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pastel pink nail design

60 of the Prettiest Pink Nail Design Ideas to Screenshot

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Main image – @gelcare.official/instagram

In the kaleidoscope of nail polish colours, there’s one hue that has stood the test of time and continues to make a subtle yet bold statement – pink.

Beyond its (pretty outdated) association with being feminine and girly, pink nails have evolved into a versatile and timeless choice that transcends trends (looking at you, Margot Robbie and Barbiecore).

This gentle yet vibrant shade has found its way into the hearts (and fingertips) of most of us, whether you prefer bright neons or understated tones.

That’s why we’ve curated 60 of the *best* pink nail designs for any event, occasion, length, shape, and time of year – that’s right, we’ve definitely got you covered on this one.

So, let’s paint the town pink?!


Pink nail designs

1. Hot pink nails

Kicking off the roundup is, of course, the classic hot pink nail! We *love* how this colour looks on a shorter, round nail.

best pin nail designs hot pink

Image – @gelpolish_bar/instagram


2. Nude pink nails

Understated glam with a touch of pink? You can’t go wrong with this set.

nude pink nails

Image – @nailboxla/instagram


3. Clear pink nails

Simple and fit for any occasion – we *love* clear pink nails!

clear pink nails

Image – @glossy.studios/instagram


4. Coral pink nails

Perfect for a summer soirée sipping Pimms, these peachy nails know how to make a statement.

coral pink nail design

Image – @lolo.nailedit/instagram


5. Light pink nails

For a ‘barely there’ look that will go with any outfit, go for light pink.

light pink nails

Image – @luminary_nail_systems/Adobe


6. Light pink nails with shimmer

Want to elevate your light pink nails? Add some shimmer *chefs kiss*

light pink nails with shimmer

Image – @nailboxla/instagram


7. Baby pink nails

Baby pink nails are the perfect shade for all of our neutral-loving guys and gals.

baby pink nails

Image – @sgbeauty.x/instagram


8. Neon pink nails

Neon doesn’t need to be garish! We love this short and shiny set that is *slightly* see-through.

neon pink nails

Image – @spellbound.nailartistry/instagram


9. Neon pink wavy nail art

Go one step further than plain neon pink by using a light-tone base colour and adding some cool neon nail art. Obsessed.

neon pink nail art

Image – @shenailedit_bymolly/instagram


10. Barbie pink nails

If you’re still on the Barbiecore trend, we got you. with these Barbie pink nails complete with the logo and classic silhouette. 

barbie pink nails

Image – @marimonmanail/instagram


11. Milky pink nails

Gracing the nails of Hailey Beiber, Kim K, Zoe Kravitz and Jennifer Anniston this year, we can bet milky nails are here to stay through 2024.

milky pink nail design

Image – @naymova_nailart/instagram


12. Bubble gum pink nails

The sweetest manicure trend out there.

bubblegum pink nails

Image – @imarninails/instagram


13. Pastel pink nails

Nothing beats pastel pink for a sweet mani, it’s the perfect colour to experiment with different nail shapes.

pastel pink nail design

Image – @gelcare.official/instagram


14. Pastel pink with nail art

Slightly obsessed with this pastel mani complete with dainty flowers – perfect for spring!

pastel pink nail art

Image – @iramshelton/instagram


15. Ballerina pink nails

This shade isn’t just for ballerinas, you know.

ballerina pink nails

Image – @saskiafenwick/instagram


Pink with other colours

16. Red and pink nails

Add a bit of red to your pink nails with these cute cuffs.

pink and red nails

Image – @paintboxnails/instagram


17. Pink nails with red hearts

Could nails get any cuter with these heart designs?! We think not.

pink nails red hearts

Image – @iramshelton/instagram


18. Orange and pink nails

Groovy, baby!

orange and pink nails



19. Purple and pink nails

This light purple and pink manicure from Paintbox is the ultimate accessory.

pink and purple nails

Image – @paintboxnails/instagram


20. Pink and purple with nail art

This ice cream pastel set with black and white polka dots is perfect for spring or summer.

pink and purple nail art

Image – @thenailbarwithterri/instagram


21. Pink and orange nails

Sunset vibes with this orange and pink ombre set.

pink and orange nails

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram


22. Yellow and pink nails

You’re the yin to my yang.

yellow and pink nails

Image – @katynails_jax/insttagram


23. Yellow and pink nail art

Flowers? Check. Strawberries? Check. Cute smiley face? Check. Pink? Check. yellow? Check…This one has it all!

yellow and pink nail art

Image – @nailsbybrooke___/instagram


24. Green and pink nails

Can’t decide between hot pink and lime green? We say, go for both.

green and pink nails

Image – @_.sydsnails._/instagram


25. Green and pink nail art

The happiest nails we’ve ever seen!

green and pink nail art

Image – @alicemcnails/instagram


26. White and pink nails

You can’t go wrong with pink and white nails! Add some gold or silver accents for the perfect winter mani.

pink and white nails

Image – @magnificientnails/instagram


27. Grey and pink nails

A personal fave of mine, grey and pink looks amazing on all lengths and shapes.

clear french tip nails

Image – nailedbylexig


28. Pink with grey nail art

Baby pink with grey flowers? Yes. Please.

pink with gret nail art

Image – @amaka.hamelijnck/instagram


29. Brown and pink nails

This dark long dark chocolate set looks great with a few pink hearts dotted around.

brown and pink nails

Image – @brownluxenails/instagram


30. Black and pink nails

Go all punk princess or stick to sweet and simple like this abstract mani with barely there pink.

black and pink nails

Image – @imarninails/instagram


31. Pink with black stars

This bright pink mani with black stars will really make a statement.

pink with black stars

Image – @missdiamonddeville/instagram


32. Pink and gold nails

This nude set with pink tips and handpainted nail art is the stuff of dreams.

pink and gold nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


33. Pink and silver nails

Super glam, super sparkly, and super chic.

pink and silver nails



Pink nail art

34. Pink nails with glitter

This slightly opaque set looks *fab* with silver glitter.

pink glitter nails

Image – @nails_by_daniellekatie/instagram


35. Hot pink glitter nails

Turn up the heat with these hot pink glittery nails!

hot pink glitter nails

Image – @meraki_nails_cardiff/instagram


36. Pink glitter tip nails

Pink, French tips AND glitter? It’s perfect.

pink glitter tips

Image – @nailsbymh/instagram


37. Ombre pink nails

We are MASSIVE  fans of ombre nails (we wrote a whole article on the best 60 ombre nails!) and this set is no exception.

pink ombre nails

Image – @rebeccareyes_/instagram


38. Hot pink nails with diamonds

Like a rhinestone cowboy. Or girl.

pink rhinestone nails

Image – @minea.nails/instagram


39. Sparkly pink nails

The sweetest subtle sparkle.

pink sparkle nails

Image – @clairestarknailartist/instagram


40. Pink nails with flowers

This pink and purple floral set is the epitome of cute.

pink nails with flowers

Image – @indiesbeautyroom/instagram


41. Chrome pink nails

Did you know we are also *slightly* obsessed with the chrome nail trend? Yup. We curated our 60 fave chrome nail looks here!

pink chrome

Image – @thenail_teq/instagram


42. Glazed donut pink nails

The hottest nail trend of 2023.

pink glazed donut



43. French pink nails

These classic Frenchies are perfect for any event or occasion, and we are obsessed with the pink chrome finish on this set.

classic french chrome

Image – @nailswithaby/Instagram


44. French nails with pink tips

Switch it up by using pink on your Frenchies instead of white!

pink french tip nails

Image – izabelawozniak_educator


45. Long jelly pink nails

Jelly nails were a huge trend in 2023, we love this long set with tiny stars.

barbie pink jelly nails with stars

Image -naildetails.bycarrie


46. Short jelly pink nails

Prefer a short manicure? We got you.

short jelly pink nails

Image – @betina_goldstein/instagram


47. Bubble bath pink nails

This Bubble Bath OPI shade is *literally* everywhere at the moment.

opi bubble bath

Image – OPI


Pink nails by finish

48. Acrylic pink nails

We love these double Frenchies complete with yin-yang feature nails.

acrylic pink nails

Image – @nailsbyalsn/instagram


49. Acrylic pink nails with stars and gems

Dreamy. Literally.

acrylic pink nails and stars

Image – phoebesummernails/instagram


50. Gel pink nails

Creamy, pastel, vinyl pink gel using Gelcare in Polly Pink.

pink gel nails

Image – @lemanoir/instagram


51. Matte pink nails

Matte is the perfect modern approach to any colour and shape.

matte pink nails

Image – sass.nails__/instagram


Pink designs by nail shape

52. Almond pink nails

These classic almond shaped nails look amazing with a pink shade.

almond pink nails

Image – @anetaujwary/instagram


53. Coffin pink nails

Coffin-shaped nails are great for elongating the fingers, giving an elegant look.

pink coffin nails

Image – @dovenailsbysharon/instagram


54. Square pink nails

We *love* a short square nail.

sheer pink square nails

Image – @iramshelton/instagram


55. Short pink nails

Can’t settle on a shade? Use them all! We love a short pink mani.

short pink nails gel

Image – @gel.bymegan/instagram


56. Wedding pink nails

Who said wedding nails had to be white? Not us!

wedding pink nails

Image – @paintboxnails/instagram


Pink nails by season

57. Spring pink nails

Your Valentine’s Day nails – sorted.

spring pink nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


58. Summer pink nails

This mani is reminding us of turquoise oceans and pink sunsets. Can you tell we are missing summer?

pink summer nails

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram


59. Fall pink nails

Cute ghosts, flowers AND pink? The perfect feminine set for Halloween!

fall pink nails halloween

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


60. Winter pink nails

Get all wrapped up like a Christmas prezzie with this manicure complete with bows and pearls.

christmas pink nails

Image – @pop_polished/instagram


The takeaway

From subtle pastels to bold neons, the spectrum of pink nail designs is as big as it is beautiful!

Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or intricate patterns, long or short, square or round – there’s a perfect pink nail design to suit every occasion and style.

With the myriad of pink options available, there’s no limit to the looks you can create, so get yourself off to the salon or settle on the couch and give yourself an at-home mani.


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