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I Have Oily Skin and Tested The Rhode Kit. Is It Worth £109?

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Main Image – Courtesy of writer

When I heard that Hailey Bieber was launching her own beauty range, Rhode, I was just as intrigued as everyone else. Particularly as I was about to test (and ended up absolutely loving) her arch-rival, Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty – But it’s probably a cardinal sin to even mention the two brands in the same sentence, so I won’t.

I’m always split down the middle when it comes to celebrity beauty brands. On the one hand, it frustrates me that they have the means to launch any old product and charge a fortune for it just because of the celebrity name tag. But on the other hand, celebrities are usually financially stable, meaning they probably have access to the skincare big guns. And great skincare experts = great skincare.

In this case, the experts on board Rhode are Dr Ron Robinson, an award-winning cosmetic chemist and Dr Dhaval Bhanusali a leading dermatologist. So kudos to them, and Bieber, if this does turn out to impress me.

Because as someone with oily skin, I have to be careful about just how ‘hydrating’ I go with my skincare. Yes, even the oiliest of skin needs hydration, but within reason. Let’s just say I don’t slather facial oils onto my skin every single evening. Once a week is more like it.

When I see that something is suited to ‘all skin types’ like Rhode, I’m still a little suspicious. How can something be just the right amount of hydrating for oily skin and yet still work to replenish lost moisture on dry skin?

The other thing I was sceptical about was the fact that this kit contains four products and costs £109 on the Rhode UK website/$109 on the Rhode US website (its value is £118/$109). Would it be worth its three figures?

Here’s how I got on.


The product details

The Rhode Kit contains four products that make up an entire morning/evening skincare regime. Housed in a grey bubble-style wash bag, the products are full-sized and in matching grey and white packaging. Chic much?

The four products are Pineapple Refresh (150ml, cleanser), Glazing Milk (140ml, a barrier boosting, hydrating essence), Peptide Glazing Fluid (50ml, gel serum) and Barrier Restore Cream (50ml, antioxidant moisturiser).

Pineapple Refresh is a balmy cleanser that lathers into a white cream. It contains PGA (polyglutamic acid), green tea extract and pineapple enzyme. You can use it morning and evening and it’s labelled as safe for sensitive skin.

Described as the ‘essential prep layer’, Glazing Milk contains key ingredients like ceramide trio to boost the skin’s barrier function and a blend of magnesium, zinc and copper to protect and plump the skin.

Peptide Glazing Fluid (or gel serum) is ‘the dewy hydration layer’ that promises to plump, hydrate and support a healthy-looking skin barrier. It contains niacinamide to nourish and brighten the skin, peptides for plumping and reducing fine lines, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and marula oil to soften and support the skin barrier.

And finally, Barrier Restore Cream – ‘the rich recovery layer’ – is the last step in the routine and aims to deliver hydrated and smoother skin. It contains shea butter and squalane (both effective skin hydrators), plumping peptides, antioxidant-rich acai and niacinamide.

So as you can see, as well as numerous hard-working plumping and protecting ingredients there is a lot of hydration included too. Perfect for dry skin types and suited to sensitive skin too (although a patch test is always advised). But will they be too much for my oily skin?


Rhode bag 2

Image – Courtesy of writer


First impressions

The Rhode Kit – embarrassingly – had me at ‘hello’, before I’d even tried any of the products. All my celebrity skincare morals went out of the window as soon as I saw the Rhode bubble bag that the products were contained in. No, not really, but this was a seriously good first impression.

Its fabric is thick and luxurious, and I was instantly pleased with my new purchase. The bag just feels durable and it is large in size, so there’d be none of that ‘travel-sized’ products business, I could fit my entire full-sized skincare regime in there. Whether that would consist of Rhode products remained to be seen.

But now, onto the products. I chose to start testing them in my evening regime when I needed the most moisture, so I removed all my eye makeup and swept a micellar water around my skin with a cotton pad. I like to do this before any cleanse as the oil in micellar water helps to loosen the dirt before adding water.

Pineapple Refresh comes in a tube so I squeezed out a large blob – on reflection, this was too much as a little goes a long way here, and a pea-sized amount would have been enough. I rubbed it between my wet hands and applied it to my skin.

It contains real pineapple extract so I was expecting a gorgeous, fruity scent but it is completely fragrance-free. Great for sensitive skin types, not so great for those who like their skincare to smell fresh and comforting.

Never mind though, because the feel of this cleanser on your skin cancels out any fragrance-related disappointment. As I said before, it has a balmy texture and feels like melting honey on your skin. So soft and so, so beautiful.

As you lather it around your skin with wet hands, it soon turns into a white cream which continues to feel super-smooth. I eventually washed it off with warm water which took a few attempts as the cleanser is quite thick but as I patted my skin dry with a towel, I noticed straight away that my skin felt as soft as butter and it was visibly cleaner and brighter. Radiant, in fact.

Usually, I think, “a cleanser is a cleanser”, except when it comes to balm cleansers. They just hit different. I think it’s their melted honey-factor, which is amazingly hydrating for the skin.

When it comes to oily skin like mine though, I can usually only use a balm cleanser two to three times a week, otherwise it can get a little too hydrating. Time will tell whether this one will be different.



Rhode Pineapple Refresh. Image – Courtesy of writer


Next up was the Glazing Milk. Usually, I would pour a milk onto a cotton pad and sweep. But the instructions say to apply a ‘generous’ amount onto your hands and press it into your skin. A pressing motion isn’t a technique I generally enjoy as it is a slow process, particularly if you are using a ‘generous’ amount. A milk doesn’t exactly sink in quickly when you’re just pressing it in.

I gave it a go after pouring a pool of it into the palms of my hands and sure enough, I didn’t enjoy the pressing motion and really didn’t have time for it either. So I used my palms to massage the milk into my skin instead, using a bit more force than usual.

Wow. This stuff is what hydrated skin dreams are made of. My skin instantly glowed – it looked glassy – and it felt firmer too. Firm and glassy, but not greasy. A winning combo for oily skin.



Rhode Glazing Milk. Image – Courtesy of writer


Ok, now I was really getting into this whole Rhode experience. I was hopeful that the next two products would give me similar results, but I was still worried they would prove to be too heavy for my oily, breakout-prone skin.

The Peptide Glazing Fluid was next. I’m a real serum girl – can’t live without one. So there was a lot riding on this because, well, Hailey Bieber. The instructions say to use 1-2 pumps, so I just used one to lessen my chances of oiliness.

It spread quickly and evenly, and I didn’t feel like it would clog up my skin too much thanks to its lightweight formula. The glassiness was still there and my skin was definitely hydrated but it didn’t feel like it was too overloaded. Phew.



Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid. Image – Courtesy of writer


And then onto the final step – Barrier Restore Cream. The instructions say to use half a finger amount which seems like a lot. I was quite wary of this, especially considering the tube is only 50ml and I don’t want it to run out quickly.

You’re meant to extend application to your neck though (as you should really with all night creams and moisturisers) so I can see why you’d need to use so much but I measured a quarter of my finger instead to be on the safe side. This was plenty, particularly for my oily skin type and I’m glad I didn’t opt for any more than that.

I feel a 75ml or 100ml tube of this would be much better for dry skin types but if you’re an oily skin type like me, halve the instructed amount and you’ll have ample hydration.

After massaging it in, and now assessing how the regime had performed overall, my skin felt – above all – firmer. That is definitely the word this 41-year-old wants to use to describe her skin. My skin was beautifully smooth too, more so than when I use my usual nighttime skincare products (which contain retinol). And, what’s more, my fine lines had been well and truly plumped too.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a positive reaction to a regime so rapidly before. I went to bed feeling like my skin was cocooned in pure goodness, but it didn’t feel greasy or oily, it just felt hydrated and strong.


Rhode Barrier cream 2

Rhode Barrier Restore Cream. Image – Courtesy of writer


My overall results

So far, so great. I’ve been doing this regime in the evenings for a week now and I haven’t experienced any breakouts or excess oil. I have chosen not to do the full routine in the mornings yet as my motto with oily skin is, baby steps.

I know I could upgrade to applying it in the morning at some point, especially given that I haven’t noticed any problems yet, but I’m taking my time as adding SPF and makeup to this mix of hard-working, super hydrating products might cause excess oil.

Having said that, I have been using the Pineapple Refresh both morning and evening which has given my skin a gorgeously smooth canvas for my usual morning skincare products and makeup. Never before have I been able to use a balm cleanser once a day, let alone twice. Winner.

I’ve been really loving how my skin looks in the morning over the past week or so. It’s been looking super dewy and more taut. The fact that the sun has finally made an appearance in England and my skin is getting some vitamin D has probably helped with my glow but honestly, these products have made such a difference to the texture and feel of my skin and I haven’t noticed any excess oil or greasiness during the day.

They’re the kind of products you actually look forward to using at the end of the day. A four-product regime is always time-consuming, but using these doesn’t feel like a chore because they make my skin look and feel so good.

Hailey Bieber – eat your heart out.


What other users are saying

I wanted to see whether anyone else with oily skin had experienced the same firmness, as well as that ‘glassy’ non-greasy finish. Because honestly? I was beginning to think its amazingness was all in my head.

But Sam who has oily skin says, “literal chef’s kiss. I recommend this to anyone and everyone,” and Annie Q says, “products leave my skin dewy and feeling very clean!!”

Jaclyn N who has oily skin as well as uneven skin tone and wrinkles says, “I use all of these products every day! Keeps me hydrated and glowy without getting oily. Absolutely LOVE.”

Rio Dindi M – who has combination skin – says, “even after layering all those products, my skin wasn’t left feeling greasy either.” And it seems Kayla P agrees with me about the scent of the cleanser. “I love all the products, the only change I would make would be to the scent of the face wash. It smells a little like the old sea-shell soap. But it’s a really nice face wash!”

Agreed, a tiny bit of ‘zing’ added to the smell of the cleanser wouldn’t go amiss but if that’s all we’ve got to complain about, I’m happy.


Rhode products

Image – Courtesy of writer


Value for money

The problem with a kit is that it always feels like more of a luxury when you buy everything together. I mean – obviously.

£109/$109 is a lot of money to spend in one hit and, whilst you could buy everything separately as and when you can afford it, you’re still spending the same in the end, if not more. When you buy the kit as a whole, you get £9/$9 off and the chic bubble bag is included basically for free (which, remember, is large in size and can fit your whole skincare regime in there, whether it’s Rhode or not…).

The other thing you need to remember is that the products are separately quite a standard price for a top-line skincare brand like this. The Pineapple Refresh costs £28/$28 and the Glazing Milk, Peptide Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream are each £30/$30. This is pretty normal for other brands I rate such as Ren Skincare, Caudalie and La Roche Posay

I am already planning to buy the products again once I’ve run out, I’m that impressed by them. The 50ml tube of moisturiser is a worry – I just hope it lasts – but if I continue to only apply it at night and use half of what the instructions advise (thanks to my oily skin) then I know I’m doing all I can to stockpile it.


The takeaway

Hailey Bieber and her team did not disappoint with this kit. I mean, am I really that surprised? After all, Bieber’s skin is pretty awe-inspiring.

I defy you not to gasp after applying that Glazing Milk – it’s wondrously firming and hydrating. And despite its disappointing smell, the Pineapple Refresh cleanser is one of the most beautiful cleansers I’ve ever used. Combine them with the rest of the kit and it’s a real skin treat.

A kit can be expensive, particularly a skincare one. But when I really think about it, this isn’t as expensive as my skin now looks. Looking in the mirror, if I didn’t already know the price, I would assume the kit cost at least £50/$50 more than its RRP of £109/$109.

When I go to bed at night, my skin just feels like it’s been well taken care of. It feels luxurious too. And yet, I don’t feel like I have to sell my worldly possessions when I finally do run out of products and need to buy a top-up. That’s a good feeling, and both my oily skin and bank balance are truly grateful.


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