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I Tried A Full Face of Makeup from Sofia Richie’s Favourite Brand

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Despite being a beauty editor, I’m all for anything to make my day-to-day makeup routine easier and more streamlined.

I embrace products I can slap on without much thought and technique, and I welcome multi-purpose beauty with open arms. That’s why when a selection of Nudestix products landed on my desk, I wasted no time diving in.

Because I try products for a living, I’m quite hard to impress when it comes to products; I like to think the cynic in me makes me discern whether a product is truly worth it. It’s got to tick multiple boxes for me to consider it a worthy buy. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


Pretty ahead of its time, Nudestix launched in 2014 with an emphasis on no-makeup makeup and has mastered the art of minimalist beauty since then. The brand is also known for its stick solid formulas, making them versatile, easy to travel with and a doddle to use.

Read on for my review of some Nudestix hero products. 


Nudies Bloom Stick and Nudies Matte Stick 

The Nudies blush sticks (£30 from Boots UK /$35 from Sephora US) are the go-to products from the brand and it’s no surprise because the formula is *chef’s kiss*.

It’s not just me and other beauty enthusiasts who love them, it’s celebs too. Beauty it-girl of the moment Sofia Richie names these as being a key to her ‘gentle makeup’ approach.


Image – Courtesy of writer


These solid formulas can be used on your cheeks, eyes and lips, working brilliantly for my slap-dash approach. They’re pigmented without being scary and are so creamy that they’re easy to dab on and go. The shade selection is great, with lots of hues depending on skin tone and undertone.

The Nudies Bloom sticks (pictured here) have the same brilliant formula; I’m not actually sure why the different product name. 

Although I love them, I really, really don’t understand why the brand hasn’t redone the brushes. I’ll be frank, the brushes work terribly with the sticks. Since each stick features a stippling brush, it’s really densely-packed and because the formula is so creamy, the brush ends up taking off any product you’ve just put on. They apply really well with a fluffy brush but definitely not a stippling brush sadly. 


Nudies Glow Stick  

A key product in the no-makeup makeup look is, of course, highlighter so obviously Nudestix nailed it with the Nudies Glow Stick (£30 from Boots UK /$35 from Sephora US). As creamy as the other products in the brand’s line-up, the highlighters are very easy to apply, either directly to the high points of the face or onto your finger or brush first before being blended in.

They interact well with other products, not pulling off other complexion products when applying. These sticks are ever so slightly shimmery, which I don’t normally go for but they have nailed just enough of it in this formula. Lots of beautiful shades depending on your skin tone and preferences.

I do think this highlight stick is a little expensive when there are so many other affordable options out there. But there’s no denying that it’s a great highlighter


Magnetic Eye Colour  

Although Nudestix is known for its complexion products, the eye products were what impressed me the most. The Magnetic Eye Colours (£20 from Boots UK /$27 from Sephora US) are everything you’d want in a shadow stick.


(L-R Gbaby, Hot Stone, Slate, Queen Olive, Bright Eyes, Lilith). Image – Courtesy of writer


They’re easy to apply with the precise crayon tip, the formulas are creamy but dry down brilliantly (no annoying creases!), and they blend beautifully.

When it comes to beginner beauty, I like eye products to be blendable with least effort possible, meaning I want to be able to dab, blend and smudge out shadow products with my fingers or a single brush. You can do just that with these eye pencils.

They are also buildable, meaning you can start with a lighter shade, using a darker shade in the crease and outer corner and then a shimmer shade on the inner corners — all using either your fingers or a fluffy brush.  

The shade selection is wearable, not scary and great for every day. I’ve favoured these over much more expensive eyeshadows in my collection ever since trying these.


Nudies Bronze Stick in Bondi Bae

As someone with dry skin, I can’t get enough of a creamy bronzer so the Nudies Bronze Stick (£30 from Boots UK /$35 from Sephora US) was right up my street.

The formula is creamy enough that it’s blendable but not too creamy and dewy that it doesn’t dry down and ends up looking a bit too shiny. In my opinion, they work best when blended out with your fingers using the heat of your fingertips to really melt into the skin creating a seamless look. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


The reason I love this product so much (aside from being a brill formula) is the same as all of the other products… it’s multipurpose! You can also use it on your eyes, which is super easy to blend out for a natural, sun-kissed look. This is definitely coming with me everywhere during the summer to hide the fact I avoid the sun like a vampire. 

My one downside on the bronzers is the shade range, there sadly isn’t a single shade for deep-dark skin tones, which for a brand that’s been around for a decade is disappointing. The same goes for the Tinted Liquid Foundation; there’s a definite lack of inclusion. For darker skin tones, I’d recommend looking at the foundation sticks for more shade availability. 


Tinted Blur Foundation Stick in Nude 2 and Nude 3

The Tinted Blur Foundation Sticks (£28 from Cult Beauty UK /$32 from Sephora US) are great if you aren’t a lover of a traditional liquid foundation formula. Just like all the others, they’re incredibly easy to use. You can either apply the stick directly to the skin, or use a fluffy brush to blend it out.

I’d say coverage is light to medium (if built up), which aligns with the Nudestix ethos of less is more. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


I fear these could end up looking a little cakey if too much is applied. I’d approach with a spot-treating technique; just apply it where you need a little extra coverage (typically the under eyes, cheeks and nose). Start with a little and build up from there because it’s always easier to add than take away product. 


Splashproof Vegan Waterproof Mascara

I’m picky when it comes to trying new mascaras because there are so many good ones out there. I was shocked how much I adored this the Splashproof Vegan Waterproof Mascara (£21.50 from Boots UK /$28 from Sephora US). So much so that I’ve been favouring it over the Burberry one in my makeup bag right now, which I love. 

I was surprised to learn that it was waterproof as I write this! It makes sense given the mascara doesn’t flake or smudge at all, despite wearing pretty dewy complexion products and eye creams (the usual culprit for mascara smudging). It was also as easy to remove as my other mascaras despite being waterproof — a huge bonus in my eyes (get it? Or shall I see myself out?)  


Image – Courtesy of writer


The takeaway

Nudestix is a great brand if you’re keen to master the no-makeup makeup look and have limited time on your hands to get ready in the morning.

Each formula feels lightweight and looks effortless, and can all be applied using a slapdash approach with your fingers. It’s definitely more of a dewy skin lover brand, I could have done with a touch of powder in some places of my face. The products are definitely on the pricer end but each have a multi-purpose element to them, which gives you more bang for your buck. 


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