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Enhance Your Green Eyes with Pro Eyeshadow Advice and Tips

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Main Image – Ángela Rober/Stocksy

Oh hey, green eyes! If you’ve been wanting to know how to highlight your most sought-after feature (probably), you’ve clicked onto the right place. 

Consider eyeshadow your new BFF! But which shades are the most flattering for green eyes? How do you create a natural look that suits them? And how do you make them positively pop? 

Our makeup experts Azesha Ramcharan and Ashley Gibson are here to explain how to accentuate emerald-toned eyes using eyeshadow. Whether it’s choosing beautiful soft pinks for daytime or matching your eye colour to your eyeshadow hue (yes, it’s a thing), here’s how to make everyone else green with envy. 


The best natural eyeshadow shades for green eyes

If you’re lucky enough to have green eyes, they pretty much speak for themselves, especially during the day. But if you want to give them a subtle lift, Gibson first recommends going for warm browns.

“Shades of warm brown, such as taupe or soft caramel, can beautifully contrast with green eyes, making them stand out,” she says. “These shades are perfect for a subtle, everyday look.”

She also says to look out for lighter beige and champagne shades. “For a very natural look, light champagne or beige shades, especially with a slight shimmer, can brighten the eye area and complement green eyes without looking too made up,” she explains.

[PRO TIP] Believe it or not, apparently peach and coral tones work well too. “These warm, soft shades can add a gentle pop of colour and bring out the green in your eyes without being too overpowering for daytime,” Gibson says. 

And finally, not forgetting soft pinks. “Light, muted pinks can give a fresh and awake look, perfect for daytime” she adds. “They provide a subtle contrast to green eyes, enhancing their natural colour.”


green eyes eyeshadow

Image – Newafrica/Adobe


The best eyeshadow shades to make green eyes pop

Whether you want to enhance your green eyes for evening time or you feel like making a statement during the day, Gibson says that your first port of call is golden and bronze tones.

“These can create a stunning effect against green eyes, especially in the sunlight,” she says. “They add warmth and can highlight the flecks in green eyes.”

Or if you like the idea of matching your shadow with your eye colour, why not go for green? “While it might seem counterintuitive, using eyeshadow shades similar to your eye colour can enhance them,” Gibson explains. 

“Olive and moss green shades, especially when they are matte or have a slight shimmer, can intensify the natural green of your eyes.”

I like it. Add a sheer olive liner to your water line and the look will pop even more!


Purple reign

This hue deserves its own celebration, mainly because it serves various purposes for green eyes. [PRO TIP] “Shades such as violet, plum and amethyst can make green eyes look brighter,” says Ramcharan

“Mauve and plum tones can create a beautiful contrast with green eyes,” adds Gibson. “Mauve is a soft option for daytime while plum can be used for a slightly more dramatic effect.”


5 tips for applying eyeshadow

  • Blend properly: “Blending well and avoiding using too much product is important when creating a natural daytime look,” says Gibson.
  • Mix and match: “You can also mix and match [natural] shades to create depth,” she continues.
  • Wear an eyeshadow primer:  Not only will an eyeshadow primer it help your eyeshadow stay on for longer but it will also intensify the pigment, too. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion (£21 on the Look Fantastic website/$27 on the Urban Decay US website) for its sheer brilliance at keeping creases at bay.
  • Add some depth: Apply two coats of mascara to tie your eye makeup look together. Or for evening time, find an eyeshadow shade darker than the one you’ve used on your lids and apply it like windscreen wipers in the crease of your eyes. This will add a new dimension to your finished look. You can also do a similar thing with the shade of your eyeliner and apply it either along your top lash line or in your bottom waterline. 
  • Use the right tools: Generally, it’s easier to apply a cream eyeshadow with your finger and a powder shadow with a brush. [PRO TIP] To intensify powder shadow further, dampen the brush a little first.


green eyes makeup eyeshadow

Image – Ángela Rober/Stocksy


The takeaway

There are so many eyeshadow shade options out there for you green-eyed goddesses, you’re almost spoilt for choice.

The key is to experiment with all the different shades in front of the mirror, in natural lighting. This will help you to find out which option best suits your skin tone and which one you enjoy wearing the most. 

Test out different textures too. A shimmer will give green eyes that extra bit of glamour, whilst a matte formula will keep things more neutral. 


Meet the experts

Ashley Nichole Gibson is a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist who owns Paraposh, which provides on-site makeup services. Specialising in bridal makeup, her experience also extends to training and education for cosmetic brands, conducting master classes at Ulta, and working as a makeup artist at QVC for beauty brands.


Azesha Ramcharan is a makeup artist based in NY’s Hudson Valley region. Clients have included NBC, The Juilliard School, Hessel Museum of Art, Craftsy, and VOZ.


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