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25 Classic Heart Nail Designs You Can Definitely Wear All Year Round

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Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram

Valentine’s Day might be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean heart nail designs are only reserved for the month of February.

From subtle accents to bold statements, these designs showcase the versatility and beauty that can be achieved on the small canvas of your nails – it’s pretty impressive.

Whether you’re an intricate nail art enthusiast seeking inspiration for your next mani or you prefer understated nails with a natural finish, I’ve saved 25 of the most beautiful heart nail designs for you to wear all. year. round.


1. Mismatched nails with broken heart designs

“Don’t break my heart, my achy, breaky heart”.

broken heart nails

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


2. Milky base with scattered red hearts nail designs

These bold red hearts look amazing against a milky white base. In love.

red hearts nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


3. Black and gold tiny hearts on a nude matte base

A nude shade is the perfect base for intricate nail art, but this matte set looks *so* cute with teeny black and gold hearts.

black and gold hearts

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


4. Matte black ombre stiletto nails with white lettering and broken hearts

It’s a ‘NAA’ from me.

black ombre nails with hearts

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


5. French tip manicure with white and gold hearts design

Up the ante of your classic Frenchies with some white and gold hearts.

white and gold heart nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


6. Chrome nails with red hearts, silver details, and red rhinestones

We love a chrome set! This mani is seriously impressive, combining rhinestones, chrome, hearts, and silver. Obsessed.

chrome nails with red hearts silver and gems

Image – @blushnailartist/instagram


7. Matte shades of brown nails with hearts and silver details

When you think of a heart mani, brown doesn’t usually come to mind. But these matte nails with a single brown heart look so classy and would be perfect for fall.

matte brown heart nails

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


8. Heart nail designs with eyes

A milky pink base with shades of pink French tips is the perfect canvas for some cool nail art like this set with chilli, hearts, lips, and flames.

heart eye nails

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


9. Strawberry glaze base with red half hearts

Firmly on the nail art radar for the past year or so thanks to Hailey Bieber, strawberry glaze is an amazing base for some red half hearts.

half nail hearts

Image –


10. Pink and red heart French tip nail designs

Don’t want to cover half of your nails with red? Go for some classy heart French tips instead.

heart french tip nails

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


11. Short blue and red inverted heart nails

Short nails can still look seriously amazing with some nail art.

blue and red short heart nails

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


12. Rainbow hearts with a different colour on each nail

Go all out with a different colour on each nail and some trippy hearts. This set it SO fun!

rainbow hearts nails

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


13. 3D Care Bears press-on nails with hearts and clouds

I’ve been seeing Care Bears nails everywhere lately thanks to the resurge in the 80s/90s trend. This is a super impressive set complete with 3D hearts, clouds, stars and, of course, Care Bears.

care bears nails with hearts and clouds

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


14. Pink aura nails with red and gold hearts

I love an aura nail! This mani is seriously sweet with tiny red hearts and gold accents.

gold hearts

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


15. Two-tone neon heart French tip nails

Simple yet eye-catching, a different colour on each nail is a great way to add a major pop of colour.

two tone neon heart french tip nails

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


16. Multicoloured pastel candy heart nails

Now, these are some sweetheart mantras I can really get behind.

sweetheart nails

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


17. Milky base with simple red heart nail designs

One of the cutest sets of nails in this roundup, this mani is so easy to create at home with a milky base and some tiny heart nail stickers.

simple heart nail design

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


18. Pink and red aura heart nail designs with flames 

THE hottest nails. This mani screams summer.

aura heart nails

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


19. Pink and purple chrome nails with 3D heart designs

3D nail designs are all over my Insta feed at the moment, add some chrome and you’re bang on trend.

chrome heart nails

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


20. Milky base with red and purple floral watercolour hearts

Are they flowers? Are they balloons? Who knows, but this watercolour manicure is so beautiful and would look great in spring.

red and purple hearts

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


21. Red stiletto nails with red and gold 3D hearts

The most glamorous nails – glossy, shiny, red and gold.

red nails with red hearts

Image – @blushnailartist/instagram


22. Intricate pastel-coloured heart nails with flowers and leaves

If you love intricate nail art, this is the pastel-coloured dream mani for you.

pastel intricate nail art

Image – @blushnailartist/instagram


23. Short natural nails with tiny black hearts and gold leaf

If you like to keep your nails short and neat, this gold leaf and black set is the one for you.

heart gold leaf nails

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


24. Love is the location heart nail design

This is such an imaginative nail art design! If you haven’t found the love of your life yet (me neither, don’t worry), maybe this is your sign.

hearts nail designs

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


25. Mix-and-match heart nail designs

I love a mix-and-match mani, the possibilities are endless with 10 fingertips to cover!

mix and match heart nails

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


The takeaway

Heart nail designs are perfect for literally any season, event, nail length and shape.

Whether you prefer to keep your nails short and understated or you love super long press-ons that you can keep switching up depending on your mood or outfit, there’s a heart design for everyone in this roundup.


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