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60 Amazing French Tip Nail Design Ideas for 2023

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Main image – @farrari_beauty/Instagram

French tip nails are a total classic. Feminine and flattering, they never go out of fashion and are perfect for any time of year, any outfit, or any event.

And while we love a timeless nude and white French tip, there are so many really fun combinations and bright colouts that take this manicure to the next level.

That’s why we’re taking a look at how much French tip nails cost, how you can create the look yourself, and 60 great French tip nail designs for this 2023!

What are French tip nails?

Originating in France in the 1970s, French tip nails have been a firm favourite ever since. This classic style is a type of manicure that involves painting the tips of the nails a white or off-white colour, with the rest of the nails painted a pale pink or neutral colour.

This style gives a fresh and elegant look, but there are now hundreds of variations of this manicure using different colours, glitters, nail art, and shapes.

cuticle french tip nails

Image – @glam_byindia/Instagram

How much do French tip nails cost?

A set of acrylic French tips will vary between technicians and may cost slightly more because of the extra tip and time involved. In the UK, a set of acrylic French tip nails will cost from around £35 for a full set without extra nail art.

In the US, a set of acrylic French tip nails will start from around $40 without extra nail art.

If you’re lucky enough to have long and strong nails without the need for adding tips though, a simple French tip manicure using just nail polish will cost from around £25 in the UK, and from around $30 in the US.

French tip nail design ideas

By Nail Shape

1. Short French tip nails

You don’t need long nails to try this trend! We are starting off with short French tip nails which are perfect for making the nail look longer and more elegant.

french tip nail trends 2023

Image – @beautylicious_nailbar/Instagram


2. Oval French tips

In our opinion, an oval shape French tip is the best shape to use. It elongates your fingers and looks super sophisticated and clean.

french tip nail trends 2023

Image – @nailsbynikitar/Instagram

3. Coffin French tip nails

Coffin nails, also known as ballerina nails, are basically the stiletto nail but with a square tip rather than a pointy one. French tips look great on this shape, and they can be as long or as short as you like.

french tip nail trends 2023

Image – @jmaninails/Instagram

4. Square French tips

The square nail shape is known to add visible width to the appearance of your nails. They’re great for those of us with longer fingers and a narrow nail bed.

french tip nail trends 2023

Image –

5. Round French tip nails

Rounded nails elongate your nail bed to make them appear wider and more slender. This is the perfect shape for a simple, clean and minimalist French tip nail set.

french tip nail trends 2023

Image – @lbbsalonxx/Instagram

6. French tip almond nails

Much like round nails, almond nails elongate your fingers and make them look more elegant. The nail wall is tapered to end in a round peak, similar to the shape of an almond. Natural nails are often too weak to hold this shape so most people go for acrylics.

french tip almond nails

Image – @slayedbyvon.xo/Instagram

French Tip Nails by Colour

7. White French tips

White tips are *the* classic French tip manicure, with a white tip and a neutral or light pink coat on the whole nail.

Simple and clean!

french tip nails 2023

Image – @dinic__ann/Instagram

8. Nude French tip nails

A modern twist on this classic is the nude French tip nails, where a nude tone is used on the tips instead of the usual bright white. This one is a bit more understated and looks so classy.

And for more nude nail ideas, take a look at 60 of the best here.

nude french tip nails

Image – @luxe.nails.poole/Instagram

9. Pink French tip nails

Now we’re getting to the more colourful takes on the classic Frenchie! Pink is a great alternative to a white tip and looks especially good in the spring and summer months to add a pop of colour.

pink french tip nails

Image – @izabelawozniak_educator/Instagram

10. Hot pink French tip nails

If bright pink is more your shade, ask for some hot pink French tip nails on your next visit to the salon – or do it yourself at home using our guide above.

hot pink french tip nails

Image – @nailartpamelaa/Instagram

11. Black French tip nails

Black nail tips are a subtle take on the trend and can look amazing with silver jewellery like the ones below – we love this glam rock look.

black french tip nails

Image – @nunu_nailss/Instagram

12. Black and silver French tip nails

When used together, these colours can stand out at much as you want or you can go for subtle and understated.

black and silver french tips

Image – @nails_emilia__/Instagram

13. Matte black French tip nails

Whether you’re looking for a grungy look or gothic, matte black French tips have been seen on the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Khloe Kardashian. Try the style below, or go for a matte black base and a glossy black tip.

black matt french tip nails

Image – @nailzz.byjessica/Instagram

14. Red and black French tip nails

These colours are classic glam rock and are great for Halloween and the winter months.

red and black french nails

Image – @novabeauty_mejrema/Instagram

15. Red French tip nails

Perfect for Valentine’s, fall, and winter, red French tip nails are the ultimate statement of glamour.

red french tip nails

Image –

16. Red and white French tip nails

There are so many takes on this one! Candy canes for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s, cherries in spring, glitter, gems – you name it! Try reversing the classic take and using white on the nails and red on the tips.

red and white french tip nails 2023

Image – @illustrated_nails/Instagram

17. Burgundy French tip nails

Burgundy nails are a total classic. Upgrade the basic French tip with this timeless and sophisticated take that is perfect for all skin tones.

Burgundy French tip nails

Image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram

18. Brown French tip nails

Brown French tips look really neat and simple when paired with a neutral colour like the classic French manicure, but we’ve also seen loads of people using two complimentary shades of brown which looks really cool.

brown french tip nails

Image – @dsbeauty_doboj/Instagram

19. Orange French tip nails

With so many shades and tones to choose from, orange French tip nails are a great option for fall and Halloween, and bright neon colours are perfect for summer. Go all out with long and bold, or just thin tips of orange like the set below.

orange french tip nails

Image – @beauty_made_birmingham/Instagram

20. Lavender French tip nails

We love these lilac French tip nails for a soft and romantic look and they look great with gold or silver jewellery.

lilac french tip nails

Image – @nails_by_brigytte/Instagram

21. Pastel French tips

*All* over social media at the moment, these dreamy pastel French tips are perfect for spring and summer and look incredibly cute on shorter nails.

pastel french tip nails

Image – @nav_nails/Instagram

22. Blue French tip nails

With so many shades and tones of blue to choose from, this look can be customised for any season.

blue french tip nails

Image – @__naillladdict/Instagram

23. Sky blue French tip nails

Sun, sea and sky blue nails – the perfect combination for summer.

sky blue french nail tips

Image – @melsgelsbrightlingsea/Instagram

24. Baby blue French tip nails

We think baby blue French tips are super cute, customisable, and versatile.

baby blue french nail tips

Image – @manicuresbydaisy/Instagram

25. Light blue French tip nails

Generally, blue French tips are considered classic and timeless because they can elevate any outfit, this light blue set is a fun take on the original Frenchie.

light blue french tip nails

Image – @clairehowardnaildesign/Instagram

26. Royal blue French tips

Royal blue French tips really give off the sense that you mean business! For a more playful take, add some gold nail art or accents.

royal blue french tip nails

Image – @dariajoyce_nailspa/Instagram

27. Teal French tip nails

These teal French tip nails with tiny pearls are giving us serious mermaid vibes.

teal french tip nails

Image – @_silkyc_/Instagram

28. Green French tip nails

With so many shades to choose from, green French tip nails are perfect for any season. Go dark green in winter, teal in spring, neon in summer and olive in fall. And if TikTok is anything to go by, green nails are in for 2023. Sorted!

green french tip nails

Image – @nail_addict93/Instagram

29. Olive green French tip nails

Olive green can have both cool or warm undertones and can be paired with so many different colours. We think it looks really cool and sleek with this nude polish underneath, it’s giving 70s vibes.

olive green french tip nails

Image – @fofbbyjoannanowak/Instagram

30. Sage green French tip nails

Sage and other light green tones are really in this year, we love this milky set that will go with any outfit and still look professional enough for work.

sage green french tip nails

Image – @hls_nails/Instagram

31. Dark green French tip nails

Dark green French tip nails are a great way to ease into trying out some black French tips, we love this shimmery set below.

dark green french tip nails

Image – @pw_pollynails/Instagram

32. Lime green French tip nails

These lime green French tip nails are so on trend, especially for summer.

lime green french tip nails

Image – @kartegscosmos/Instagram

33. Yellow Frenchies

Despite opinions, yellow French tip nails can look really sophisticated. Take this short and tidy set below, complete with dainty jewellery, or go for a lemon yellow with some pretty nail art if understated is more your style.

yellow french tip nails

Image – @josephinenailsdubai/Instagram

34. Gold French tip nails

Particularly fitting for fall, winter, Christmas, and weddings, gold French tip nails are great for any season and look so pretty paired with some beautiful rings and bracelets. Try gold glitter, gold sparkles, metallic gold or even gold leaf.

gold french tip nails

Image – @clairehowardnaildesign/Instagram

35. Rose gold French tip nails

You really can’t go wrong with roles gold French tip nails. Use a beige or pink neutral base and add the rose gold nail varnish to the tip – add a thin white line underneath the rose gold tip for an extra modern look.

rose gold french tip nails

Image – @talktothehand.nails/Instagram

36. Clear French tip nails

The clear French tip nail trend involves using a clear base on the nails and adding an accent tip of either white or any colour you want.

clear french tip nails

Image – @nailedbylexig/Instagram

French Tip Nails by Look

37. Glitter French tips

Need the right date night nail vibes?

These glitter French tip nails are perfect for adding a tiny bit of glam to a French manicure. We are a bit obsessed with this perfectly precise set on short, neat nails.

glitter french tip nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram

38. Sparkly French tip nails

The ultimate glam look, sparkly French tip nails are understated yet oh-so-glamorous. Add a touch of sparkle to any outfit with a set like these.

sparkly french tip nails

Image – @nail_inspozz/Instagram

39. Chrome French tip nails

Chrome nails are *everywhere* at the moment.

This futuristic look is a real head-turner, especially on long, coffin nails. We absolutely love this hologram, almond-shaped set!

chrome french nail tips

Image – @nailedbythet/Instagram

40. Rainbow French tip nails

These are a super fun twist on the French manicure! Try contrasting colours on the nails and tips or go for nude all over the nail and a different colour on each tip – so many combinations to try!

rainbow french tip nails

Image – @theglossystop/Instagram

41. Ombre French tip nails

The ombre trend is still huge at the moment, and there are loads of different takes on this one. Fade the tip into the nail, ombre the actual French tip from side to side, or you can even do ombre on the whole nail and add a block colour on the nail tip!

And for 60 more amazing ombre nail ideas, read our article here.

ombre french tip nails

Image – @paintedbyelizabethh/Instagram

42. Neon French tip nails

If you’re not quite confident enough to go full neon all over your nails, the neon French tip trend is the perfect way to introduce some colour without making too much of a statement!

neon french tip nails

Image – @zeeceebeauty/Instagram

43. Multicolour French tips

These swirl-tip nails are the perfect take on the French manicure, combining colourful French tips with a cool shape.

colourful french tip nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram

44. Ultra modern Frenchies

There are so many modern takes on the classic French tip, we love this peachy set with pink and gold accents.

modern french tip nails

Image – @monika__nails/Instagram

45. Double French nail tips

Another twist on the classic, some love to double the white tip while we’ve also seen loads of variations with different colours and brush sizes. We adore this grey and white set.

double french tip nails

Image – @kristina.maksimchuk/Instagram

46. Reverse French tip nails

As you can probably tell from the name, this design involves lining the nail bed rather than the tip, as seen here on Rochelle Humes.

reverse french tip nails

Image – @Rochelle Humes/Instagram

47. Cuticle French tip nails

Switch it up by lining your cuticle rather than the tip of your nail, or paint the tip and the cuticle like this cool take.

cuticle french tip nails

Image – @glam_byindia/Instagram

French Tip Nail Art

48. Flower Frenchies

How pretty are these flower French tips?! You can use any colour combination, overlay some dainty flowers over a white or colour block tip, add a flower to just one accent nail, or go the whole hog and paint flowers on every nail and add a block colour for the tips.

flower french tip nails

Image – @_nailsbypat_/Instagram

49. Butterfly French tips

The really fun thing about butterfly French nail tips is the combinations of colours you can play with – these are the perfect style for spring and summer, and you can even add glitter, gems, gold leaf, and shimmers.

butterfly french tip nails

Image – @the_beauty_room_ely_/Instagram

50. Flame French tip nails

This is a super cool take on the trend. We’ve seen loads of nail techs using different colours and variations but this orange glitter set paired with gold jewellery SLAYS.

flame french tip nails

Image – @pop_polished/Instagram

51. French tips with nail art

This incredible set incorporates some of the best nail art we’ve ever seen, and a royal blue tip to really make the look stand out.

french tip nails with nail art

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram

52. Leopard print French tip nails

Leopard print never goes out of style, and that includes on your nails. Opt for the classic print or use different colours like this set below.

leopard print french tip nails

Image – @laceys_spa/Instagram

53. Cow print Frenchies

For all you bovine lovers out there, cow French tip nails can include different colours and variations, matte or glossy, and are a really fun spin on the classic Frenchies.

cow print french tip nails

Image – @heluviee/Instagram

Holiday French Tip Nails

54. Spring French tips

Spring is all about flowers, love, sun, birds and bees, colours and new life. We love this set that’s perfect for spring, featuring hearts, flowers, stars, pastels, and little painted fruit. So, so cute!

spring french nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram

55. Summer French tip nails

In our opinion, summer nails have to be bright and colourful. How amazing is this set of summer French tip nails, complete with a groovy take on the classic trend?!

summer french tip nails

Image – @farrari_beauty/Instagram

56. Fall French tips

Fall nails mean rich brown and warm orange tones, nail art like leaves and pumpkins, bronze and gold, and loads of different twists on the French tip trend.

fall french tip nails

Image – @rigandco/Instagram

57. Halloween French tip nails

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to have fun with nail art and colours, we love this spooky chequered orange and black tip with painted spider webs. Boo!

halloween french tip nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram

58. Winter Frenchies

Nothing says winter like white glitter and snowflakes!

winter french tip nails

Image – @nailartmimica/Instagram

59. Christmas French tip nails

Think candy canes, glitter, sparkles, red and green, snowflakes, Santa hats – the list goes on for Christmas French tip nail ideas!

christmas french tip nails

Image – @beccykate_nailartist/Instagram

And finally…

60. French tip toes

Our fingers shouldn’t have all the fun so here’s a classic design idea for your toes too.

French tip toe nails, or a French pedicure, look so classic paired with a French manicure and bring a touch of class to literally any outfit. Add some gold or silver toe rings and you’re all set.

french pedicure french toe nails tips

Image – @aoibhmurphy/Instagram

How to do French tip nails at home

If all this has inspired you to create your own set of classic Frenchies, we’ve got you.

  • Start by filing your nails into the shape and length you want. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and help the nail varnish adhere to your nails better.
  • Once the base coat is dry, apply a nude or pink polish to your entire nail and wait for this to dry completely.
  • Then, use white nail polish and apply it to the tip of your nail, following your natural shape – you can use a French tip pen or thin brush for this, or if you’re really steady with your hands, you can try using the nail varnish brush itself. Any mistakes can be cleaned up using a cotton swab dipped in nail varnish remover.
  • Let the white nail varnish dry and apply a second coat if needed. Once this is dry, apply a top coat and wait for this to dry completely.

That’s it – go and grab those nail varnishes!




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