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Reviewing Roen's 75 Warm Eye Shadow Palette

Roen’s 75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette Review

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While I tend not to buy a lot of makeup online (preferring to try it at least on the back of my hand in-store first), when I saw the shimmering, glossy nudes of Roen’s 75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette, I completely abandoned any semblance of budgeting/responsibility/general grown-upness and snapped it up. 

Because this is a palette with everything I love from an eye shadow: dewiness… shimmer… ease of use… smudgability…And its shade range is pretty spot on for a subtle/nude colour fan like me too.


About the brand

Created by celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest (who’s worked with names like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, and brands like Chanel and Armani Beauty) and photographer David Roemer, Roen pairs clean ingredients with high-quality formulas.

Best known for their palettes and single eye shadows, (Summer Disco – a warm coppery gold that works well on all skin tones – is one of their best sellers), Roen’s products also go heavy on ease of use, with their formulas designed to be smudged onto lids by finger.

Luckily this fits in pretty well into my 20-second-or-nothing approach to eye shadow (while my total lack of makeup skills means I definitely shouldn’t be left with any sort of shadow brush unsupervised, so this works well).

And as a bonus, the formulas here use mineral pigments in a talc, paraben, fragrance and cruelty-free formula (which also happens to be vegan). 


The shades

A combination of bronzes, golds, and warm browns in a highly pigmented and skin-friendly base, this is currently my favourite Autumn palette; and I can see it taking me through the Winter too.

The colours include Obviously – a molten gold shade -, Nikki Dust – a flattering, warm taupe -, Facetime – a dark shimmering brown – and J’Adore – a warm dark peach bordering on terracotta. And while this is a warm eye shadow palette, I find Obviously and Facetime are both neutral enough that most cool tones could wear these too.

Designed specifically with usability in mind, I find these four shades work well for pretty much any occasion, from work to lazy weekends to going out. 



On the skin

Although these shadows are actually powders, the formula here is so silky it melts into a creamy texture on the skin, making them both easy to work onto the lid and easy to wear.

Full of sparkle (not glitter, which has instead been substituted with ethically sourced pearl pigment) these shadows are so shimmery they give the sort of dewy, glossy sheen I love. Better still, I find they stay in place for hours without creasing.

And, as a bonus, these rich pigments apply just as easily with fingers as they do with a brush (perfect for my lazy girl approach to makeup application).


How to use

In my humble experience, Roen’s shades are best smudged across eyelids using fingers, although they can also be applied by brush too.  

One of my favourite ways to use them is actually by dipping an angled liner brush into one of the darker shades and creating a slight feline flick (AKA the winged liner).  This works beautifully when paired over one of the warmer, lighter shades, and makes even getting ready for big events pretty speedy.


The packaging

Housed in a (really quite pretty) chrome palette with a magnetic closure, the vibe here is minimalism straight down the line.

The white velvet pouch the product comes housed in adds the sense of cleanness and fuss-free beauty the brand goes heavy on, but both the chrome and the white pouch here are liable to show up any fingerprints/smudges/dirt easily…You have been warned…


Reviewing Roen's 75 Warm Eye Shadow Palette

Image – Live That Glow


What other people have to say

Customers on the Cult Beauty website are loving this palette, with one saying “Love, love, love the eye shadows from Roen! Very unique textures and glitters worth dying for!”

Another commented on its ease of use “I love this palette as a quick and simple, semi-glam eyeshadow look. Really easy to apply with a finger and blend out. The textures look and feel expensive and make sexy, smoky, glam eye looks so quick and simple.

“Can be prone to creasing, but I don’t mind the effect that gives, so haven’t bothered to try an eyeshadow primer underneath!”


The takeaway

Overall a really high quality, useable little palette. Now I just need to save up for some more from Roen…

Great for: Anyone who likes their shadows on the high quality and neutral shade side. Vegans, cruelty-free fans and those who enjoy their makeup without paraben, fragrance or talc.

Not-so-great for: The price makes this something of an investment but the pigment level is such that I can see these lasting me forever, though, and each shade is actually wearable on a daily basis, making this one of my more usable palettes.  

Roen’s 75° Warm Eyeshadow Palette is £45.00 on the Cult Beauty UK website/$49.00 on the Cult Beauty US website



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