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The 77 Coolest Nail Designs of 2024 to Screenshot for Your Next Mani

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Main Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram

The nail art trend just continues to get bigger and bigger. 

And whether you’re a regular polish gal, an intricate nail art fan, or someone who loves to try a different type of gel/acylic/press-on every week, we’ve put together the *best* designs of 2024 to make choosing your next mani easier than ever.

Whether it’s by colour, occasion, nail shape or type, we’ve got you totally covered.



The 77 best nail design ideas for 2024

By colour

1. Simple white nails

A staple all year round, this classy simple white manicure can literally be worn anywhere and any season. Customise the look by painting one nail a different colour or adding nail art to just one nails.

white nail design

Image – @imranshelton/instagram


2. Glazed white nail design with gems

Hailey Bieber’s glazed nails are still on trend, and we are still here for it.

This white design with gems take the look to a new level on a long almond nail.

glazed white nails

Image – pegi_nails/instagram


3. Ice white star nails

Icy white is perfect for both hot and cold weather and looks amazing on a long almond mani.

The mixture of white stars and gold mono dots on top of this white base also makes this manicure seriously on trend.

White nail design

Image – @vivianmariewong/Instagram


4. Nude nail design

A classic, nude nails look neat and chic on shorter lengths. The high gloss finish of this mani by Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein taps into both the ‘lip gloss’ nail trend and the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ that are still going strong.

Oh, and for more nude nail inspiration, check out our guide to the 60 best nude nail designs here.

Nude nail design

Image – @betina_goldstein/Instagram


5. Light pink nails

Not keen on nude but want something that won’t stand out *too* much? Go for light pink!

This adorable unicorn horn style design is both subtle and beautiful, making it the perfect design for anyone who doesn’t like their nails to steal too much attention.

Light pink nail design

Image – @vivianmariewong/Instagram


6. Pastel pink nail design

Perfect for the Barbiecore trend that’s still going strong, this mixed pastel pink mani by incredible nail artist @yeswhatnails looks stunning on a short nail.

And if you want to learn how to recreate more advanced designs like this from home, the nail artist even offers an online nail art academy.

Pastel pink nails

Image – @yeswhatnails/Instagram


7. Peach nails

Ok, ok, so we took this one a *little* literally, but who can resist these cute peaches?! Not me!

And since Peach Fuzz is 2024’s Colour of the Year, this take on the colour is also bang on trend.

peach nails 2024

Image – @magpie_beauty/instagram


8. Rose pink nail design

This ‘gradient skittle jelly chrome’ mani combines ombre, chrome and translucent nails all in one gorgeous look by Instagrammer @mydumbnails.

For *all* the pink nail inspiration, take a look at our roundup of the 60 prettiest pink nails here

Rose jelly nails

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


9. Hot pink nails

“Barbie’s rule: When in doubt, wear pink.” And this design has it all.  Hot pink? check.  Ombre effect?  Check. Added silver foil? Double check. 

Hot pink nail design

Image – @joydumpling/Instagram


10. Yellow nail design

Neon yellow, mustard yellow, golden hues and lemons, yellow is the perfect nail colour for a pink me up.  This mustard shade is super classy and looks amazing with a high gloss finish and a square cut.

yellow nails

Image –


11. Neon yellow nails

On the other hand, if you really want to make a statement, go for neon. 

This bright mix and match neon mani with French tips looks particularly great come spring and summer and is also guaranteed to make you smile.

Neon yellow nail design

Image – @nailsmith.publika/Instagram


12. Classic red nail design

Red nails look great in any shape or length, but if you want to vamp it up go for some long red almond-shaped talons like the ones below. 

The added stars and crystals here adds a fun take on this classic shade.

Red nail design

Image – @tamaminails/Instagram


13. Dark red nails

For a more subtle take on red, try these deep red half moon designs with a gold shimmer.  For more inspiration, take a look at our 35 favourite red nail designs here.

Dark red nails

Image – @betina_goldsteain/Instagram


14. Orange nail design

Seen everywhere in summer 2023, orange nails are here to stay.  This mixed French tip design makes orange both classy and fun.  It’s a beauty win win!

Orange nail design

Image – @jessicaluxe/Instagram


15. Green nail design

Green has a grownup, classy feel to it and this abstract design injects some fun into the mix too. 

Green nail design

Image – @heluviee/Instagram


16. Light blue nails

Light blue and baby blue suit every skin tone and the minimalist flowers on this manciure make this perfect for spring.

Light blue nail design

Image – @linealeeds/Instagram


17. Frosted blue nail design

For a wintery touch, add some “frosting” (hello How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) with a chrome nail effect.

frosted blue nails

Image – @baileyjst/instagram


18. Royal blue nails

This deep shade of blue with an abstract French tip design is on everyone’s radar this year for a bold and bright look.

Royal blue nail design

Image – @peachinails/Instagram


19. Dark blue nail design

Dark blue or navy nails lend themselves beautifully to intricate nail art and glitter.

This arty brush stroke style design combines lighter and darker blue shades with pink and green to create a really custom look.

Dark blue nails

Image – @swaknails/Instagram


20. Purple nails

Purple nails look *amazing* on any skin tone, all you need to do is find the shade and tone that suits you best, whether you love long acrylics, short gel nails, fun nail art, or simple polish.

This simple pastel purple manicure with cute animal nail art is fun yet subtle.

Purple nail design

Image – @_nbyg/Instagram


21. Brown nail design

Perfect for fall, brown nails have been having a *bit* of a moment lately thanks to the likes of Selena Gomez and Sofia Richie Grainge.

This shimmery brown ombre manicure is super elegant and will look great in any season.

Brown ombre nails

Image – @nailsxmina/Instagram


22. Multicolour nails

Can’t decide on one colour? Go for them all with a multi-colour manicure.  This set combines neon with a whole load of different shades for totally unique look.

Multicolour neon nail design

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


23. Silver nail design

Go all out with a simple molten silver manicure for a Y2K look that is set to be big this year,

silver nails 2024

Image – @lightslacquer/instagram


24. Gold nails

Gold nails don’t have to be in-your-face, as this subtle white with gold foil manicure shows. 

Gold nail design

Image – @the_gelbottle_inc/Instagram


25. Rose gold manicure

One of the most popular shades, rose gold looks great on this simple chrome gel manicure.

Rose gold nails

Image – @cndworld/Instagram


26. Gold and silver glitter design

Silver, gold, multicoloured – the possibilities are endless with glitter nails.  This graduated look, where every nail is painted a slightly darker colour, adds a pretty twist to a classic look.

glitter nail design 2024

Image – lolo.nailedit/instagram



27. Grey nails

With so many colours to choose from, grey is often overlooked. But, much like the film, there are so many shades of grey and when you find the right tone for you, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go for it earlier!

This warm grey is super flattering and the knit pattern nail art here is perfect for the cooler months.

Grey nail design

Image – @learnahstarbuck_nailartist/Instagram


28. Black and grey nail design

Super sophisticated and perfect for the office, glam your grey and black nails up with a swirl.

Black and grey nail art

Image – @vivianmariewong/Instagram


29. Black nails

A staple, this black safari-themed mani is gorgeously glossy yet subtle at the same time.

Black nail design

Image – @betina_goldstein/Instagram


30. Black and silver nail design

As classy as they come.

black nail design ideas

Image – v.nailedit_/instagram


31. Black and white nails

Cow print nails have been making an appearance on Insta lately, and we are slightly obsessed with this take on the trend.

black and white nail art

Image – @nailsbykirsten/instagram


Nail art by design type

32. Swirl rainbow nail art

This swirly, multicoloured mani is so fun and the with the multicoloured nail trend set to be huge in 2024, you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

multicolour nail art

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


33. Mini rainbow nail art

For an even cuter take on the rainbow nail art trend, go mini like this colourful mani. Rainbow nail art

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram 


34. Minimalist French tip nails

Frenchies are perfect for any length, shape, event and season, which is why we love them.  In 2024, French tips are going minimalist, like these super thin Frenchies on almond nails.

short french almond nails

Image – @mimixn/instagram


35. Half-moon nail art design

With this mani, you can either leave the semicircle unpolished or add another shade – there are so many options for styles, colours and glitters.

half moon nail art

Image – @polishednailsandtraining/instagram


36. Diamond nail art

Bling, bling, baby.  With 3D manicures currently huge, this crystal version is seriously on trend.

diamond nail art

Image – @digitzbydev/instagram


37. Minimalist matte nail art

Less prone to chipping and longer lasting, we love matte nails and this mono dot look brings this mani even more up to date.

matte nails 2024

Image – @paintboxnails/instagram


38. Elegant watercolour nails

This purple and white watercolour design is super elegant but will still get you noticed.

Purple watercolour nails

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


39. Cute smiley flower nails

Flowers AND smiley faces?! Cute as heck!

cute nail designs

Image – @truebeautyycarrie


40. Rhinestone nails

Rhinestones jazz up any manicure and this simple look manages to combine bling with minimalism.

rhinestone nails 2024

Image – @angi33la_nails/instagram


41. Disney nail art

With *so* many characters to choose from, you’ll never run out of designs for Disney nails! We love the modern neon take on this design.

disney nails

Image – @nailartbychlo/instagram


42. Butterfly nail art design

Take flight into the world of nail art with these delicate pastel butterfly nails.

butterfly nails

Image – @gellygirlnails/instagram


43. Simple nail art

This minimalist, monochrome look is perfect for anyone who loves nail art but doesn’t want their hands to get all the attention.

simple nail art

Image – @nailsbysuman/instagram


44. Floating French tips

The French tip has been reinvented *so* many times, and this year the ‘floating Frenchie’ (where the stripe is suspended part of the way down the nail, either vertically or horizontally) is everywhere.

floating french tip

Image – @traceyleenails


45. 3D jelly nail art

For a mani that looks good enough to eat, try out the 3D jelly nail art trend, which is hugely popular right now.  This fun pastel set also combines the flower, cloud and checkerboard trends in one mani.

jelly nail art

Image – @koreanailspb/instagram


46. Swirl nail art

Swirls are here to stay and this purple glitter set are classic enough to be used at any time of the year.

swirls nail art

Image – @pearliepressed/instagram


47. Aura nail art

What colour is your aura?

aura nail art

Image – @lolo.nailedit/instagram


48. Glazed porcelain nails

The most delicate mani of 2023 is sticking around for 2024 with this blue and white porcelain trend still big this year.

Glazed porcelain nail design

Image – @betina_goldstein/Instagram


49. Molten chrome nails

Think chrome x100, this textured manicure takes the chrome nail trend up by adding 3D detail.

molten chrome manicure

Image – @gotg0ld/instagram


50. Flower nail art

Whether you use stencils, nail wraps or hand painting, flower nail art is the cutest mani for spring.

yellow and purple nails with flowers

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


51. Mono crystal manicure

If you’ve been watching Euphoria, you’ll recognise the inspo for this mani (it’s Sydney Sweeney, AKA Cassie, BTW).

mono crystal nails

Image – @iramshelton/instagram


52. Alphabet nail art

Spell out words or simply paint the alphabet. We love this set complete with a semicolon.

alphabet nails

Image – @la_nailedit/instagram


53. Naked French tips

If you like a subtle and natural look, barely there naked Frenchies are for you.

naked french tip nails

Image – @minimalist.gelineer/instagram


54. Junk nail art

Break the norm and go all out with ‘junk nails’, the maximalist trend that’s going nowhere. Combine 3D nail art, crystals, textures and a whole load of different colours to get in on this trend.

junk nails

Image – @beautywithbabylay/instagram


55. Zodiac nail art

It’s written in the stars and this zodiac manicure can easily be customised for your own star sign.

zodiac nails

Image – @paintbyjaz/instagram


56. Star nail art

Star nail art is *literally* everywhere ATM and this monochrome look may be simple but it still makes a statement.

star nail art

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


57. Strawberry nails

Forget strawberry makeup, it’s all about strawberry nails and this juicy French tip design looks good enough to eat.

strawberry nails

Image – @gelxxmel/instagram


Holiday nail designs

58. Valentine’s heart nail design

Love is in the air with this mani.

valentine almond nails

Image – @nailsbyalsn/instagram


59. Spring 2024 nail design

Smiley face nails with flowers and fruit are the perfect nail art combination for spring 2024.

spring nails 2024 ideas

Image – @overglowedit/instagram


60. Summer nail design ideas

Nothing says summer more than juicy fruits!

summer nails 2024

Image -@nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


61. Summer holiday tropical nail design ideas

These nails are *perfect* for a tropical holiday in the sun.

summer tropical nails

Image – @nailed_by_kenna/instagram


62. Fall nail design ideas

Frenchies made for fall.

fall nails

Image – @v.nailedit_/instagram


63. Halloween nail design ideas

Creepin’ it real with these spooktacular Halloween nails!

halloween nails

Image – @overglowedit/instagram


64. Winter nail design ideas

Frosty fingertips and winter dreams with a snowflake mani.

winter nails

Image – @monika__nails/instagram


65. Christmas nail design ideas

Jingle all the way to fabulous festive fingertips!

christmas nails

Image – @bylyds_/instagram


Nail design ideas by nail shape

66. Short round nail design

Perfect for those who prefer to keep their nails neat and tidy but still look cute, this crystal neutrals manicure is classic enough to be worn throughout the year.

And for more short acrylic nail designs, take a look at our favourites here.

Short nail design with cyrstals

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


67. Medium length round nails

Simple and elegant, round nails are still top of the list for 2024 manicures.

round nails

Image – @gelpolish_bar/instagram


68. Square nail design

Still a popular shape for those with short nails or long, narrow nail beds.

short nails

Image – @by_hayle_thecollective/instagram


69. Medium almond nails

The perfect balance between long and short, this length peaks over your fingertips without getting in the way.  And this pastel ombre design with stars is super cute.

Take a look at all our favourite almond nail designs here.

Medium almond nails with rainbow nail design

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


70. Long almond nail design

Almond nails are still going strong and this mix and match tortoiseshell set is *very* elegant..

Tortoise shell almond nail deisgn

Image – @mydumbnails/Instagram


71. Coffin nails

For those who *live for* long nails, coffin nails are a classic shape.  This sparkly purple mani is bright and fun but can be worn all year round.

short iridescent coffin nail design ideas

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram


72. Stiletto nails

Go all Kim K with these pink stiletto nails.

Barbie nail stiletto nails

Image – @kimkimnails/Kim Kardashian/instagram


73. Ballerina nails

Barely there ballerina nails are huge right now.  Similar to both coffin and stiletto nail shapes, the ballerina nail is a slightly wider-looking shape with a rounder edge to a coffin nail.

This nude ballerina nail takes the elegant ‘balletcore’ trend to a new level.

ballerina nails

Image – @pinkbunnynailz/instagram


Nail design ideas by finish

74. Gel nails

Locked in place for over 2 weeks, a gel manicure can withstand everything life throws at them! This swimming pool-inspired design is perfect for sunny days.

gel nails

Image – @polishedbypaisinstagram


75. BIAB nails

These have REALLY been gaining popularity lately, using Builder in a Bottle or ‘builder gel’, it’s designed to add strength to your nails and your mani.

BIAB nails

Image – @bylyds_/instagram


76. Acrylic nails

Great for those who love their mani long and strong, acrylics are also great for intricate designs.

acrylic pink nails

Image – @nailsbyalsn/instagram


77. Press-on nails

No time for the salon or to paint your nails at home? Press-ons are a life saver for the gal (or guy) on the go. Olive & June do some of the prettiest press-ons around, including these adorable mini lightening bolt nails.

press on nails

Image – Olive & June


The takeaway


It’s safe to say that 2024 is going to be a *great* year for nails, with tonnes of colours, shapes, and nail art designs to try.

So get ahead of the crowd and the trends and book that mani appointment now to make sure you nail the look!


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