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pink orange and red swirl nails with smiley faces and glitter

35 Stunning Swirl Nail Designs to Take Your Manicure to the Next Level

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Main Image – @naileditbynona/instagram

It’s official, abstract nail art is taking centre stage in 2024.

Geometric nail designs have been replaced by colourful, whimsical swirl nails and they are all over my social media feed! Not that I’m complaining – I love a swirl nail – especially when it involves lots of colour and nail art.

These artistic creations have taken the manicure world by storm recently, adding colour and texture to fingertips *everywhere*, including celebs like Lily Allen, Chlöe Bailey, and Millie Bobby Brown.

So, if you haven’t already bookmarked or taken a screenshot of your fave swirl mani to take to your next appointment with your nail tech, don’t worry, we’ve put together 35 of THE best swirl nail designs so you don’t have to go scrolling Insta and TikTok.

You’re welcome!


1. Nude nails with thin white swirls

We are starting the roundup off with a really understated but classy look that will take you from office to bar without being too OTT.

This one is easy to create at home with a glossy nude base, a white nail varnish and a thin nail brush like this one from Nails Inc – it includes a dotting too, too!

nude and white swirl nails nona

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


2. Multicoloured swirl gel nails with pink and yellow double French tips

These gel nails have a LOT going on, and we love them!

With a nude pink base, pink French tips, yellow French tips, and swirls of pink, red, yellow, purple, orange and silver, this mani will go with *literally* any outfit.

pink and purple swirls french tips daisy

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


3. Shades of blue swirl nails with silver accents

With so many shades of blue to choose from, I’m a bit obsessed with this short set from @nonadoesnails featuring various hues and silver glitter.

Nona used a contour base and build from @bio_sculpture_official, @the_gelbottle_inc in the shades Bolt, Boutique and Sealight for the swirls, and @bio_sculpture_official glitter in the shade Chevon.

shades of blue swirl nails nona

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


4. Black and white swirl nails with neon accents

Brighten up black and white with some neon swirly lines! These are giving real summer vibes for me.

If you want your nail tech to recreate this mani, ask for monochrome swirls with a hint of rainbow neon.

multicoloured and black and white swirl nails by ezana

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


5. Swirl nails with brown, yellow and olive green

These gorgeous muted-tone swirl nails were created using Calm @hellogel_ua BIAB base and @the_gelbottle_inc in the shades Beret, Bellini, Cinnamon Spice (Daisy) Almond and Rose Gold for the swirls.

brown swirl nails

Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram


6. Milky nude base with black swirls

We love a milky nude base! The perfect canvas for some cool nail art, this set with black swirls looks seriously amazing and would fit right in at the office.

Essie’s Gel Couture 138 Pre-Show Jitters Milky Nude Pink Colour Nail Polish is the perfect shade to recreate this base.

black swirl nails

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


7. Light purple nails with yellow, blue, and pastel swirls

Perfect for spring and summer, this is giving us a whole lot of groovy chick vibes.

You can create this look with a couple of pastel polishes. Just add your base (in this case, light purple) and wait for it to dry.

Then, use a thin nail brush or even the sharper end of a cuticle pusher to add swirl lines in another colour. Wait for this to dry before adding more swirls in various colours, repeating as many as you like!

purple swirl nails

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


8. Nude nails with primary green swirls

This long and square-shaped set was created using the viral shade Bottega from The Gel Bottle that’s been seen all over Instagram.

Swatched straight off the runway, loads of nail techs and clients have been obsessed with this iconic emerald green that only has a limited quantity available to buy.

green swirl nails gloss

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


9. Nude nails with red, white, and silver swirls

The *perfect* set for Christmas, this swirly mani reminds me of candy canes and tinsel.

Etsy has thousands of red swirl nails that are perfect for any occasion.

red swirl nails

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


10. Blush pink nails with white, baby pink, and red swirls

One of the best things about swirl nails is that they look great even on short talons, and this pink, white and red set proves it!

A super feminine set that would fit right in on Valentine’s, pink is always a good idea.

pink and white swirl nails

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


11. Pastel dream swirls with blue, yellow, purple, and green shades

The pastel set of dreams! 

With so many shades used on this mani, you might need to screenshot the image for your nail tech. Or, if you’re not a salon guy or gal, this pastel press-on set from Etsy is super similar.

pastel swirl nails nat

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


12. Short square milky nails with royal blue swirls

What did I say about swirls looking amazing on short nails?!

Using just two colours – a milky base like the one above from Essie and a royal blue – you can recreate this look at home using a thin nail brush or the end of a cuticle pusher.

short swirl nails daisy

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


13. Natural nails with orange and bronze swirls

The pop of blue on this mani really sets off the orange and bronze, and I absolutely love the variation used with French tips, full coverage, and half-nail swirls.

@nonadoesnails used naturabuild from @glossifyofficial to create this intricate swirl set that would fit right in during fall time!

orange swirl nails

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


14. French tip swirl nails with cute nail stickers

These @lightslacquer pastel shades from their @carebears collection are an absolute DREAM! 

@naileditbychelsey also used their Care Bears sticker sets which are quick and easy to create amazing nail art like the mani below. Obsessed.

french tip swirl nails

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


15. Orange, pink and red nails with smiley faces and glitter

Smiley face nail designs are *literally* everywhere at the moment, with tonnes of variations on the trend – from 90s acid trip smileys to cute ones like the mani below.

You can add smiley faces to your nails with this colourful smiley sticker set from Ciate London, all you need to do then is add some swirls and glitter!

pink orange and red swirl nails with smiley faces and glitter

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


16. Nude base with neon waves swirl nails

Nude looks amazing as a base for some neon shades like this mani from @jark.nails. Serious summer vibes (yay!).

If you want to see a tutorial on how to do swirl nail art using a thin nail brush, check out this one from Neo Trix.

neon swirl nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


17. Nude almond nails with slime green swirls

Almond nails always look classy in my opinion, and this slime green (yep, slime, not lime!) set with nude is as classy as they come.

This Race Against Slime nail polish from KB Shimmer is the perfect shade to recreate this mani.

neon green nails swirls skip the filter

Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram


18. Lilac square nails with hot pink swirls

I’m a little bit in love with this Barbiecore mani, perfect for summer and festivals.

If you’re not great with a nail brush, these swirl nail decals from Etsy will be your best friend  – coming in loads of different colours, the perfect mani couldn’t be easier.

Purple nails with hot pink swirls

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


19. Shades of blue and green swirl nails with tiny evil eye details

Another super cute short set!

You only need a few colours to recreate this mani from @nailgalnat and some evil eye nail stickers like this amazing set from I Love My Polish.

blue swirl nails with evil eye

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


20. Matte multicoloured rainbow French tip swirl nails

If you’re more of a matte mani lover, we’ve got you with this beautiful set from @naileditbychelsey that will *literally* brighten up any day.

Want to make any mani matte? Sally Hansen’s Bit Matte Top Coat will give you an extreme matte finish over any nail polish.

matte swirl nails chelsey

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


21. Pink glitter nails with swirl feature nails

This pink glitter set with baby pink swirls is perfect for partying!

Created using BIAB (Build in a Bottle gel), sometimes only one nail needs to be painted with a design.

pink glitter swirl nails gloss

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


22. Short square turquoise swirl nails

How perfect would this mani look on the beach with a cocktail in hand?!

All you need to recreate these nails is 2 shades of blue (or colours of your choice), and a thin nail brush like this one from Nails Inc to create the swirl lines.

square swirl nails fresh set short

Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram


23. Nude nails with gold swirls and black French tips

This set combines a few of the nail trends that are big in 2024: Swirls, French tips, and twinkle stars. And the glitter really give this mani a bit of glam.

Creating twinkle stars is actually easier than it looks! Just add a dot of polish using a dotting tool or the sharp end of a wooden cuticle pusher, then pull out 4 points to create the star shape.

gold swirl nails

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


24. Light blue swirl long French tip nails

Long nails mean more room for nail art! The nude base on this set looks amazing combined with two shades of blue and some white accents.

If you’ve got super long nails similar to the ones below, use these swirl nail decals on the tips of your talons to recreate a similar look.

light blue swirl nails

Image – @kouturenails/instagram


25. Nude nails with bright lemon-yellow swirls

I’ve bookmarked this one for my next nail appointment, the perfect lemonade mani for spring!

This set was created using BIAB gel, but this polish from Essie in the shade Sunshine Be Mine is a great option if you want to try and DIY at home.

yellow swirl nails gloss

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


26. Clear nails with lavender, baby pink and green swirls

Who knew neon green and lavender would be such a stunning combo?!

@gloss.surrey used The Gel Bottle in the shades Serena, Pink Ribbon, and Madam to create this gorgeous mani.

Clear nails with lilac baby pink and green swirls

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


27. Mix-and-match nails with royal blue swirl feature nail

This set proves you don’t have to go for swirls on every nail, and there are no rules when it comes to the mix-and-match nail art trend that’s doing the rounds at the moment.

Let your nail tech go wild with designs for a fun set that’s bang on trend.

royal blue feature nails

Image – @freshsetlancaster/instagram


28. Simple nude and barely there pink swirls

The most understated swirl nails of the bunch! These super thin pink swirls are barely noticeable but they look so chic.

Perfect for wearing in the office or to compliment any outfit, this set is so delicate you might need to take a screenshot to your nail tech to recreate it.

pink and nude swirl nails by ezana

Image – @by_ezana/instagram


29. Chrome nails with 3D silver swirls

Oh chrome, how I love you. This mani is so on trend right now, combining chrome, 3D art, silver, swirls, AND an extraterrestrial feel.

If you want to give chrome nails a try, take a look at our tutorial at the end of this chrome nail roundup!

silver and chrome swirl nails daisy

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


30. Funky multicoloured swirl acrylic nails

The grooviest swirl mani from @kouturenails, this set gives serious tropical holiday vibes. And if you don’t have any holiday planned this year, this set will get you in the mood for enjoying the sun wherever you are!

To get this look, ask your nail tech for long square-shaped nails, a nude base, and bright pastel swirls on the tips.

acrylic swirl nails

Image – @kouturenails/instagram


31. Ocean blues and greens milky swirl nails

I am in love with this colour combination and the shapes really remind me of a peacock tail. 

This is a really fun one to try at home with a few shades and a thin nail brush but, if you don’t feel confident enough to DIY, Etsy has tonnes of press-on options here.

ocean blues swirl nails

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


32. 80s Saved by the Bell multicoloured swirl nails

“It’s alright cos I’m saved by the bell!” 90s babies will get nostalgia from this cool and colourful mani that resembles the opening credits to the classic TV show.

Combining dots, swirls, lines and splodges of colour, take a screenshot of this one for your nail tech.

80s swirls mismatched nona

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


33. Black and hot pink swirl nails

Combining black and pink doesn’t have to be garish or gothic, this classy mani is the perfect balance of bright pink, nude, black, and swirls on almond-shaped nails.

If you want to give this set a go at home, ORLY has the most *perfect* shades of pink polishes that will suit any skin tone.

pink and black swirls daisy

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


34. Matte nails with swirls, stars and dots

A modern take on the swirl trend, @nailgalnat has gone all out with this mani and combined pastels, nude, black, swirls, dots and twinkle stars.

This design looks particularly good on longer nails, take a screenshot to your nail tech!

swirls dots and stars

Image – @nailgalnat/instagram


35. Christmas elf green swirl nails with glitter

I see swirl nails EVERYWHERE around the holidays, probably due to the way they look so cute when made into candy canes! Adding glitter really ups the ante on a swirly mani, and greens, reds, golds, and silver are the perfect polishes.

If you want to recreate the elf look this Christmas, this sticker sheet from Oh My Deer is so cute – now all you need to add is some glitter swirls!

christmas swirl nails

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


The takeaway

With endless customisation options, the limit is endless with the swirl nails trend!

Whether you opt for subtle pastel swirls or bold and vibrant patterns, gels or acrylics, there’s a swirl mani for us all.


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