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zoeva eyeliners

The Zoeva Eyeliners Giving Victoria Beckham’s Satin Kajal a Run for their Money

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Main Image – Courtesy of writer

A few months ago, I reviewed the Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliner. I loved it for its smooth, smudgeable application but it was far too soft and ran out quickly. Every time I used it, I’d have to sharpen it.

So when I was kindly sent some Zoeva Velvet Love Eyeliner Pencils (£16 on the Zoeva UK website/$16 on the Zoeva US website) to try (which come in very similar shades to the VB ones) I was keen to see if they’d make a good substitute.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a simple to apply smoky eye so the pressure was on for these liners. Here’s my honest review.


The product details

The pencils weigh 1.2g and come in 17 shades (some matte – ‘Perfect’ – and some shimmery ‘Metallic’). From blues to burgundies to browns, the shade selection is really varied. The ones I tested were two of the three newly launched shades – Metallic Taupe, a silvery-grey and Metallic Smoky Topaz, a browny-grey.

My eyes are blue and whilst I don’t 100% believe in choosing eye makeup for your specific eye colour (if you feel good in it, then it suits you!), I felt confident that these shades were a good fit for me.

The formula is a creamy, gel-like one which promises to glide on and not budge all day.


First impressions

I mean, an eyeliner is an eyeliner, right? They mostly all look the same so nothing surprised me when I opened the box. The only thing worth noting when it came to appearance was that the pencils aren’t double-ended and there is no smudger. But if you’ve got a small smudging brush at home already, this will do a fine job.

When I pulled off the pencils’ lids, I could instantly see the metallic shimmer on the nibs – lovely – and I tried a little on the back of my hand first to see how soft they were. “Oh yes,” I thought. “This is going to be fun.”

So I went for it, first with the Metallic Taupe shade. Usually, I’m quite measured with eyeliner but because this shade wasn’t overly harsh and I knew it would be flattering I wasn’t too worried. Sometimes I get a bit nervous too about ‘scribbling’ an eyeliner pencil on, as some can be quite sharp and can drag the skin. But not these – I could tell they were super soft and scribble-proof!


zoeva eyeliners

Metallic Taupe. Image – Courtesy of writer


I scribbled a line along my top lash line and a beautiful pigment appeared straight away. The pencil felt just like velvet (I could now see the reason for the name, Velvet Love) and it was so easy to apply and create whatever look I wanted with it.

So I continued scribbling away along my other top lash line. I used a smudging brush to blend it in a little and create a subtle smudged wing. Then, I applied some underneath my bottom lashes to create a shimmery smoky look. After blending again I stepped back to admire the view.

Wow, this pencil meant business. My eyes were perfectly defined and, quite frankly, they sparkled. This shade was perfect against my blue eyes and the pencil is so easy to apply, that I felt like I could do anything with it. It could even pass as an eyeshadow stick.

The other shade, Metallic Smoky Topaz (not a shade I would usually go for) but, as predicted, it looked really pretty when I tried it on later. The slight hint of pinky-mauve as my eyes caught the light was really effective and it opened my eyes (pun intended) to the possibility of trying out more purply shades.


zoeva eyeliners

Metallic Topaz. Image – Courtesy of writer


My eye-opening results

The thing I was pretty blown away with these eyeliners is that they really don’t budge unless you want them to. And isn’t that all you want from an eyeliner? Budge-proof and easy to apply?

At first, I was concerned that the formula made my eyes water but it turns out that only happened the first time – I think I had got a little over-excited with the scribbling and did it a little too hard, which you don’t need to do with these liners.

All the other times I’ve worn them, I haven’t experienced any irritation and I almost forget I’m wearing them (except when checking out my exquisite smoky eye in the mirror, of course).

The main thing for me though is that the liners are as soft as butter, but they don’t disintegrate with every application like the Victoria Beckham one does. I’ve been using the Zoeva ones for around a week now, pretty much every day, and I haven’t needed to sharpen them yet. The VB one needed sharpening every. Single. Day. Not very cost-effective.


zoeva eyeliners

Image – Courtesy of writer


What other users are saying

It seems I’m not the only one who has had success with these liners.

Rita F on the Zoeva website says, “really love this liner for a smoky eye, love how long it lasts and it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like using black eyeliner but still wants something dark and smoky. One of my faves.” I completely agree with this – the metallic shades are the perfect substitute for a harsh black or brown liner as they are slightly softer but still make a statement.

Dawn B says, “this pencil is beautiful and is so velvety. Glad I tried it and definitely will buy more.” Velvety is definitely the word!

There are mixed reviews too. Annette H says “not for me. Very harsh, severe! Cotton bud has to be used to tone it down.” The harshness, of course, depends on the shade you choose but I would say that if you’re applying it along your bottom water line, be careful not to embed it into your lashes too as this can make for a harsher finish (and it is harder to tone down or remove liner from your lash roots).

So if you’re looking for a more natural, less statement finish, press lightly with the pencil and avoid spreading it down into your lashes.


Overall value for money

This liner costs £16/$16 and the very similar Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal costs £30/$32. The Zoeva one does the same job as the VB one only lasts way longer so I think it’s a real bargain.

If you’re looking for VB style eye makeup – same smoothness, same finish – but don’t want to have to top it up within weeks, this is the ideal choice for you.


The takeaway

I feel like Zoeva has found the right balance between a velvety smooth pencil that’s comfortable to apply and a durable one that doesn’t need daily maintenance. And the shades are gorgeous too.

I love how they look but I also love how they last. Use them as a defining liner or go one step further and cover your whole lid with one. It’s up to you. The beautiful formula makes it easy to do both.


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