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45 of the Classiest Chrome Nail Designs for a Polished Look

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Main image – @samrosenails/Instagram

Chrome is the perfect design for any lifestyle, event, and size or shape of nail. While you might automatically picture super-long talons painted silver, there are *actually* tonnes of different designs and your base coat will determine just how ‘out there’ your nails will look.

Now we’re fully in the swing of autumn, loads of guys and gals will be opting for chrome nails because, although they work well all year round, the festive season and run-up to Christmas is the perfect time to add some shimmer and shine!

From sleek, mirror-like finishes to holographic designs that catch the light, chrome nails offer a futuristic and eye-catching twist to traditional manicures, and some looks are seriously mesmerising.

Whether you want to add some flecks of gold or silver to your perfect understated French mani, or really up the ante and go for a full-on out-of-this-world liquid chrome look, we’ve got 45 of THE best chrome nail designs to take you through to the new year – and beyond! *Does Buzz Lightyear motion*

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next set of chrome nails, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t forget to screenshot your fave look to show your nail tech!


Classic nudes

Who doesn’t LOVE a classic nude set? These babies are the epitome of the clean girl aesthetic and *perfect* for literally any event . Work? Perfect office attire. Party? Understated glam. Wedding day? They won’t upstage your dress but will get noticed. 

1. Sweet vanilla almond shape

Almond-shaped nails with vanilla are as chic as you can get.

chrome nails vanilla

Image – @thehotblend/Instagram


2. Champagne coffin shape

These nails are the perfect set for a wedding. Or work, Or any event really!

champagne chrome nails

Image – @lovelecente/Instagram


3. Chocolate brown round shape

Seen recently on Hailey Bieber – AKA queen of trending manis – she dubbed this set the “chocolate glazed donut manicure.”

brown chrome nails

Image – @nailsbyzola/Instagram


4. Beige iridescent short nails

Seen on Pixie Lott for her wedding day, we LOVE these simple, clean, short and shimmery nails.

beige chrome nails

Image – @imarninails/Instagram


Icy cold whites

I *love* a white chrome nail, it’s the perfect combination of understated and glam! Did I mention it also goes with literally. every. outfit?

5. Pearly whites chrome

Forget bright white nails, these pearly ones have a warm undertone that looks tres chic.

pearl chrome nails

Image – @lahouseofnails/Instagram


6. Whiter than white chrome

But if you’re a fan of white nails, this mani with white powder chrome is for you!

white chrome nails



7. Barely there icy white chrome

We are in LOVE with this barely-there mani on long almond nails, the perfect set for a frosty day.

barely there chrome nails

Image – @nailsbyzola/Instagram


Dramatic black tones

A darker base colour will make your chrome really pop, but black doesn’t have to be gothic! Go all-out dramatic or add some hints of black with nail art.

8. Black chrome

Now these are dramatic! They’re not really something I’d wear every day, but great if you want to make a statement or for the upcoming spooky season (my fave!)

black chrome nails

Image – @giannabarcantmua/Instagram


9. Chrome with black details

Understated chrome with tattoo-like details is a great way to add some personality to your mani.

chrome with black details

Image – @gjinanails/Instgram


The prettiest of pinks

This trend works really well on barely there pinks as well as the (still ongoing) billion-dollar Barbiecore trend. 

10. Pretty pink with gold details

We think this mani is *sooo* dreamy, the added gems are perfect!

pink chrome with gold details

Image – @lahouseofnails/Instagram


11. Peachy keen chrome nails

This silvery chrome is perfect on barely there peach polish.

peach chrome nails

Image – @agneseheringa/Instagram


12. Hot pink Barbiecore nails

If, like us, you’re still hot on the Barbiecore trend, then this set is definitely for you.

hot pink chrome nails

Image – @mynailgirlness/Instagram


Sophisticated reds

Valentine’s Day? Red nails. Date? Red nails. Christmas? Red nails. The list goes on!

13. Bright red coffin nails

Red never goes out of fashion.

red chrome nails

Image – @sdesignsnails/Instagram


14. Hailey Bieber’s chrome with red accents

The queen of chrome was really giving with this mani, complete with bright red tips.

chrome red tips

Image – @haileybieber/Instagram


All the blue shades

50 Shades of Grey?! We prefer shades of blue, tbh.

15. Mermaid blue with accents

All you need now is a mermaid tail and a beach!

mermaid blue chrome

Image – @sophistic_ongles/Instagram


16. Dark blue long chrome

This mirror-like set will DEFINITELY make a statement, and they look perfect on longer nails.

dark blue chrome

Image – @pegi_nails/Instagram


17. Navy blue nail art

A plain nail is the perfect base for some chrome nail art, this mani is giving us seashell vibes.

navy blue nail art

Image – @nailsbykatherin/Instagram


Versatile greens

Everyone will be *literally* green with envy with these gorge chrome manis.

18. Moss green super shiny nails

You can almost see your face in this moss green mani!

moss green chrome nails

Image – @marline_nailsdesign/Instagram


19. Slime green with star details

This nail tech has used airbrushing to create art on these talons and we are SO here for it.

slime green nails chrome

Image – @vanityprojects/Instagram


Warm orange shades

Orange is, obviously, perfect for Halloween. But these manis prove this juicy colour is great in any shade and shape – and for any time of year.

20. Aperol spritz nails

Aperol spritz or creamsicle? Whatever you call them, this mani will look great holding a cocktail in a beach bar.

aperol nails

Image – @nailsbymei/Instagram


21. Fanta orange with a hint of pink

The hint of pink chrome used on bright orange is the perfect combo.

orange chrome fanta nails

Image – @nailsbycarhendy/Instagram


Perfect purples

Lilac, lavender, dark purple, plum, violet, mauve… The list is never-ending for shades of purple that look perfect all year round.

22. Sleepy long lavender nails

Any shade of purple looks great on a mani, but I’m a particular fan of this long lavender set from @overglowedit (she can do no wrong!)

lavander chrome

Image – @overglowedit/Instagram


23. Lilac French tips

Another plain base with a hint of colour on the tips. 

lavander french tips

Image – @nails_of_la/Instagram


Precious metallics

Chrome lends itself *perfectly* to nails that look like they’ve just been smelted! In. Love.

24. Liquid silver statement nails

The liquid silver set is what we envision when someone says ‘chrome mani’, a titanium glaze was used to create these.

silver chrome

Image – @nailsbyzola/Instagram


25. Gold chrome short French tips

These have GOT to be some of the prettiest short Frenchie we’ve ever seen!

gold chrome tips

Image – @thegelbottlenz/Instagram


26. Rose gold round nails

Pink is the perfect base for shiny, rose gold chrome.

rose gold chrome

Image – @amberjhnails/Instagram


27. Beautiful bronze round nails

Bronze isn’t just for the face!

bronze chrome

Image – @sunbeamnails/Instagram


28. Copper details

Can’t decide whether you want Frenchies, full colour or some nail art? Who said you have to choose – have it all!

copper details chrome nails

Image –


Elevating with nail art

What makes chrome nails EVEN better? Nail art – duh.

29. Ombre iridescent changing chrome

OBSESSED. That’s it.

ombre chrome

Image – @samrosenails/Instagram


30. Magical unicorn white and pink

Add some magic to your mani with this unicorn set that changes colour in the light.

unicorn chrome

Image – @learnahstarbuck_nailartist/Instagram


31. Rainbow chrome tips

If they’re good enough for Dua Lipa, they’re definitely good enough for us!

rainbow chrome tips

Image – @naominailsnyc/Instagram


32. Classic Frenchies with a twist

Bored of the classic French tips? Add some chrome to elevate the look without going too OTT.

classic french chrome

Image – @nailswithaby/Instagram


33. Glitter and chrome

Glitter, nail art, chrome, and regular polish combine to create this beautiful mani.

glitter and chrome

Image – @vivianmariewong/Instagram


34. Splish splash bubble bath polish

Viral on TikTok, bubble bath nails are effortless simplicity with a hint of girliness, and this milky pink colour with white chrome powder is perfect for all skin tones.

bubble bath chrome nails

Image – @ohlalanaillounge/Instagram


35. A pastel for each nail

Can’t decide which colour you want on this month’s mani? We feel ya. Choose a different one for each nail! Sorted.

pastel chrome

Image – @melanated .mani/Instagram


36. Yellow chrome with stars

Yellow nails are sure to brighten ANY day.

chrome stars yellow

Image – @yo_keshh/Instagram


37. This is your sign to get zodiac nails!

We are seeing tarot nail art in your future. You heard it here first.

zodiac chrome

Image – @Disseynails/Instagram


38. Swirls – but make them pink chrome

This nude/pink base with bright pink chrome swirls looks amazing with dainty gold jewellery.

swirls chrome

Image – @gettipsy_nails/Instagram


39. Matte chrome mani (velvet nails)

A mix of glitter and metallic polish effects, the velvet manicure is all about creating the illusion of texture like, well, velvet!

matte and chrome

Image – @mogulstylist/Instagram


40. Foil and chrome nails

Foil mixed with chrome – AND pink?! Sign me up.

foil and chrome

Image – @paintboxnails/Instagram


41. Glazed donut chrome nails

You can’t go wrong with the classic glazed donut.

glazed donut nails

Image – @marline_nailsdesign/Instagram


By season

42. Spring Valentine chrome

Not a hopeless romantic? I’m right there with ya – and I’m slightly in love with this non-soppy mani.

valentine chrome nails

Image – @_nailsbylaurac/Instagram


43. Summer colours

Summer is *all about* bright colours, bikinis and beaches – this mani will fit right in.

summer chrome nails

Image – @vivianmariewong/Instagram


44. Autumn Halloween chrome skeletons

These skeleton nails are the perfect take on the chrome trend as well as Halloween.

halloween chrome

Image – @polished_yogi/Instagram


45. Winter Christmas chrome snowflakes

Snowflakes are the epitome of winter and Christmas, and this mani is *literally* perfect.

winter christmas chrome nails

Image – @samrosenails/Instagram


How to do chrome nails

Still with us? Cool. 

You can actually recreate this manicure on your nails from the comfort of your own home, with tonnes of alternatives to visiting the salon.

If you’re a bit of a dab hand with nail polish or gels and fancy giving this a go, here are our quick steps:


1. First, file your nails into the desired shape and buff them to prepare for gel polish. If you’re not using gel polish, skip the buffing.

2. Next, brush on your desired colour, wait for it to dry and add a second coat. Tip: darker colours show up much better with chrome.

3. If you’re using gel, cure the nails under your UV or LED lamp. If using regular polish, wait until all nails are dry.

4. Next, apply a top coat or another layer of base coat. Pro nail artists recommend a ‘no wipe’ top coat.

5. Then use a foam eyeshadow applicator and dip it into the chrome powder. Buff this thoroughly on the nail, smoothing as you go.

6. Keep adding chrome powder and rubbing it onto the nail, pressing down slightly.

7. Brush off excess powder with a fluffy brush, then add a top coat to seal the deal.


The AMAAAZING @nailsbyzola also did this super easy tutorial on her Instagram:


The takeaway

You’re now armed with 45 AMAZING manis for every occasion, length and season – take a photo of your fave look to show your nail tech!

Prefer at home manis? Alternatives to recreating your own manicure look are sooo good these days, with loads of nail stickers, press-ons and nail wraps available – and for a fraction of the price of a trip to the salon!

Follow our step-by-step guide above to get the look from the comfort of your couch.


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