is literally the *perfect* shade for this trend.

barbie nails barbiecore

Image – @Esmioaustralia//Instagram


2. Barbie pink almond nails

Ambassador of The GelBottle Inc @imarninails created this Barbiecore look using the brand’s Miami shade and we are so here for it.

Think cocktails by the beach in tropical prints before watching the sun go down surrounded by your gang of bestest friends, a la Barbie.

barbiecore nails

Image – @imarninails/Instagram


3. Round nail design ideas

This simple round-shape mani is perfect for taking on the Barbiecore trend and is super simple to achieve from home.

barbie pink nails for summer

Image – @frecklepusnails/Instagram


4. Barbie pink square nail designs

These neat and clean square nails look *amazing* painted in a Barbie pink polish and are also easy to achieve at home.

Just file nails to the right shape before painting on a couple of coats of this stunning hot pink colour.  Finish with a good quality top coat for an ultra shiny Barbie look.

Oh, and if you go for powder dip nails here make sure to remove them the right way (code for: please don’t pick them off!)

barbie pink nails

Image – @iramshelton/Instagram


5. Barbie pink stiletto nails

Kim K has been bang on trend with these stiletto pink nails, teeny pink purse, and floor-length pink dress. Obsessed.

barbie pink nails

Image – @kimkimnails/@KimKardashian/Instagram


Two-tone Barbie pink nails

6. Two-tone Barbie pink Frenchies

French tips never go out of style. Want more Frenchie ideas? Take a look at our 60 of our favourites.

two tone barbie pink nails

Image – @overglowedit/Instagram


7. Ombre sparkle pink nails

Ombre nails have been a staple trend in 2023, and since they offer a way to offer two shades of pink in just one design they really are a pretty perfect Barbie nails choice.

Looking for more ombre nail designs? We’ve got you with our 60 stunning ombre nail design ideas.

barbie pink ombre nails

Image – @lolo.nailedit/Instagram


8. Barbie pink and baby pink swirl nails

These Barbie pink swirl nails are giving us strawberry ice-cream vibes.

barbie pink nails barbiecore

Image – @gelsbybry/Instagram


9. Shades of pink Barbie nail design ideas

Can’t decide on the shade of pink you want on your mani? Choose a different one for each nail!

shades of pink barbiecore nails

Image – @charsgelnails_/Instagram


10. Barbie pink tortoiseshell nails

A Barbie inspired twist on the classic tortoiseshell nail!

barbie pink nails

Image – @peachinails/Instagram


Gradient Barbie pink nail looks

11. Gradient Barbie pink nails with rhinestones

Nothing says Barbie like some bling.  Don’t just limit yours to your jewellery though, let your nails become the statement with this rhinestone set.

barbie pink design ideas

Image – @buffedbyamelia/Instagram


12. Matte gradient Barbie pink nail design ideas

We love a matte nail here at Live That Glow HQ, especially when it involves Barbie pink.

barbie pink design ideas

Image – @sweetandsavvynails/Instagram


13. Glossy gradient Barbie pink nail design ideas

French tips? Check.  Glazed donut nails? Check.  Barbiecore?  Double check.

These glossy gradient Barbie pink nails have it *all* going on and look juicy as heck!

59 Barbie nail design idea

Image – @melanated.mani/Instagram


14. Gradient Barbie pink nails with sparkle feature nail

These pinky-purple gradient Barbie pink nails with a sparkle feature are the perfect nod to the bold pink Barbiecore trend.

59 Barbie nail design idea

Image – @charsgelnails_/Instagram


15. Gradient Barbie pink French tips with confetti glitter

Remember all those happy hours spent with a glue stick, craft paper and some glitter?  Yep, us too.

These gradient Barbie French tips would look great as a standalone look but add in the glitter confetti and we are obsessed.

59 Barbie nail design idea

Image – @disseynails/Instagram


Colour block Barbie nails

16. Geometric colour block Barbie pink nail design ideas

Barbiecore doesn’t have to be bright. For all of you corporate girlies, this pink geometric mani will still fit right in at the office.

Colourblocking is still bang on trend too, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style to fit in by the water cooler.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @allthingsskinnbeauty/Instagram


17. Pink and red colour block nails

Who says pink and red clash? Not us.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @cosmetologa_sofiaguzman/Instagram


18. Retro 80s block colour Barbie nails

This mani is giving us 80s Barbie vibes. We don’t think we will be seeing a return of the shell suit just yet, however.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @tami.eade_nailtech/Instagram


19. Block colour Barbie pink cartoon nail designs

There are literally tons of animated Barbie movies, and we love this pop art mani as a little homage to cartoon Barbie.

Anyone remember Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin’ Back to Earth? Ahh what a trip down memory lane.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @gandziuchaa/Instagram


20. Barbie colour block nails with hearts

Fancy adding a little something to your pink mani? Try these tiny red hearts for something a bit special.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @oliveandjune/Instagram



Barbie pink Frenchies

21. Double Barbie pink Frenchies

Take a modern twist on the classic Frenchie with a double tip.

barbie pink design ideas

Image – @arfi.nails/Instagram


22. Pink border feature nails

We love this little twist on a Frenchie! Ask your nail tech for a baby pink base and bright pink borders to nail this one.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @nailsbygracei/Instagram


23. Barbie pink zebra Frenchies

If zebra stripes aren’t really your vibe, ask your nail artist to switch them for cheetah spots, leopard print, or a modern checkerboard pattern.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @arfi.nails/Instagram


24. Pink glitter Frenchies

Use glitter for your French tips to take them up a notch.

Perfect if you just want to dip your fingertips into the Barbiecore trend and not go too full on!

barbie pink design ideas

Image – @lauraaa_ostrowska/Instagram


25. Barbie pink sparkle wavy nails

This is a perfect wearable take on the Barbiecore trend.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @disseynails/Instagram


Jelly Barbie nails

26. Barbie pink jelly nails

The jelly look is *everywhere* at the moment.  From lip glosses to eye makeup and nails, and a classic Barbie pink jelly manicure will literally never go out of style.

barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @mynextchapterbeauty/Instagram


27. Barbie pink sparkle jelly nails

Add a little *sparkle* to your Barbie pink jelly mani for something a little extra.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @topcoatchronicles/Instagram


28. Pink jelly nails with cute stars

We love these understated pink jelly nails with stars and sparkles; the perfect nod to Barbiecore.

barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @naildetails.bycarrie/Instagram


29. Barbie pink jelly nails with flame design

It’s gettin’ hot in here…

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @nofatenails/Instagram


Barbie glazed donut nails

30. Barbie glazed donut chrome nails

Glazed donut nails are still going strong, and we love this Barbiecore set.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @clairehowardnaildesign/Instagram


31. Barbie glazed donut nails with neon pink dots

Ok so these aren’t the hot pink we associate with Barbie, but we did say she is free to wear any shade of pink – and so are you!

We love this subtle set with neon pink dainty dots, and we think Barbie would approve.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @anouknailedit/Instagram


32. Barbie pink glazed donut nails

Queen of the glazed donut nail design Hailey Beiber has been seen all over social media sporting this look, which has been dubbed the ‘strawberry glazed donut nail’, – YUMMY (if you know, you know).

barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @Zola Ganzorigt/Instagram


33. Barbie glazed donut nails with flower power

A nod to the flower Barbies of the past (does anyone remember the Pretty Flowers Barbie doll?!) We love this groovy understated mani.

barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @onlinegalentine/Instagram


34. Barbie pink marble donut glaze nail ideas

These glazed donut marble nails look like a fine art painting and we are here for it.

barbie nail designs barbiecore pink

Image – @brushedbyb_/Instagram


Short Barbie nail designs

35. Short Barbie nails with animal print nail design ideas

Channel your inner Safari Barbie with these pink leopard print nails.

59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @barbie.aart/Instagram


36. Short stiletto Barbie pink nail design ideas

Stiletto nails don’t have to be mega long! This short set looks uber cute and cool.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @nailsbyshauna_xo/Instagram


37. Short nails with Barbie nail wraps and painted designs

These Angel Baby Barbie nails are a more dangerous take on the Barbiecore trend. Think bikers, studs and piercings.


Image – @jaw.drop.nails/Instagram


38. Short Barbie nails with sparkle swirls

Groovy swirls, pink tones and glitter make a perfect Barbiecore mani.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @shanitg_r/Instagram


39. Short Barbie nails with diagonal French tip

These diagonal Frenchies are a really subtle Barbiecore.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @esramumcuoglu_nailstudio/Instagram


Long Barbie nail ideas

40. Long Barbie pink chequered nail designs

These chequered pink and white nails with groovy flowers SCREAM Barbiecore!

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @joydumpling/Instagram


41. Long Barbie nails with hand-painted design

We love these hand-painted Barbie logo nails complete with glitter and baby pink.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @nailsstudiopty/Instagram


42. Long Barbie chrome nails

Chrome nails have been having a bit of a moment over the past year or so, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down yet!

Barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @_linadoll/Instagram


43. Dreamy long Barbie nails with gold stars

This set is a subtle take on the Barbiecore trend with a dreamy milky base and gold stars.

barbie long nail designs

Image – @gloria_lizette_/Instagram


44. Long chrome Barbie pink to purple nail designs

These nails shift gradually from chrome Barbie pink to purple and we. are. in. love.

barbie pink nail designs

Image – @wendynailedit_/Instagram


Barbie nail looks with glitter

45. Bright Barbie pink nails with lettering and glitter

This bold fuchsia base with Barbie lettering and sparkle feature nails is the perfect mani for watching the movie premier this July!


Image – @marimonmanail/Instagram


46. Barbie mix and match nails with glitter and rhinestones

This gorge mani shows off the iconic ‘B’ that will all recognise, complete with glitter and rhinestones.

Barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @vicnails_indigo/Instagram


47. Barbie nails with pink glitter animal print

Go wild with these Barbie pink glitter animal print talons!

barbie pink nail designs

Image – @butterflynailswhitehills/Instagram


48. Barbie pink marble nails with gold glitter

We love a marble nail and this set looks like a Barbie crystal mined from the depths of the earth!

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @vinamarieho/Instagram


49. Barbie pink glitter nails with cherries

These cherry nails look good enough to eat!

barbie pink nails

Image – @funkd.up.nails/Instagram


Acrylic Barbie nails

50. Acrylic Barbie nails with hand-painted design

How incredible are these long acrylic Barbie pink nails with the iconic logo painted on them?! Perfect.

Barbie nail design ideas

Imahe – @lilflowernails/Instagram


51. Acrylic Barbie nails with poodles and shoes

A nod to Barbie’s supporting character in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, these long acrylic nails feature a cute dog (and who doesn’t love dogs!)

barbie nail designs

Image – @nail__art__leyla/Instagram


52. Acrylic nails with Barbie face

How amazing are these acrylic nails with Barbie’s face painted on?! Seriously impressive.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @monic_nails/Instagram


53. Acrylic Butterfly Barbie pink nails

Guys, the Y2k is calling and she wants her butterflies back. OMG please tell us you remember Butterfly Barbie with her magic wand!

barbie nails summer barbiecore

Image – @fiepedersendk/Instagram


54. Over the rainbow acrylic Barbie nail design ideas

Barbie doesn’t have to *always* mean pink! We love this Y2k rainbow set that still screams Barbiecore.

barbie nail designs

Image – @nailsby_gxx/Instagram


Barbie nail stickers

55. 3D nails with retro Barbie stickers

Go the whole hog with acrylic nails, sparkles, Barbie stickers and 3D gems.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @sound_of_nails/Instagram


56. Long jelly nails with Barbie stickers

These iridescent jelly nails look great as a standalone but the Barbie face turns this mani into full-on Barbiecore and we are *so* here for it.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @sugeilynailartist/Instagram


57. Bubblegum Barbie pink nail design ideas

Known for her crazy cartoon nail designs, Instagram’s roberta.nailartist has REALLY nailed this mani.

barbie nail design ideas

Image – @roberta.nailartist/Instagram


58. Sparkle baby pink nails with Barbie logo stickers

This mani with a baby pink base uses lots of different shades of pink as well as the iconic Barbie logo and lettering.

Barbie nail design ideas

Image – @theshinenails/Instagram


59. Long nails with Barbie stickers and rhinestones

You’ve got the whole lot in this mani! Barbie stickers, rhinestones, chrome, matte, and even stripes!

Barbie pink nail design ideas

Image – @lareynanails/Instagram

The takeaway

So, now you’ve got 59 amazing Barbiecore nail ideas (even if we do say so ourselves) – “Come on Barbie, let’s go party!”


59 Barbie nail design ideas

Image – DAndreev/Adobe






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