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summer baby pink nails

The 25 Best Baby Pink Nail Ideas to Try for Your Sweetest Mani Ever

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Main Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram

I’ve got to admit, I’ve become a bit obsessed with baby pinks, purples, blues and pastel colours in general lately (I think it could have been the Barbiecore trend of last year that’s brought me over to the pink side?). 

Either way, from its ability to effortlessly complement all skin tones to its versatility in design, baby pink nails hold a special place in the hearts of many of us – including the likes of Camilla Cabello, Kim K, and Zendaya.

Whether you love wearing minimalist nails or intricate designs, join us as we uncover 25 of THE cutest baby pink nails for you to wear throughout spring and summer.


1. Short baby pink gel nails

Starting off the list with these short baby pink gel nails that *almost* look nude.

Nail tech @nonadoesnails created this super cute set using @biosculpturegelgb – understated but chic.

short baby pink nails

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


2. Baby pink nails with glitter and twinkle stars

We are in love with this magical set, and stars are everywhere this season so you’ll be bang on trend with these nails.

The baby pink shade is from The Gel Bottle, and you can create this look at home using a dotting tool or the end of a Bobby pin!

Add some dots to your nails using the pin or dotting tool and use a thin nail brush to pull out some lines to complete star shapes. Add a glitter top coat and you’re good to go!

baby pink glitter and stars

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


3. Matte milky white nails with baby pink 3D squiggles

3D nails are definitely having a moment! @jark.nails used art gel and sprinkled acrylic clear powder on top to create the effect on this set – now you know what to ask your nail tech for!

baby pink squiggles

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


4. Celestial black, gold and baby pink acrylic nails

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – celestial nails are going to be a firm fave going into 2024, with so many variations on the trend – whether you prefer a milky mani or a bold one like this set from Jark.

Combining unicorns, ombre, French tips, moons, and gold designs, this one could take a while for your nail artist to complete but it’s soooo worth it.

celestial nails baby pink

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


5. Baby pink chrome nails with red half hearts

Manicurist used Strawberry Glaze on the base, a gorgeous powder pink chrome with a holographic strobe effect, with love heart tips using @dndgel.europe in Cherry Punch.

You can create hearts like this using a thin nail brush or even a dotting tool to create the round edges of the hearts. Give it a go!

baby pink chrome nails

Image –


6. Barely there baby pink base with black paint splatters

With a hit of gold to really top this mani off, @nonadoesnails used shades from @the_gelbottle_inc and @magpie_beauty to create this set.

This is such a fun look to DIY. Apply your base coat and let it dry, then apply some tape around your cuticles to protect your skin.

Use a small paint brush (or similar) and dip it in the colour of your choice, tap or flick this gently over your nails to create a splatter effect. Secure with a top coat.

baby pink and black nails

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


7. Red and baby pink croc nails with tiny rhinestone details

Croc nails have been having a bit of a moment lately and they look set to still be around this year. But this set with baby pink and red double French tips, cool croc print, and tiny rhinestone details is another level.

A bold pattern to wear on every nail, I love the way this mani is broken up into Frenchies with a nude base.

baby pink nails rhinestones

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


8. Baby pink base with cute white Miffy nail designs

Nail artist @jark.nails created this custom pink using @leafgelusa and @leafgel_premium sand-free base, with 3D Miffy rabbits, stars, gems and bows. So cute.

You can create your own Miffy nails in so many different ways! Check out these press-on nails, wraps, stickers and charms on Etsy.

baby pink and white nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


9. Silver and baby pink sparkly nails with hearts

Pure build from @homeofnailart and colours from @the_gelbottle_inc were used to create this cute and shiny mani.

Screenshot for your nail tech or give it a go using some silver and pink nail varnish, adding some cute hearts using a nail dotter or the end of a Bobby pin. Want more romantic nail design ideas? Check out our ultimate guide to Valentine’s nails!

baby pink sparkly nails

Image –@nailsbytammy___/instagram


10. Baby pink almond-shaped nails

Almond nails are the classiest shape around IMO and this simple set is *perfection*. 

This polish from Essie (£7.99 on the Boots UK website/$10 through the Essie US website) in the shade Romper Room will help you to create this look at home.

baby pink almond nails

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


11. Baby blue and pink marble mash-up nails

It’s a marble mash-up! This dreamy set combines shades of pink, blue, orange, and green to create a marble effect.

Screenshot this for your nail tech, or give it a go at home. Apply your base and wait for it to dry, then add some dots of different coloured polishes. Use a dotting tool or the sharp end of a cuticle stick to swirl the colours together then add a top coat to seal.

PRO TIP: Be careful not to swirl the colours too much to keep a marble effect rather than mixing the shades.

baby blue and baby pink

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


12. Square baby pink nails with white cuticle dots

This barely there baby pink created using @bio_sculpture_official in the shade Rose is the perfect base for some cute nail art like these dots.

This is a really easy one to DIY, just apply your base and wait for it to dry before using a dotting tool, Bobby pin, or the sharp end of a cuticle stick to add some dots above the cuticle. So easy but effective.

square baby pink nails with dots

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


13. Double pink French tip nails

We love a Frenchie! A classic in the world of nails, using different colours is a great way to add a modern twist.

Ask your nail tech for a baby pink base and bright pink tips to get this look.

baby pink french tips

Image –


14. Coffin nails with blue flames and baby pink tips

Flame nails are the hottest of the season and this design looks great in any colour combos.

If you’re not the kind to go to the salon to get your nails done, Etsy has some amazing flame press-on nails that are so easy to apply and last for a week or more!

baby pink coffin nails

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


15. Milky baby pink ombre nails with strawberry designs

We’ve got a whole article dedicated to pink ombre nails here, and if you want to have a go at doing these at home take a look at this tutorial from cutepolish where she shows you 5 ways to get the look.

baby pink ombre nails jark

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


16. Short nude baby pink nails with delicate flowers and gold leaf

The cleanest mani we’ve ever seen, created using BIAB gel.

Screenshot this one for your manicurist, and ask for roses, perfume bottle details and some gold leaf to tie it all together.

baby pink nails with flowers

Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram


17. Long baby pink, lilac, and baby blue cloud nails

Is your head in the clouds? I’ve been seeing skyline and cloud nail art *literally* everywhere over the past 6 months and it looks like they’re here to stay throughout 2024 (yay!).

This one can be a little difficult to get the hang of, so screenshot this set for your nail tech.

cloud nails baby pink

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


18. Metallic baby pink and yellow alien design nails

Soft hues, bold shine, iridescent jewels and an alien-like design – this manicure is just stunning.

To turn any mani into metallic, add a universal top coat like this one from Rimmel.

metallic baby pink nails

Image – @blushnailartist/instagram


19. Nude base with baby pink smiley face flowers and mismatched designs

I love a smiley face nail (I grew up in the 90s, what do you expect?) and this is probably the cutest set I’ve come across.

With the mismatched designs on these nails, you’ll need help from your nail tech on this one unless you’re a dab hand with the nail brush!

But if smiley faces are what you’re looking for, Ciate London has the coolest stickers for your nails that you could make into cute flowers.

baby pink smiley face flowers

Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram


20. Pink on pink swirl line design nails

How gorgeous are the shades of pink on this mani? With strawberry lace swirls in bright pink glitter, this set looks sweet enough to eat.

An easy one to DIY, all you need is 2 sets of nail polishes, a thin brush or the sharp end of a cuticle pusher to create the swirl lines and a top coat to seal it all in.

baby pink swirl nails

Image – @nailsbytammy___/insatgram


21. Baby pink jelly nails with shades of pink abstract lines

Jelly nails are the perfect base for some brighter nail art, and these abstract lines are so cool and modern.

Etsy has thousands of press-on nails so you can get this look at home without having to do any painting, and this set is just *perfect*.

baby pink jelly nails with abstract lines

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


22. Spring Valentine’s aura baby pink nails with red and gold hearts

Whether you’re spending the day with friends or your significant other, Valentine’s calls for a new set of nails (we’ve got 55 designs here if you need some inspo). 

Due to the intricate design of this mani, take a screenshot for your nail tech to replicate!

baby pink spring nails

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


23. Summer Aquarelle nails with pink and red hearts and flowers

Nail tech Emily of @freshsetlancaster used @brillbirduk Aquarelle Palette to create this gorgeous watercolour masterpiece that would look great in any season.

With Aquarelle nails (or watercolour nails) being such a big trend, Nail Pro has a great tutorial here on their website so you can try this out at home.

summer baby pink nails

Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram


24. Grey, pink, and white 3D ‘chunky yarn’ fall nails

Nothing says fall like cosy knits, roaring fires, warm jumpers, and big scarfs – and this mani from @jark.nails looks as cosy as you can get!

This ‘chunky yarn’ mani is one to show your nail tech, so take a screenshot, wrap yourself warm, get a hot cup of chocolate and book that nail appointment.

baby pink fall nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


25. Winter nails with shades of pink Christmas nail designs

Ho, ho, how amazing are the designs on this pink Christmas mani?! Every time I’m looking for Christmas nail ideas, it’s always red, greens, silvers and golds, so these nails from @freshsetlancaster are a breath of fresh air!

Think gingerbread men, stockings, Santa and stars for this super cute set.

baby pink christmas nails lancaster

Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram


The takeaway

Baby pink is a great colour for any season and it doesn’t have to be ultra-feminine and girly.

Whether you prefer lots of gloss, a matte finish, long coffin nails or a cute short set, there’s a mani for everyone in this roundup.

Let us know if you try any of our tips or tutorials! We would love to see how you got on (and if you prefer relaxing in the nail salon, don’t forget to take a screenshot with you).


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