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neon green sparkly glitter nails

35 Vibrant Neon Nail Designs to Really Amp Up Your Look in 2024

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Main Image – @melanattedmani/instagram

In the ever-evolving world of nail art, neon hues have emerged as a bold and vibrant trend, bringing an electrifying twist to the manicures.

Once reserved for tie-dye t-shirts and the 90s acid trip trend (which is back with full force, BTW), neon has come on leaps and bounds and turned into one of the classiest – and boldest – manicures seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

So, let’s take a look at the best neon nail designs to take you through 2024.


1. Neon green short and neat nails

A neon stunner, this set was created using Orly in the shade So Fly, which has an *amazing* formula and applies really smoothly!

Use 2 coats to get this bold and bright hue.

neon green nails

Image – @mylacqueredlife/instagram


2. Mix-and-match French tip neon nails with dot work

French tips are a classic, but this modern twist on the trend that never goes out of style involves a few neon shades and some cool dot work.

French tips are easier to nail than you think, with plenty of hacks like nail sticker guides and stamps to help you, all you need now is a nail dotter to complete this look! Check out our French tip nails article for a tutorial on creating Frenchies.

french tip neon nails

Image – @sandynailsbeautysalon/instagram


3. 90s neon pink and yellow smiley nails

Whether you love ’90s trends or fluorescent hues, you need to try this manicure. Using 2 contrasting colours, this mani is bang on the acid trip trend I’ve been seeing everywhere.

Want to create this look at home but not great with a nail brush? We’ve got you with these nail stickers from Hemway that come in loads of different colours.

neon smiley nails

Image – @sugarplumfairyfingers/instagram


4. Ombre orange and pink short neon nails

These colours are giving serious summer vibes, and I’m SO here for it.

Create this set with The Gel Bottle in shades Miami and Butternut (or, ask your nail tech!)

short neon ombre nail design ideas

Image – its.a.nailthing/instagram


5. Fairy pink matte neon nails

Short nails lend themself really well to neon shades since the colours are bold and bright but the length means they’re not too OTT.

This cute and clean matte pink neon set was created using The Gel Bottle in Fairy Pink (a very fitting name).

short pink neon nails

Image – @aimeechaplin_nails/instagram


6. Hpt pink and blue neon nails with white cloud design

Cloudy, with a chance of neon!

The shades and brands used on these nails are: Base coat @nailsinc in Naile Kale, @essie in the shades Glaze Days and Ooh La Lolly, @nailsinc White Out, and a top coat from @glistenandglow1.

neon cloud nails

Image – @amytran/instagram


7. Neon green nails with black lettering

Boy, bye! How cool are these square neon green nails with black lettering?!

If you want to say how you feel through your mani, Olive and June have a set of ABC letter stickers so that you can DIY at home.

neon nails with black

Image – @anouskaanastasia/instagram


8. Mismatched wavy neon nail art

Are you ready for these crazy colourful trippy bad bois!?

These were painted using the @haenails MPA art gel palette, but you will probably need the help of your nail tech with the more intricate designs on this mani!

wavy neon nails

Image – @jellybayn_nails/instagram


9. Hailey Bieber’s neon yellow long round nails nails

Of course, the Queen of mani trends has to make an appearance in this line-up! This plain highlighter yellow set is perfect for the upcoming spring season – no nail art needed.

Leading the way on some of the most popular nails we’ve seen over the past couple of years, The Gel Bottle’s Kingcup nail polish is the perfect shade to take on this look – pure sunshine in a bottle.

neon yellow nails

Image – @haileybieber/instagram


10. Nude acrylic nails with neon 5-point stars

Stars are having a moment on social media lately, and we are obsessed. This long nude acrylic mani is the perfect base for colourful neon stars and, luckily for us, these 5-point ones are actually really simple to paint on your own nails (or your friends!)

Take a look at this super-simple tutorial from Let’s Gel With Kim on how to paint stars so you won’t need to make that appointment at the salon.

neon acrylic nails

Image – @ognailsuk/instagram


11. Square neon nails with simple dot designs

The perfect neon mani for those of us who aren’t great with nail art!

This one is so easy to create, all you need is polishes in the shades of your choice and a dotting tool for the design. Check out this cute double-ended nail dotting tool from Le Mini Macron to nail this trend.

neon square nails

Image – @thehangedit/instagram


12. Milky white nails with abstract neon art

Ramp up a milky white mani with some ombre neon and bold black shapes!

You can create an ombre look by using a small sponge (or a makeup blender) and dots of your fave neon shades, gently blotting over your base coat.

white and neon nails

Image – @astrowifey/instagram


13. Neon Orange nails with groovy flowers

Neon is the perfect shade for some 90s groovy flowers, especially yellow, orange and pink! this might just be one of the cutest manis ever.

You can easily create some funky flower nail art using a dotting tool. Add a dot for the middle of the flower and wait for it to dry, then add some petals by dotting on a different colour around the edge (around 5 petals is perfect). If you’re good with a nail brush, you can then use a thin brush to paint the black outline.

neon orange nails with flowers

Image – @nailsbybrooke___/instagram


14. Black glitter nails with Glow-in-the-dark neon hearts

Glow-in-the-dark nails are a really fun trend that only comes out after dark (luckily it goes dark by 5 pm these days due to it being winter). But UV nails aren’t just reserved for the rave (let’s face it, a lot of us are in bed by 10 pm, I know I am)!

Take a look at this tutorial from @daily_charme on *exactly* how to create this nail look, including a run-down of all of the polishes used.

neon pink hearts glow in the dark nails

Image – @daily_charme/instagram


15. Short micro French multicoloured neon nails

Neon can add a super modern and fun twist on a traditional French mani and looks particularly cool on micro Frenchies.

To get this set, ask your nail tech for short squoval nails with ombre neon micro French tips. I’m screenshotting this set immediately for my next mani.

short neon micro french tip nails

Image – @Amyle.nails/instagram


16. Neon royal blue glossy blue nails

These neon royal blue nails are the perfect bold and bright accessory, and they look particularly chic with a glossy finish and short length.

This mani was created using Ultramarine from @manucurist.

neon royal blue nails

Image – @matejanova/instagram


17. Natural nude nails with neon cow print

Nude is a great base for some neon animal print – think zebra, cow, leopard and tiger – and this set can be created from the comfort of your couch!

Use a dotting tool to add some blobs of coloured polish, being careful not to apply too much, and use the smaller end of the tool to form the polish into a cow print shape. Done!

neon cow print nails

Image – @slikniktheruler/instagram


18. 80s multicoloured neon stiletto nails

Serious Saved by the Bell vibes are going on with this mani – and I love it! The shapes and colours are the perfect nod to 80s style and fashion, and this set is a super modern take.

You can create this design from home, starting with a clear or nude base. Use a thin nail brush and various neon colours to paint lines, squiggles and shapes.

80s retro neon stieltto nails

Image – @andrea_nails_dk/instagram


19. Neon coffin nails with mix-and-match designs

Nail tech Ash Crowe got her inspo for this mani from @bud_snow, the co-founder of Tomorrow Skateboards.

We advise taking a screenshot of this set to your manicurist, who will create a neon ombre base and add some of the coolest nail art we’ve ever seen.

neon nails

Image – @astrowifey/instagram


20. Turquoise glitter and holo shimmering neon nails

This neon set was created using Lurid Laquer nail polishes in Now Thrive. This is a teal jelly base with green to neon blue iridescent flakes that shift to purple and pink under certain lights, micro holo flakes, and a sprinkling of holographic pigment.


turquoise neon nails

Image – @luridlaquer/instagram


21. Abstract matte multicoloured neon nails

Not keen on the gloss? Go matte! 

This matte neon set with a different hue on each nail is one for your nail tech, just ask for abstract swirl nail art on the tips and white stars.

abstract neon nails

Image – @nailsby_avril/instagram


22. Almond multicoloured neon flame design nails


These neon flames were created for @nawalalalalal using @biosculpturegelgb Baby Heart Confetti and Evo.

neon almond nails

Image – @nailsbymh/instagram


23. Bright purple nails with lime green neon flames

Another flame set because, let’s face it, the flame nail trend is on fire.

Want some flame nails but don’t want to go to the salon? No worries. Check out this huge selection on Etsy – you’re bound to find a set you love!

purple with neon green flames avril

Image – @nailsby_avril/instagram


24. Butterfly neon nails

90s and 200s trends are back, and that means butterfly *everything* in my book.

This set was created using The Gel Bottle shades, with a glitter base giving some gorge sparkle.

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


25. Nude nails with tiny neon details

This set is *so* easy to recreate! 

Start with a nude base that is fully dried, and use a thin nail brush to paint some squiggles around the corners of the tips of your nails for an understated take on the neon trend.

nude and neon nails clear nails

Image – @thehangedit/instagram


26. Matte and gloss neon Barbie pink nails with gems

Matte and gloss nails on the same mani is a super modern look, and this Barbie pink set complete with gems and wavey lines is bang on trend.

These insanely pretty nails were created using shades from @indigonails.

matte and gloss nails

Image – @pegi_nails/instagram


27. Neon jelly nails with stars and glitter

We are seeing stars lately – and a LOT of them! With the current star/celestial/moon/sun trend doing the rounds, this neon jelly set is the perfect base for some cool nail art and glitter.

High impact without heavy opacity, you can DIY this at home by creating your own gel polish. Just mix a drop of neon-coloured polish into your clear top coat, give it a good shake, and you’ve made your own DIY nail varnish – how exciting!

neon jelly nails

Image – @rebeccapaintsnails/instagram


28. Long coffin neon coral nails

Coral is a great shade for most skin tones, and this hue is no exception.

Rimmel’s Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish in 047 Spiced Coral is the perfect shade for this trend.

coral neon nails

Image – @thenaillife_/@krishna__j/@sherlinanym/instagram


29. Neon and chrome rainbow nails

These have got to be some of the coolest nails we’ve come across in our roundups – and we’ve done a lot of them! The neon hues, glitter, chrome and cool designs transcend eras and seasons, making this the perfect mani for any season.

This set is definitely one to bookmark for your nail tech.

neon rainbow nails

Image – @jellybayn_nails/instagram


30. Neon slime green glitter nails

Harvest Time is a limited edition flash reflective glitter jelly nail polish from @cirquecolors, and the shimmer and shine is incredible!

But, you can also get a set of neon glitter polishes from Claire’s to create this jelly-look mani.

neon green sparkly glitter nails

Image – @melanattedmani/instagram


31. Nude nails with neon confetti shapes and glitters

The cutest little bits and bobs! @sophrainbownails used a variety of stacker shapes from @magpie_beauty to create this look – head over to Magpie Beauty to see their stunning confetti collections!

neon confetti nails

Image – @sophrainbownails/instagram


32. Mismatched spring neon nails with flowers and stars

Here @overglowedit is wearing all @gelcare.official colours to create this super cute spring mani!

As your nail tech for mix-and-match nail art that’s different on each nail, with a variety of neon polishes.

neon spring nails

Image – @overglowedit/instagram


33. Summer swirly ombre multicoloured neon nails

If this mani doesn’t get you excited for summer, I’m not sure what will!

The polishes used on this intricate set were from @magpie_beauty – perfect poly acrygel in Peach, tacky white artygel, new neon compact pigments, black and white artygel and their velvet topcoat.

matte nails rainbow nails

Image – @sophrainbownails/instagram


34. Beige fall nails with tiny neon details

A beige nail is *perfect* for fall, what with all of the leaves and colours turning to browns and oranges. But if that’s a tad boring for you, add a pop of colour with some neon!

This is a really easy one to create just using a thin nail brush to paint the triangle tip and a dotting tool (you could also use a cotton bud stick or the end of a hairpin) to add the dots.

fall neon nails

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram


35. Winter black nails with Christmas-theme neon details

Christmas, but make it neon. This set literally looks like the neon signs you find in shops and bars (and, most recently, in bedrooms – so cool).

The black base lends itself perfectly to these neon designs – take a screenshot to your nail tech because this set might be a bit difficult to replicate!

neon winter nails

Image – @the_beauty_fountain/instagram


The takeaway

Ok, I think I’ve proven that neon is for every season, temperature, and event!

Whether you love intricate nail art and see a visit to the salon as part of your self-care routine or whether you prefer to cosy up with Netflix while painting your own fingertips, there’s a mani for all of us in this line-up.

If you try any of these on your nails/your friends nails/your boyfriends nails let us know in the comments – we would love to see your results!


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