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35 of the Prettiest Pastel Nail Designs to Screenshot for Your Next Mani

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Main Image – @jark.nails/instagram

In the world of nail designs pastels have emerged as a timeless choice, offering a delicate yet sophisticated pop of colour that transcends trends.

With all of us anticipating spring and summer and dusting off our dresses in the hopes of warmer weather, pastels are the prettiest shades that look great on every skin tone and add a touch of femininity to any look.

From Lizzo to Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez to Nicola Peltz Beckham, even the celebs are jumping on the pastel nail trend train.

Whether you prefer subtle shades or vibrant hues, gels or acrylics, pastel nails continue to come up on top with their understated versatility and ability to look great throughout every season.

If you’re seeking inspo for a special event or you’re craving a touch of spring colours in your everyday look these designs offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary, with a mani to suit everyone.


1. Short tie-dye pastel nails

Gone are the days when tie-dye was reserved for summer camp, the 90s are back and they’re bringing this trend with them.


2. Mix and match rainbow pastel nails with glitter

Mix and match is the mani of the moment, combining everything from swirl nail designs to rainbows and flames to stars.


3. Pastel pink and orange mix and match nails

Pink is one of the most versatile colours for nail art and with so many shades to choose from there’s a pink for every season.


4. Matte lilac pastel nails with neon pink micro French tips

I love purple nails, and lilac is one of my fave shades at the moment because of how great it looks combined with other pastel hues or bold neons. If you want some more purple nail inspo, check out our roundup of 57 of the best.


5. Spring pastel checkerboard nails

Checkerboard prints have been everywhere lately, from phone cases to clothing and interior design to nail art.


6. Green pastel nails with tiny bug designs

One of the best things about spring is that everything is waking up again, including all of the cute animals and creepy crawlies! This mani is perfect for the upcoming warmer months.


7. Pastel pink nails with hot pink and orange ombre

Ombre nails have been around for quite some time, but they’re still one of the most requested designs for nail techs! Pink ombre nails look amazing combined with shades like orange and nude.


8. Purple pastel nails with red flame design

Flame nails were one of the hottest trends in 2023, and they’re still going strong this year!


9. Birds and butterflies pastel nails

Harking back to the 2000s, cute butterfly designs in all shapes and forms have been gracing the fingertips of lots of nail art fans!


10. Easter Mini Egg pastel French tip nails

For all of the chocolate lovers out there, Mini Eggs have *got to* be one of the best Easter chocolates around – and now you can wear them on your nails!


11. French tip pastel nails with flower design

The traditional French tip is one of the most versatile designs and it’s had tonnes of upgrades. From cool blue French tip nails to modern floating Frenchies, practically anything can be added to this manicure.


12. Two-tone summer ice cream pastel nails

If you can’t decide on colours and shades, you’ve got double the choice with two-tone nails like these cute ice cream swirls!


13. Neutral nails with pastel smiley face design

What could make your day more than some cute smiley face nail art?! The happiest mani of them all.


14. Pastel pink Hello Kitty Nails with bows

Combining French tips, flowers, bows, stars, cherries, and Hello Kitty, if you love girly nails then this is the perfect manicure for you.


15. Multicoloured pastel Lucky Charm nails

Cloud nail designs are all over social media, from realistic skyscapes to cute clouds with moons and stars, it’s one of the dreamiest manis of the moment.


16. Pastel pink nails with minimalist red dots

Perfect for anyone who wants to wear nail art but prefers to keep it minimalist, these tiny dots look great on a plain pastel set of nails. I’m seriously loving how neat this mani looks on short nails!


17. Yellow and pink pastel nails with black checkerboard

Another checkerboard set, these nails are a testament to how versatile the checkered nail trend we’ve been seeing at the beginning of 2024 can be.


18. Pastel blue nails with lemon design

Fruit is a cute way to add some simple nail art to a pastel manicure. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons…


19. Square matte nails with minimalist pastel swirls

This minimal mani looks amazing paired with some simple gold jewellery. With a classic nude base and a matte finish, the tiny swirls add a touch of pastels.


20. Long pastel Care Bears nails with swirl French tips

These Care Bears nails are just SO cute! And you can recreate a similar look using these nail stickers from Nail Junkie.


21. Green and orange groovy bright pastel nails

This mani is giving real 70s vibes – from the colours to the design.


22. Almond aura nails with pastel hearts

Hearts will always be one of the most popular designs no matter what time of year it is! Combined with a soft aura base, this pastel set is perfect for spring and summer.


23. Pastel nails with leopard print stripes

Amp up your pastels with some animal print like this leopard stripe set below.


24. Abstract 80s short pastel nails

The natural colour of nails is a great canvas for pastel colours. This short matte set is giving Saved by the Bell vibes.


25. Pink and blue short candyfloss pastel nails

A mani that will fit in at work or play, this set will brighten up any outfit.


26. Glitter pastel stiletto press-on nails with charms

Charms are a BIG one this season, with loads of nail techs now having a treasure trove of cute and glitzy add-ons for clients.


27. Pastel yellow French tip nails with butterflies and swirls

French tips look super chic and classy on almond-shaped nails, giving a real natural look. If you can’t wait for the flowers and butterflies to come out in spring, this is the perfect set for you.


28. White nails with pastels and dots

These white nails with super soft pastel hues are a great nod to the trend without wearing too much colour.


29. Gel pastel nails with squiggles and glitter

Add some pops of colour to a nude gel base with colourful squiggles and glitter!


30. Pastel blue micro French tip nails

Even those of us with super short nails can make a statement and rock a French tip.


31. Hot pink and pastel purple gradient nails with smiley faces

Hot pink has been a firm staple in the world of nail designs since the Barbie Movie was released last year, lending itself perfectly to all kinds of designs and artwork.


32. Chrome pastel pink Disney nails with silver details

I’m *always* mesmerised by chrome nails and how they look so polished shining under different lights. This set is for all the Disney guys and gals out there!


33. Round pastel nails with leopard print heart French tips

French tips don’t have to be white and round! This mani with a milky nude base and pastel leopard print looks amzing with heart-shaped tips and gold details.


34. Nude pastel acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are a great way to add length and intricate nail designs, but we are seriously in love with this stiletto set that seamlessly transitions from nude to pastels.


35. Pastel blue, pink, and purple flower nails

Flower designs have so many variations to choose from – whether you love watercolour blossoms or 3D bouquets


The takeaway

From dreamy candyfloss manis to long acrylics with crazy nail art, elegant almond nails to edgy stiletto talons, pastels are going to be THE shade of spring and summer this year.

The perfect way to brighten your look or to compliment that floaty dress that’s been hanging in your wardrobe since last year, pastel nails are a great way to forget about the cold winter.

Don’t forget to screenshot your favourites to show your nail tech, and let us know if you’ve used any of the inspo in this roundup!

Need some help from the experts on finding nail art inspo? Take a look at advice from celebrity nail artist Michelle Humphrey on how the A-listers choose what to wear on their fingertips.


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