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55 Valentine’s Nail Designs That You’re Going to Fall in Love With

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, what better time for a super sweet love-themed mani?

So, whether you’re spending the night in, with the gals, or you’re out with your partner, we’ve got 55 heart-stopping nail designs for you to fall in love with.

With a wide spectrum of nail designs, from subtle hues to heart-filled nail art and designs that could be worn even if it isn’t the designated day of love, these manis will work on gels, acrylics, dip powders, BIAB and natural nails.

Love is in the air, so let’s get to it.


1. Pink blush aura Valentine’s nails with tiny red hearts

We couldn’t start a Valentine’s nails round-up without some pink hearts! And this short aura set is the perfect take on the trend that will look great all month round.


2. Short nude Valentine’s nails with glitter and silver hearts

A seriously out-of-the-ordinary set with lots of intricate details, light pink AND glitter. In love.


3. Classic red Valentine’s nails with a metallic finish

Nothing says Valentine’s like red and this metallic set is the perfect shade for an understated but on trend look.


4. Nude nails with yellow hearts 

Sometimes, it’s the little details. *Chefs kiss*.


5. Purple heart French tip Valentine’s nails

Freshen up a classic French tip nail by adding hearts.


6. Purple sparkle cut-out hearts Acrylics

Acrylics are the perfect canvas for cool nail art and designs, and this simple and sparkly purple cut-out design is understated yet has the cutest hidden hearts when they shimmer! 


7. Orange Valentine’s nails with a nude base and feature hearts

Forget Halloween, orange is the perfect shade for a Valentine’s mani that will take you through the whole month of February.


8. Black and silver nails with cutout hearts

Bet you didn’t think you’d see a set of black Valentine’s nails in the line-up! This is the perfect mani for those of us who prefer to vamp it up.


9. Gel pink and purple hearts

Purple and pink are the perfect combo, and I love that this client went for contrasting hands – save for Inspo!


10. Milky white Valentine’s nails with red heart outlines

The perfect base for some thin red heart designs.


11. Red and gold mix and match press on Valentine’s nails with charms

Go all out with this incredible press-on set.


12. Simple pink cherry Valentine’s nails

These simple pink cherry nails are sweet enough for Valentine’s, proving you don’t have to include hearts for the perfect V-Day mani.


13. Valentine’s hearts with metallic accents

These love stud nails are the gold standard for a cute Valentine’s mani.


14. Purple heartbeat Valentine’s nails

These are serious V-Day nails with a difference.


15. French tip Valentine’s nails with ombre details

Adding nail art near the cuticle rather than the tips or middle is SO effective, and the ombre detail really tops off this mani.


16. Nude pink nails with 3D roses and pearls

3D nails are *everywhere* this year, so jump on this trend on Valentine’s month.


17. Kiss me mix-and-match Valentine’s nails

Complete with lips, eyes and hearts, these are some seriously fun nails!

18. Pastel French tip almond Valentine’s nails with heart designs

This pastel French mani is SO delicate, and the almond shape is super classy.


19. Bright pink Valentine’s nails with white hearts

It’s giving Bratz vibes.


20. Royal blue nails with heart designs

No Valentine’s Day blues to see here!


21. Red extreme glitter Valentine’s nails

This pigment doesn’t need any nail art! This is an amazing set for a V-Day night out. Pure glitter goals.


22. Easy half-nail red heart nails

Covering half of the nails, the heart detail on these nails is easy to create at home with a thin brush.


23. Blue chrome Beauty and the Beast Valentine’s nails

I was OBSESSED with Beauty and the Beast when I was little, and I’m obsessed with these nails. This love story really is a “tale as old as time”…


24. Red and white French tip square nails with hearts

Square nails are a classic, and they lend themselves really well to cute nail art and designs. You don’t have to wear red on each nail, introducing white is a great way to break up too much colour.


25. Matte lilac Valentine’s nails with tiny white heart details

THE most understated V-Day nails in the lineup, I love a matte finish and the teeny tiny white heart on this mani is too cute.


26. Glitter Barbie and hearts Valentine’s nails

If this Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the girls (or your pooch), Barbie is the perfect girl to bring with you.


27. Melting red hearts Valentine’s nails

You won’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to wear this set! The melting smiley faces trend is moving into all manners of nail designs, and I love it!


28. Milky nude nails with red chrome hearts

A milky shade is the perfect base for some red chrome hearts that are scattered over each nail like confetti. So cute.


29. Hot pink Minnie and Mickey Mouse in love Valentine’s nails

The *perfect* couple. This mani also includes checkered print which is so on trend right now.


30. Pink and red Comme Des Garçons tips Valentine’s nails

The *cutest* Commes des Garcons hot pink, baby pink and red hearts. So on trend and so adorable.


31. Roses are red chrome Valentine’s nails

Say it with roses this year – chrome roses, that is.


32. Nude Valentine’s nails with devil hearts

Go over to the dark side with this non-romantic devil hearts mani.


33. Shades of pastel heart nails

The creamiest, dreamiest pastel heart nails.


34. Blue-grey Valentine’s nails with peeping hearts

There seems to be a bit of a theme with this year’s Valentine’s nails trends, with character hearts coming up top of the list.


35. Vamp red smokey Valentine’s nails with glitter stars

We are seeing stars with this cool smokey vamp red set.


36. Milky white Valentine’s nails with silver details

These nails are part romance with the hearts and bows and part bad romance with the scars and barbed wire.


37. Pink and purple chrome stencil nails

How cool are these pink and purple chrome V-Day nails with stencil hearts and stars! Very Y2K.


38. Matte nude base with white flowers and pearls Valentine’s nails

This mani is from Carmelina’s bridal collection, and we can totally see why. So classy.


39. Baby pink stencil bows and stars Valentine’s nails

Combining Valentine’s, pink, stars, and bows, this cute mani ‘nails’ a few of 2024’s trends.


40. Holographic shimmery pink nails

We all know, sometimes, you just need to tell him/her “F-you”. Block. Delete. And move on!


41. Baby pink smiley face hearts Valentine’s nails

Smiley face nails are everywhere this year, and we are so here for it!


42. Blue chrome flame mani

A twist on the popular flame nail trend, this set uses blue chrome with the flames turning into hearts. In. Love.


43. Bouquet of flowers Valentine’s nails

“I can buy myself flowers”. In fact, sometimes buying them yourself is even nicer than getting them gifted! With a different flower on each nail, you’ve got yourself a bouquet.


44. Rainbow Love Heart sweets Valentine’s nails

The *sweetest* mani where you can say what you want with your nails.


45. Hearts and dots sparkly champagne nails

Hot pink and sparkly champagne? Sign. Me. Up.


46. Multicoloured Pride hearts nails

The most insane nails for a Valentine’s full of pride!


47. Brown and lilac with pastel hearts and stars

Brown for Valentine’s? You bet ya! This milky brown hue is the perfect complement to lilac and pastel shades.


48. Pink and purple Valentine’s nails with rainbows and clouds

Swirly rainbows, pink, purple, clouds and stars make this the perfect mani without being *too* Valentine’s themed.


49. Baby blue Valentine’s nails with hearts and stars

Baby blue and nude is the perfect combo for these Valentine’s nails with hearts and stars.


50. Pastel matte emoji Valentine’s nails with hearts and flowers

*The* mani to take you through the whole of February while still fitting in with V-Day.


51. Red roses and self-love Valentine’s nails

Single pringle this year? Me too. But Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for some self-love and a cosy night in front of Netflix with snacks (and, preferably, a dog/cat/hamster).


52. Faded red aura ombre Valentine’s nails with silver details

Super shiny and glossy with silver accents.


53. Stiletto chrome ‘Valentina’ Valentine’s nails

Aptly named ‘Valentina’, this stunning stiletto chrome set is the perfect mani for those who prefer their nails without nail art.


54. Pink mini hearts with silver twinkles

Love is in the air and we are totally crushing on this twinkle heart design.


55. Written in the stars pink astrology Valentine’s nails

Sometimes, it’s all written in the stars *screenshots for February’s mani appointment*.


The takeaway

We have fallen in love with loads of these manis! Luckily enough, so many of them can be worn at any time of the year.

Whether you like an elaborate set of talons or short and natural nails with understated designs, there’s a manicure for all of us in this curated round-up.

Don’t forget to bookmark yours for your nail tech!


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