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pixi hydrating milky mist moisturiser

Would You Swap Your Usual Moisturiser for a Mist Moisturiser?

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You’ve heard of hydrating face mists. These are hydrating skin waters used to top up hydration during the day. But have you ever tried a hydrating milk mist? This is a thicker moisturiser in the form of a spray.

Having heard a bit of a buzz around Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18 on the Boots UK website/$15 on the Pixi US website) recently, I wanted to know if it was just a gimmick or if I could actually use it as my everyday moisturiser. With the added bonus that I could also potentially use it to seamlessly top up on moisture during the day without disturbing my makeup.

My skin is primarily oily with a tendency to break out. I sometimes experience irritation along the tops of my cheekbone where certain products can cause irritation and burning but I knew that the ingredients in this would be unlikely to cause a flare-up.

Could you ditch your usual tube or pot of moisturiser in favour of a spray? Keep scrolling to see how I got on.


The product details

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist comes in a 160ml or 80ml bottle. It contains hyaluronic acid for moisture, black oat extract to treat inflammation (any kind of oat ingredient has always worked wonders for my skin) and B vitamin complex to strengthen the skin. Unfortunately, there is no SPF, a trick sadly missed and resulting in strike number one.

Because it doesn’t contain any really strong ingredients that could interfere with certain skin types though, it’s suitable for all, but those with sensitive skin should probably do a patch test before using it to be on the safe side.


pixi hydrating milky mist moisturiser

Image – Courtesy of writer


First impressions

I was instantly happy with the size of my 160ml bottle and felt confident going wild with my first spritz. I dislike feeling like I need to restrain myself with my skincare so a bigger size for me is always preferable.

The idea with this is that you can use it three ways – as your morning moisturiser, at night, or in between. I was keen to see if it worked for all three. My first time using it was the ‘in-between’. I was wearing a full face of makeup and needed a midday moisture top-up.

The packaging says to shake well, close your eyes and spray over your face and neck. It doesn’t say how far away to hold the nozzle so I did my usual 15ish cm trick.

The spray dispenser was working well so far – there is nothing worse than a spray taking forever to work and then only spitting out the product, rather than evenly misting it. This one was beautifully even and enjoyable to use.

I was pretty generous with it. I wanted to see if it moved my existing makeup – particularly my non-waterproof mascara – and if I would need to reapply any concealer afterwards.

The first thing you notice with a product like this is the smell. It isn’t fragrance-free, but it doesn’t overpower either. I can’t quite work out what the smell is if I’m completely honest but I know it’s inoffensive.

Standing back, I noticed my mascara had remained intact – good. My face didn’t look too wet or like I needed to rub the moisturiser in. It did look moisturised though, I liked the feeling of it, and the mist had evenly spread. There weren’t any huge drip marks here and small splatters there (a huge bugbear of mine with these spritzes).

My concealer needed a bit of a top-up but if I’m honest, it probably did anyway as it had been a warm day and I’d been out walking the dog. I applied a bit of extra concealer on some redness around my nose and it blended in well – not too greasy from the mist. I just couldn’t help feeling it was just a real shame that it didn’t contain SPF.


pixi hydrating milky mist moisturiser

Image – Courtesy of writer


My mixed results

I continued to use it that evening after cleansing and applying my serum. However, the pack does say that at nighttime it should be used as ‘the perfect first layer of moisture’ which implies that it isn’t quite heavy enough to be a night cream.

This is completely fair enough and I’m just pleased Pixi have been honest. Why pretend it’s something it’s not? Now we all know where we stand and can act accordingly.

So, I applied it first, followed by my night cream. It does beg the question though, especially for someone with oily skin like me – why bother with it at nighttime at all then if it’s just a ‘first layer’? But those with dry skin who apply it before their night cream might feel better knowing they’ve got that extra insurance policy. For oily old me though, applying it at night is pretty pointless.

The next morning though, I used it as my daytime moisturiser. It’s a lovely consistency, especially for my oily skin (not too greasy and not at all heavy) and I can really feel the difference going from cleansed skin to moisturised skin. I doused my skin in it and let it sink in naturally but you can use your hands to rub it in too if you’re short on time.

But I always come back to the usual bugbear – where is the SPF? Because as much as I would love to use it solely as my daytime moisturiser, I can’t because I’ve got to add another layer to protect my skin. Hmm.

Overall this is a really lovely formula for my skin. It’s super lightweight and mists on evenly and comfortably. I experienced no stinging, no irritation and no grease. Excellent.

However, because of my oily skin and the fact that this spray doesn’t contain SPF, I would probably only continue to use it as a midday hydration top-up, rather than in place of my usual moisturiser. My daytime moisturiser contains SPF 30 and my nighttime moisturiser is hydrating enough. Any more hydration on this skin overnight and I’ll be one big oil slick by morning.


What other users are saying

I wondered whether other people had noticed anything about it that perhaps I hadn’t, and there was one review that stuck in my mind. “I love the mist, but the packaging is a problem. The nozzle clogs after about 5 uses. Now it’s like I’m being sprayed with a hose. Really unfortunate,” says Bianca.

This was interesting to me as this is something I find the most irritating about facial sprays. I personally didn’t experience this and at the time of my review, I’d been using it for around a week. However, it’s worth noting that perhaps giving the nozzle a wipe after each use might help to stop this from happening. It’s something I always forget to do but it makes sense if you can remember.

Adesuwa has a good tip for making the spray even more enjoyable to use, “I love the way this spray smells! I keep it in my fridge and will spray it on my face whenever I think my face needs a little TLC.”

And Zahra S says, “I’ve been using this mist for about 2 weeks now and my skin feels super hydrated after applying.”


pixi hydrating milky mist moisturiser

Image – Courtesy of writer


Overall value for money

£16/$15 isn’t bad for a moisturiser. But then we need to remember that this might not be the only moisturiser you buy if your opinions are anything like mine. Depending on how generous you are with it though, it should last you a while.


The takeaway

The positives – featherlight formula, easy to use, beautifully hydrating without being too oily and it doesn’t smell overpowering or sickly.

The negatives – not thick enough or loaded with enough replenishing ingredients to use as your sole moisturiser overnight and… no SPF!

So although the positives are plentiful, I’m afraid I do have to say this product is a bit of a gimmick. I’ll continue to use it but I have to treat it as any other hydrating face mist that you can use happily in the middle of the day. All Pixi needs to do is re-formulate it with SPF and I might be persuaded to change my mind…


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