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75 of the Ultimate Acrylic Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try in 2024

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Main Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram

With *so* many designs, colours, shapes, and styles to choose from, acrylic nails have become a powerful medium for us to showcase our personality and make a bold statement with our fingertips, as well as a form of self-care and therapy.

From sophisticated and timeless classics to avant-garde, and boundary-pushing designs to embellishments, we’ve curated a list of the 75 best acrylic nail designs that are not only setting trends but those that have also become iconic in the realm of nail art.

Whether you’re a seasoned nail aficionado or someone looking for some inspiration to elevate your mani, join us on a journey through the mesmerising world of acrylic nails.

And, while we’ve included nails that haven’t been created using acrylic, you can ask your nail tech or salon for the same designs in whatever finish you prefer – whether it’s BIAB, gels, acrylic, or old school polish.

So, let’s get to it!


The 75 best acrylic nail designs

By colour

1. Milky matte white acrylic nails

Starting it off plain and simple, these matte nude nails are the perfect nod to the clean girl aesthetic trend.


2. Black French tip acrylic nails

Black French tips are going to be BIG this year, and single gems are also an upcoming trend we have been seeing all over our feeds.


3. Traditional French tip nails

You can’t beat a classic French tip manicure! Add a milky varnish to your acrylics and you’re on trend for the ongoing glazed donut trend seen at the end of 2023. 


4. Clear acrylic nails with cute confetti

Clear acrylic nails had a bit of a moment last year, but adding some cute confetti is the perfect way to elevate the look for 2024.


5. Toffee beige acrylic nails with a chrome finish

Spring is upon us (yay!) and these toffee nude chrome nails will take you right through to summer.


6. Barbie pink acrylic nails

If Margot Robbie is still wearing Barbie pink at 2024’s Golden Globe Awards, then we’re still wearing Barbie pink.


7. Hot pink holographic French tip acrylic nails

Combining two trends from 2023, hot pink with a holographic finish is set to be huge in 2024. Want to know how to do holographic nails at home? Take a look at our step-by-step tutorial!


8.  Red French tip acrylic nails

Update your Frenchies this year by painting the tips in a bold colour.


9. Glossy dark red short acrylic nails

This shade was everywhere late last year, with the likes of Julia Garner sporting a very similar colour paired with Gucci at the LACMA Art+Film Gala. Perfect for autumn and winter.


10. Brown tortoiseshell French tip nails

An understated take on animal print, this is one of the chicest manis in the roundup.


11. Red and light pink nude acrylic glazed nails

Red nails never go out of style but, if you want to mix it up a bit, add some simple nail art like the hearts on this glazed set.


12. Yellow acrylic French tip nails

A bold French tip is always a statement.


13. Pink and orange ombre French tip nails

Everyone still seems to be loving ombre nails, and this orange and pink set with silver details is a great update on the movement.


14. Lilac acrylic squiggle nails with French tips

Softer than a bright purple, these lilac nails with French tips and bold squiggles would be perfect for spring.


15. Purple, pink, and blue inky acrylic nails

SO pretty, this inky marble mash-up combines some of the most beautiful bold hues.


16. Green French tip acrylic nails with animal print cuffs

A seriously cool way to update the classic Frenchie.


17. Olive green 3D acrylic nails with chrome finish

Olive you.


18. Green cat eye acrylic nails

Forget chrome, holo, velvet, and glazed (ok, not really, they’re still everywhere), cat eye is the new nail finish in town.


19. Minimalist brown checkered nails with yellow smiley faces

Brown doesn’t usually come to mind when checkerboard nails are mentioned, but we love this understated set with the classic yellow smiley faces adding a pop of colour.


20. Bright baby blue acrylic marble nails 

They’re giving turquoise seas or frosty lakes. 


21. Royal blue croc print French tip acrylic nails

Royal blue is synonymous with everything regal, but you can make the shade fun with some cool nail art like these croc French tips.


22. Electric blue acrylic nails with white and pink flowers

Pink and blue are the perfect combo, and I love the small pink additions on this mani.


23. Dark blue chrome swirls acrylic nails

This shimmery dark blue is stunning on its own, but paired with a milky background makes the perfect swirly nails.


24. Acrylic glazed nails with colourful flame designs

Hot or cold? Created using glazed pigments, I love the combo of blues and greens with fiery reds and oranges.


25. Black and grey aura nails

They’re giving Cardi B vibes.


26. Silver liquid metal chrome nails with pastel flowers

3D nails and liquid chrome that looks like metal are having a real moment in 2024 and this set looks so cute with pastel flowers.


27. Gold glitter ombre tips and nude acrylic nails

Add some sparkle to classic nude acrylics with gold glitter ombre tips.


28. Gold chrome acrylic French tip nails 

Not keen on glitter? Go with gold chrome for a classic look.



By design

29. French tip acrylic nails with 3D dot designs

3D nails are the mani of the moment, giving sooo many options for designs and charms.


30. Triple black French tip acrylic nails

Up the ante on a Frenchie, and even a double Frenchie, with a tripe French mani!


31. Baby pink and blue chrome acrylic nails with stencil designs

We are *slightly* obsessed with these airbrushed stencil designs on a shimmery pink, blue, and purple chrome base.


32. Chrome aura acrylic nails with nail art

Bring in some good energy this year with aura nails! As seen on the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney.


33. Classy smokey acrylic nails with 3D details

An update on the classic marble nails – welcome the smokey nail movement.


34. Mermaidcore acrylic nails with glitter and nail art

Mermaidcore was huge last year with the release of Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I love this take on the mermaid trend with painted sea life, bubbles, and flecks of glitter.


35. Whimsical magical mushroom acrylic nails

The most magical mushroom set with gems and twinkle stars. In love.


36. Long acrylic nails with French tip gems

acrylic nails with gems

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram

The most indulgent looking mani? These nails are fit for a Queen.


37. Red acrylic nails with pink bows

The classic pillar bow red with dainty bows and ribbons.


38. Monochrome swirl acrylic nails

If you like to keep it simple when it comes to your acrylic nail designs, this monochrome set is the one for you.


39. Sheer nude nails with mismatched silver nail art

Mismatched nails are taking centre stage this year, making it super easy to match your mani with your outfit and show off some personality with fun designs.


40. Pastel chrome acrylic nails with rainbow nail art

Perfect for Pride, these nails brighten up our day!


41. Glitter ombre acrylic nails with tiny painted nail designs

We love an ombre nail here at LTG HQ, and the most recent take on the trend is ombre glitter.


42. Dark blue nails with lightning strikes

Cloud nails were huge last year, and 2024s take on the trend involves lightning, skyscapes, moons, and sun.


43. Dark night sky acrylic nails with twinkle stars and clouds

But, if you’re still on the cloud nail trend, make it more dramatic with dark colours, moons, and stars.


44. Black and silver smiley faces on milky acrylic nails

Smiley face nails are super easy to pull off with stickers and decals.


45. Multicoloured smiley faces on nude pink acrylic nails

The happiest summer smiley nail fingertips!


46. Pink and purple pastel ombre acrylic nails with yellow smiley faces

Bright Barbie pink paired with lilac purple make an amazing canvas for bold smileys.


47. 90s flower power and peace doodle acrylic nails

I love everything about the 90s, and these cute mismatched designs on plain nails are the perfect nod to my fave era.


48. Red and black gothic acrylic nails with silver nail art

Vampy red and black are the perfect fit for the dramatic gothic nail movement. These look best on longer nails, IMO.


49. Multicoloured groovy swirl French tip acrylic nails

Swirls and pastels make a seriously groovy French manicure.


50. Groovy Chick 90s acrylic nails

Another groovy set that looks like it’s straight from the 90s – who else remembers this print on everything from t-shirts to bed sheets?!


51. Pink jelly acrylic nails with chrome details

Pink? Tick. Jelly? Tick. Chrome? Tick. This mani incorporates 3 of the nail trends from last year to create a super girly look.


52. Baby pink wavy chrome acrylic nails

We’ve got all the pinks on this set, and I’m here for it.


53. Colour pink French tip acrylic nails

A super modern and simple look, this mani works with basically every colour combo.


54. Mismatched designs acrylic nails

Mismatched is probably the biggest nail trend at the moment, with loads of people using clashing colours, mix-and-match prints, and cool nail art.


55. Chrome and glitter sheer acrylic pink nails

The epitome of opulence, these chrome nails remind me of hard boiled sweets.


56. Sheer pink acrylic nails with bright pink chrome tips

Embrace elegance with these chic pink chrome French tip nails, a modern twist on a timeless classic


57. Pastel rainbow nails with intricate designs and silver details

These mismatched stiletto croc nails are a work of art.


58.  Mismatched neutral croc print acrylic nails

Croc print looks seriously amazing applied on full nails, but we are loving this mismatched mani with neutral autumnal shades and mix and match croc prints.


59. Nude acrylic nails with cow print French tips

The cutest little cow print Frenchies.



By length and shape

60. Short square blue and milky white wavy acrylic nails

Who said you had to have long nails to have acrylics and nail art?! Not us! These short acrylics look pretty cute with wavy white and blue designs.


61. Long square nude acrylic nails with gems

Studs and gems are back this year, and they look amazing incorporated with the nude trend.


62. Matte milky white oval nails with bright 3D pink squiggles

Like the 3D nail trend but don’t want to wear all sorts of charms and shapes on your fingertips? These are an amazing nod to the viral movement.


63. Round ice cream pastel nails with feature nail design

These nails look so cute paired with bright Y2K jewellery.


64. Nude almond nails with large black stars

Starry nights on bare nails. Perfectiom.


65. Purple stiletto acrylic nails with butterfly confetti tips

Another huge trend is butterflies, bringing it back to Y2K when we added these insects to literally everything. What a time it was!


66. Glassy multicoloured coffin nails with 3D fruit charms

How cute are these glassy nails with metal fruity charms?! Like wearing jewellery on your nails.



By season and holiday

67. Lavender French tip spring nails with flowers and bees

Nothing says spring more than bees, flowers, and pastel shades.


68. Noughts and crosses mismatched Valentine’s manicure

Valentine’s nails don’t have to be romantic, but if you love hearts then this noughts and crosses set it perfect for you.


69. ‘By the pool’ summer holiday acrylic nail design

Nothing says summer like sitting by the pool, and these acrylic nails will *literally* fit right in.


70. Neutral shades fall acrylic nails with gold details

The classiest fall nails I’ve come across lately, and the gold details add a touch of opulence.


71. Fall short magic mushroom holiday nails

Perfect for autumn and the foraging season, mushrooms are going to be seen all over your social media feeds this year. Trust us.


72. Halloween mismatched matte French tip nails

We love how creative nail techs get when it comes to Halloween designs! And this mismatched set with glitter and sparkle stars is up there with the best of them.


73. Frozen winter acrylic nail design

Let it gooo, let it goooo. This bespoke mani is everything.


74. Minimalist Christmas glitter baubles acrylic nail design

Brighten up your Christmas with these minimalist Christmas glitter bauble nails.


75. Disco ball silver glittery New Year’s Eve acrylic nails

Nothing says New Year like glitter, silver, and disco balls. And these nails have it all.


The takeaway

From ombre to chrome, glitter to matte, and long to short, acrylic nails have something for everyone.

Which set will you be trying in 2024? Let us know!


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