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25 of the *Dreamiest* Cloud Nail Designs You Need to Try in 2024

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Main Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram

Welcome to the dreamy world of nail art and the latest trend sweeping across social media – the viral cloud nail.

Capturing the essence of ethereal beauty, these cloud-inspired designs have taken the manicure scene by storm.

From soft, billowy cumulus clouds to bold and bright night sky scapes, this trend offers the dreamiest nail designs to wear on your fingertips.

Get ready for your nail game to soar to new heights and find the mani of your dreams with this trend.


1. Sky blue and white cherub cloud nail designs

High in the clouds! We are obsessed with these cloud nails – absolutely stunning and cool as hell! Want cherub nails? Check out these stickers and decals from Etsy.


2. White marble cotton candy cloud nail design

Cotton candy, anyone? If clouds are a bit too literal for you, this dreamy mani is a great way to still be on trend.

To recreate these nails, use OPI Nail Lacquer in shades I Am What I Amethyst, Mimosas For Mr And Mrs, and Gelato On My Mind. Once you have your shades together, use a sponge to dab on the polish before securing with a top coat.


3. Nude matte cumulus cloud nail design

A matte mani can be seriously chic, and this one is pretty easy to recreate at home with a dry makeup brush or sponge to form the clouds, locking it all in with a matte top coat!

Looking for a matte top coat? This Barry M one is great and the price point is amazing!


4. Dark blue cloud nails with lightning strike features

We’ve been seeing loads of lightning nails on social media, so this mani incorporates a few trending designs!

The silver lightning art on this set looks amazing filled in with shades of pink, looking mosaic-like and really chic. Paired with some clear pink nails, stars and clouds, it’s a manicure made in heaven.


5. Baby pink, baby blue, and purple ombre cloud nails

ombre cloud nails with pink clouds

Image – @sadiejnails/instagram

This set reminds us of sunsets in summer and we are so here for it!

Ask your nail tech for pink, blue, and purple ombre nails with delicate white clouds and some tiny twinkle stars.


6. Light pink and baby blue cloud nail design

THE most beautiful shades of pink and baby blue!

If you fancy giving this a go yourself, nail artist @paiwaloves has created a video tutorial here on her Instagram page. You can do it!


7. Black storm cloud and lightning short nail design

This set is slightly different to the others I’ve seen while I’ve been scrolling social media, and lightning nails are growing in popularity in the world of nails for their dramatic and eye-catching effects.


8. Royal blue chrome night sky cloud nails with crescent moons

This is the *exact* nail set I imagine when I hear the words ‘cloud nail designs’!

This set was created using a deep royal blue base, stratocumulus clouds, moons, twinkle stars, and a chrome finish.


9. Lightning cloud nails with evil eye nail art

Loads of the cloud nails I’ve seen while scrolling are in light tones like pink, turquoise, nude, and white – but how dramatic does this deep blue cloud mani look on an almond nail?!

This set is truly stunning, using shades of blue and including dot work, white stars, and moons with a high gloss finish.


10. Pastel French nails with clouds and mismatched nail art

Mismatched nail art is *everywhere*, and it’s the perfect way to show off your style, add a pop of colour to a boring outfit, or just have some fun.

Ask your nail tech for a different design on each nail, incorporating clouds.


11. Nude nails with mismatched designs and clouds and rainbows

Nude is a great base for some really out there designs, like the amazing set above!

If you fancy trying a set like this yourself, nail stickers are your bestie – so go wild and have fun with it.


12. Nude nails with mismatched designs and clouds and lightning bolts

So many nail design trends in one mani! Nude makes the perfect base for mismatched hearts, checkerboard print, clouds, lightning bolts, and yin yang.

*Chef’s kiss*.


13. Abstract wavy orange, pink, and turquoise cloud French tip nails

This is a seriously modern take on the trend, mixing French tips, swirls, clouds, and colours.

Take a screenshot of this one to your next nail appointment!


14. Pink nails with clouds and red heart confetti

What is it they say about pink skies at night?

Get this mani from the comfort of your own home using a bright pink for the base, a sponge or makeup brish for the clouds, and some cute heart confetti like these ones from Indigo Nails.


15. Milky nails with blue clouds and large star nail art

Another mismatched set, but this time on long coffin nails.

We are loving the way the designs focus mainly on the tips of the nails, leaving the rest of the nails nude and glossy.


16. Baby blue cloud French tip nails with y2k butterfly designs

Mixing butterflies with clouds for a seriously Y2K mani!

Add some cute butterflies to your mani with these nail decals from Glitter Planet.


17. Care Bear press on nails with 3D clouds and charms

3D nails are everywhere at the moment, combined with clouds you’re bang on trend.

This amazing set was created by baby nail tech @naileditbychelsey – head over to her Instagram for more info on her press on nails and cuticle oils!


18. Clear round nails with white chrome clouds

This set would be *perfect* for winter – they’re giving seriously frosty morning vibes.

Ask your nail tech for clear nails with white clouds, twinkle stars, and a high-shine chrome finish.


19. Natural nails with blue and white clouds, twinkle stars, and glitter

This mani combines a few 


20. Short natural nails with black and white nail designs and cloud feature nails

Monochrome, flames, and flowers don’t really come to mind when I think of cloud nails, but this set it super modern and up-to-date, incorporating lots of current nail trends.


21. Milky white square nails with marble clouds and gold stars

We love a milky base! And, so do celebs like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Aniston. You’ll nail a few trend with this set.

If you prefer nail confetti and stickers over intricate painting, check out these stars from Etsy that can be applied to any type of mani.


22. Gold chrome French tip nails with cirrostratus cloud designs

Gold chrome French tips, a milky base, almond-shaped nails, glitter, dots, and twinkle stars.

Is there anything this mani doesn’t have?!


23. Storm brewing multicoloured cloud nails

I LOVE the colours and hues on this set!

Ask your nail tech for a stormy-looking sky with shades of peach, orange, purple, blue, and grey, topped off with some simple celestial nail art.


24. Sheer pink and peach nails with cloud designs

A sheer pink and peach base reminds me of a spring sunrise *swoons*.


25. Nude pink nails with clouds, gold, and 3D details

A super subtle take on the 3D nail trend, these tiny 3D dots add another layer to this chic mani.


How it’s done

Check out this super quick video from celeb manicurist Tom Bachik to get an idea of how to recreate clouds on your nails using a thin nail brush:



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The takeaway

For those of us with our heads in the clouds, these nails are the perfect expression of personality. For the rest of us, we can dream a little dream.

Whether you like dark and glossy polishes, ombre, extravagant nail art or simple short manicures, the cloud trend is gaining more fans by the day – so make sure you nail it with one of these ideas!


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