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nudestix eyeshadow stick

My Go-To Eyeshadow Stick Was Discontinued – Could Nudestix Fill the Void?

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Main Image – Courtesy of writer

I’ll always choose an eyeshadow stick over any other eyeshadow formula. Give me a stick over an eyeshadow powder, cream, pot or gloss any day and I’m a happy beauty editor. There aren’t any brushes or fingers involved with an eyeshadow stick, just draw it straight on, et voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous eyeshadow look in one quick slick.

And when it comes to shades for my eyes, my go-to hue is always a bronze, gold or copper. Sure, this colour suits my blue eyes, but it also goes with everything. Anything to make my life just that little bit simpler.

So when Nudestix Nude Beach Eye Palette (£66.88 on the Nudestix UK website/$69 on the Nudestix US website) landed on my doorstep, I fell in love instantly with the concept. One tin, 6 shimmery bronze, gold and copper shades, all in eyeshadow stick form and a sharpener included too. Winner.

And, given that my all-time favourite eyeshadow stick shade, ‘Copperini’ by Beauty Pie has just been discontinued (sob!) it was excellent timing too. Find out whether these sun-kissed sticks were a hit or miss for my makeup bag.


The product details

The bronze-coloured tin houses 6 chunky 2.8g cream pencils called Magnetic Eye Color. There is also a little sharpener included and a mirror on the lid, too. The shades are (in order going upwards on the below image) Praia, Nudity, Rustic Grotto, Pink Seychelles, Burnish and Maroon’d.

Each one, except for Maroon’d is a shimmery, metallic shade. Maroon’d is a strongly pigmented, matte colour.


Nude Stix eyeshadow swatch

Nudestix shades. Image – Courtesy of writer


First impressions

I tried each shade on my hand first and I liked what I saw. I then tried to wipe the swatches off my hand using a wipe and the colours didn’t budge. To the point where I needed to scrub quite hard with the wipe.

The shades eventually rubbed off, but they came off in flakes and my hand was left red raw. This did, at least, bode well for the longevity of the shades on my actual eyelids but I still didn’t want them to be so stubborn that I’d have to scrub them off. Ouch.

However, I blamed my difficulty removing them from my hand on the fact that I had used a wipe (the worst kind of makeup remover – I should have known better) and not an actual oil-based one. So I wasn’t too worried and chose my first shade to apply.

It was Praia, a gorgeous light gold. It glided onto my lids like a dream and the pigment was clear to see as soon as it touched my skin. It was so easy to apply and after a bit of mascara, my eye makeup was done in, literally, seconds. Easy peasy!

I went about my day, and I have to admit, my eyelids felt a touch dry – but only a touch. It’s also worth noting that I hadn’t applied my usual eyeshadow primer as I wanted to test just how durable these shades were. And an hour later, my eyeshadow was still in place. The shimmer was still shimmering and the gold was still golden.

When it came to removing it that evening, I used L’Oreal Paris Absolute Eye and Lip Makeup Remover which worked like a charm and there wasn’t a flake in site. Reason number 573 to not use makeup wipes.



Nudestix tin. Image – Courtesy of writer


My satisfying results

The Praia shade was a little lighter than I expected and because I now knew I liked the formula, I was confident enough to opt for a slightly bolder colour the next day – Pink Seychelles. Now this was my kind of colour. A rustic pink with a hint of bronze.

This one needed a bit of blending as it’s a bit stronger in colour but this was super simple to do with a fluffy eyeshadow brush – just note that you need to be quick about blending as the colour sets pretty rapidly!

By lunchtime, the colour was still very much there and I was really pleased with it. Again, without the help of my usual trusty eyeshadow primer, this eyeshadow formula really sticks and as a result, can feel quite dry. But my Beauty Pie one feels way stickier so this made a refreshing change. And, if I had been wearing my primer, my eyelids would have been more hydrated and therefore less dry.

The pigment continued throughout the day and, despite a tiny bit of patchiness occurring towards the evening, and maybe one or two creases (easily blurred away using my finger) I was really pleased with the results. The eyeshadow stick strikes again!


NudeStix open tin

Image – Courtesy of writer


I experimented with the rest of the colours over the course of the week and, miraculously, I suited and liked most of them. There’s nothing more annoying than buying an eyeshadow palette and two or three of the shades go to waste because they don’t flatter your eye colour or skin tone. These ones seem to be pretty universal for those with blue eyes, fair hair and medium skin like me.

The matte brown shade, Maroon’d is my least favourite for the lids but I opted to use it as a liner along my bottom waterline – very gently applied, without pressing too hard – and this worked really nicely. And you can do this with any of the other shades too for a smokey feel. Equally, you can use one of the lighter shades like Praia as a base shade and then one of the darker shades blended into the crease of your eyelid to create more of a 3D look.

The great thing about them is that they all work together so you can experiment with using them alone or as a team, hopefully finding your ideal combination!


Nudestix tin and sleeve

Image – Courtesy of writer


What other users are saying

Everyone’s eyes and skin are different so it’s important to hear how others got on with these. Age has a lot to do with it too – now that I’m in my forties, my eyelids are a lot more hooded than someone, say, in their twenties. This means an eyeshadow stick will perform differently for each user.

Meg on seemed to have got as much wear out of them as I did. “The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and creamy and even after 12 hours of wear, they don’t show any signs of creasing,” she says. “Blending the shades is a dream however you have to work quickly or it’ll set and stay in place.” Yup, I hear you!

Lilo agreed that the formula is lovely however she says some might need to experiment. “I have little experience with cream shadows so need more practise [sic]! As another said, the matte eye colour is a little tricky to blend. But once on the eye, they don’t budge all day.”

I agree that eyeshadow sticks do take a bit of getting used to – it can feel alien to just apply them directly onto the eyelid as the pigment is quite bold but once you’ve done it a few times, you won’t find it so tricky to get your head around.


Nude Stix eyeshadow swatch 2

Image – Courtesy of writer


Value for money

I was quite shocked when I discovered this tin costs £63.88/$69 because it seems rather steep for six little pencils. However, when you divide it up, that’s only £10.64/$11.50 per stick (and this doesn’t include the tin or sharpener.) My favourite Beauty Pie one costs £12 for members and £30 for non-members – plus I believe the Nudestix ones last on the lids for longer – so they’re great value for money.

And you haven’t even heard the best part yet. You can actually buy each pencil separately, same size, same shade but just one will set you back £26.17/$27. Six of them would cost £157.02/$162. So really, buying this tin of 6 is an absolute no-brainer.


The takeaway

I love the shades, I love the formula and I love the handy tin they come in. These pencils do everything to prove my point that eyeshadow sticks/pencils/crayons are the way forward for a durable, highly pigmented eyeshadow look, created in seconds.

There was a slight creasing and patchiness towards the end of the day and my eyelids felt a bit dry. However that doesn’t take away from the overall look of the eyeshadow or ease of wear, plus creases and patches can depend on the overall firmness of your eyelids.


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