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60 *Classic* Nude Nail Design Ideas

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Main Image – @thehangedit/instagram

Aah, the nude nail. A true classic that can be customised for any occasion or event.

It looks as great on short as it does on long nails, and lends itself to any nail shape. Nude nails are still having a moment in 2024 and let us tell you, we are *so* here for it!

Whether you prefer to keep your nails au natural, wear long tips, go full acrylic, or a gorgeous gel polish, nude is one of the most flattering colours to go for.

From pale pink or beige to tan and brown, frosty winter nudes and bright spring and summer sets, we’ve rounded up the 60 best nudes (not that kind of nude), to take you through the year and seasons!


60 classic nude nail designs

1. Short nude nails

A complete classic, short nails look particularly neat in a shade of nude.

Pair with some dainty gold or silver jewellery and you’ve got a feminine and sophisticated look for any occasion.


2. Stilletto nude nails with silver chrome details

Seen recently on the likes of Kim K, stiletto nude nails are making a real point in 2023 (get it?!) and they’re still everywhere in 2024. We love this look with silver chrome details on the tips.


3. Almond nude nails

This nude tone looks amazing with almond-shaped nails, fitting right in with the Clean Girl Aesthetic that some of us are still obsessed with. If you want to add a little something extra, go for some dainty nail art like dots or small flowers.


4. Square milky nude nails

Nude shades look super elegant on square nails, especially if you keep them quite short like this milky set.


5. Nude shimmer coffin nails

Coffin nails are a really popular shape that has been having a bit of a moment over the past few years and is a great canvas for intricate nail art. But this super-long shimmer set will definitely make an impact.


6. Nude round nails

The classiest nude shade with a slight shimmer.


7. Long nude BIAB nails

lengthen your fingers with a set of long, nude nails, this set was created using BIAB gel.


8. Nude pink nails with olive branch design

There are SO many shades of nude, go for the brown hues or opt for a pink shade like this set complete with olive branch designs.


9. Nude, white, and black nails

A twist on the classic French mani, this wavy set with black details is the *perfect* combo.


10. Short nude nails with 3D pearls

3D nails are having a huge moment in 2024 and this pearly set is the perfect balance between understated and show-stopping – and how amazing is this matching eye look?! Obsessed.


11. Matte nude French tip nails with lettering

We love a French tip here at Live That Glow HQ! This take on the traditional Frenchie looks amazing with a matte finish and @sadiejnails used newspaper clippings for the lettering. In love.


12. Nude double black French tip nails

Not keen on the typical French tip? Try this twist on the trend with a double tip.


13. Black and nude nails

The perfect combo! This mani looks amazing with gold jewellery.


14. Subtle two-tone nude French manicure

Super subtle Frenchies. We love the use of a milkier white for the tips, brightening up the white and giving a softer look.


15. Ombre nude nails

There are so many ways to wear ombre, but this mani is ombre French tip mani is perfect for a glam look that will still fit right in at the office.

For 60 more stunning ombre nail ideas, take a look at our guide here.


16. Nude glitter nails

Also known as a ‘naked glitter mani’, a base colour close to your skin tone with some glitter highlight is perfect for any event or everyday wear. Perfect.


17. Milky nude nails with subtle sparkles

Add a touch of sparkle to your nude mani for a subtle twist on the trend.


18. Nude matte nails

Nude matte nails look great in any shape and length, and literally any season.


19. Nude bubblebath nails

Want to get this shade at home? @colourriotnails achieved this *stunning* set using OPI in shade Bubblebath. You’re welcome.


20. Opal finish nude nails

Similar to the glazed donut nails trend that blew up when Hailey Bieber took to TikTok to reveal *exactly* what she asks for at the salon, an opal finish is a more updated take on this look.


21. Nude and brown mix and match nails

Brown doesn’t have to be boring! These mix and match nails with flowers, smiley faces, and triple French tips are bang on trend.


22. Glitter blue and nude nails with cutout heart designs

These. Nails. Are. EVERYTHING. Who knew glittery royal blue and nude was such the perfect match?


23. Pink nude nails with tiny red hearts

The perfect V-Day nails.


24. Green and nude ombre nails

Who knew nude and green would look this good together?!


25. Nude nails with yellow micro French tips

These yellow and nude nails are giving us real sunshine and summer vibes and are a brighter look than your classic French tip.


26. Orange, pink and nude nails

These orange, pink and nude nails with gold accents look super glam.


27. Lilac and nude nails with watercolour florals

This lilac and nude manicure is giving us serious spring vibes, and the touch of gold adds a bit of sparkle.


28. Nude nails with gems

These tiny gems are a stunning addition to a clean and tidy nude mani.


29. Nude croc design nails

Croc nails are all over my Insta feed at the moment, created using blooming gel or polish. This two-tone nude croc set is perfect if you love nail designs and taking on trends without wearing bright colours.


30. Nude and blue chrome acrylic nails

A regular at the salon rather than a DIY nail gal? We’ve got ya with these long acrylics with royal blue chrome art.


31. Nude gel nails with tiny sketch flowers

Longer lasting than your regular nail polish, a set of nude gel nails will see you through loads of different occasions this 2024.


32. Nude nails with simple white twinkle stars

This simple twinkle star nail art is a gorgeous little addition to a pretty nude set.


33. Nude nails with leopard print

It’s a jungle out there, so make sure your nails look good – whether you go for zebra, leopard print, tiger stripes, or a combination of them all!


34. Matte nude pop art nail design

This nail art is seriously cool, and nude makes the perfect base for some really out-there designs.

Stuck for inspo? We got you, check out our 60 coolest nail design ideas for 2024!


35. Glossy nude nails with neon butterfly designs

Nude is a great base for some vibrant neon nail art.


36. Milky nude nails with evil eye design

This design really blew up in 2023, think Greece and Turkey with these nude and deep blue evil eye nails. Get us on the plane!


37. Nude nails with colourful smiley faces

Brighten up your nude nails with some colourful smiley faces!


38. Nude nails with mismatched colourful 3D designs

How cool are these 3D mismatched nails that look *just* like jelly sweets?! So cute.


39. Nude nails with large glitter dots

These large and glittery dots nail art will look great with literally any outfit, and you can customise them in any colour!


40. Simple nude nails

These do *exactly* what they say on the tin. Clean. Cute. Minimalist and super sophisticated.


41. Nude nails with multicoloured tips

Summer is literally just around the corner, and a set of nude nails with bright French tips will look amazing at those upcoming festivals or while holding your cocktail at the beach bar.


42. Nude nails with psychadelic neon mismatched designs

Fancy making a statement? Add some neon prints to your nudes and you’ll really turn some heads.


43. Nude nails with cornflower blue bows and gingham print

We love these nude nails with cornflower blue bows and gingham! They’re giving serious nostalgia for summer school dresses and pigtails with ribbons.


44. Geometric nude nails

Geometric nails have made a huge comeback lately, and they’re actually pretty easy to do at home – all you need is a couple of nail polishes, a thin brush, and a steady hand.


45. Nude and metallic wedding nails

Nude is the perfect shade for wedding nails, lending itself well to any colour dress – even if you won’t be wearing typical white or ivory.


46. Gold and nude reverse French tip nails

Is there a better combo than gold and nude? We will let you answer that.


47. Silver leaf nude nails with bold pops of colour

Nothing says luxury like gold or silver leaf, add some bold colours for a modern look.


48. Nude nails with fold flecks and dotwork

We are slightly in love with this ultra-cool nude nail manicure with gold flecks and yellow and black dot work.


49. Nude nails with celestial gold designs and gems

Celestial nails are everywhere right now, and these green gems look *amazing* with gold and nude.


50. Nude marble nails

Marble nails are having a bit of a moment, and we are here for it. 


51. Nude spring nails with pastel flowers

Some say daisies are like sunshine for the ground, so why not wear them on your nails?


52. Yellow and nude spring nails

When life gives you lemons…


53. Nude summer nails

This set is actually perfect for spring or summer, nothing says warm weather and blue skies like some bright and groovy nail art.


54. Summer juicy tomato nude nails with blue French tips

This cute tomato nail art on a nude base with blue French tips is perfect for those hot summer days around the pool.


55. Nude nails with fall flowers

Nude is the perfect shade for fall, think crunching on fallen leaves, spiced pumpkin cappuccinos, warm sweaters, and relaxing by the fire.


56. Halloween nude cute ghost nails

We are sure that most of you don’t think of nude when choosing your Halloween talons but, seriously, how cute are these ghoulish ghosts with stars?!


57. Nude winter nails

This nail art reminds me of mulled wine and cloves – I can almost smell the orange and spices!


58. Nude nails with chrome Christmas snowflakes

Nude, chrome, AND snowflakes? Say no more.


59. Nude Christmas lights nails

Get the bright lights of Christmas painted onto your nails this winter, for a perfect set that really says deck the halls!


60. Nude, gold, and black Christmas nails

And, last but not least, we are wrapping up this roundup with these nude nails with gold and black baubles that are *perfect* for Christmas.


The takeaway

And there we have it, 60 classic nude nail design ideas for all year round, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “send nudes!”



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