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What Colour Eyeshadows Will Make Your Blue Eyes Pop?

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Main Image – Liliya Rodnikova/Stocksy

Oh hey there, blue eyes! Looking for a guide on what eyeshadow shade suits your eye colour? Come on in!

As a blue-eyed girl myself, I always say that if you feel good in it, wear it – whether it’s ‘meant’ to suit blue eyes or not. But it can be handy to have a starting point, especially if you’re a beginner.

So here are my tips on which eyeshadow hues flatter blue eyes the most, whether you’re looking for a natural finish or you want to make more of a statement.


The best eyeshadow shades for a natural look for blue eyes

Want to look natural during the day? Or maybe you’re just not a huge makeup wearer whatever time of day it is, but still want a wash of colour.

Earthy tones like light browns, nudes, beiges and greys work well for either scenario, as well as pale pinks and peaches. You can also choose a pretty gold but to stay natural, make sure the texture isn’t too glittery or shimmery.


The best eyeshadow shades to make blue eyes pop

A copper, bronze or shimmery gold really helps to bring out blue eyes, especially when run underneath the bottom lash line too. This helps the colour to surround the blue of your eyes like a cocoon and make them stand out.

Other statement shades to try are smokey shades like chocolate browns and slate greys. Grey usually has hints of blue in it, so this really helps to make blue eyes pop.

Rose gold also makes a lovely statement on blue eyes, as well as jewel tones like amethyst and aqua. And if you’re feeling brave, a bright orange makes the perfect contrast with blue eyes.


Color eyeshadow palette with brush for day and evening eye makeup with matte and shimmer shadows blue eyes

Image – Marc Tran/Stocksy


4 top tips for applying eyeshadow

1. Always start by applying an eyeshadow primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion (£19.50 from Boots UK/$28 from the Urban Decay website) all over your eyelids. This will help your eyeshadow to stay on and make the pigment of your eyeshadow stronger.


2. Cream shadows are best applied using your finger, whilst I find it easier to apply a powder shadow using a ‘swishy’ brush. I like Real Techniques Blend and Define Dual Ended Makeup Brush (£7.99 on the Beauty Outlet website) as it has two ends, one to create a wash of colour and the other for a more chiselled finish. [PRO TIP] You can also dampen your eyeshadow brush to make the pigment of the powder bolder.


urban decay eyeshadows blue eyes

Image – Urban Decay


3. [PRO TIP] To add a bit more of a 3D finish to your eyeshadow look, apply your chosen wash of colour over your eyelid, then add a slightly darker shade in the upper crease. So, if I was wearing a beige colour all over my lid, I would choose a darker brown for the crease. Sweep it on using a brush in a windscreen wiper motion. Blend up and outwards slightly on the outer corner of your eye for more definition.


4. Always apply your mascara and eyeliner after your eyeshadow to get the most out of each product. Eyeshadow will just cover up your eyeliner if you apply eyeliner first. And if you apply mascara first, your longer, coated lashes will get in the way of applying your eyeshadow neatly.


The takeaway

If you think a certain eyeshadow shade looks good next to your blue eyes and you’re feeling confident, run with it and enjoy wearing it. But if you’re unsure about where to start, this guide might help you have an idea of which colour families to go for.

To look natural, think natural! Pale pinks, nudes and beige hues will flatter blue eyes the most during the daytime. And to make a statement, bronze and copper tones really help to bring out blue eyes, as well as purples and blues.

[PRO TIP] My absolute favourite eyeshadow shade for blue eyes, though, is rose gold. Team this hue with a black mascara and you’ve got yourself the chef’s kiss of eye makeup for blue eyes. Mwah!



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