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Why I’m On the Fence About Victoria Beckham’s Satin Kajal Eyeliner

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Main image – @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram

Victoria Beckham – style icon, wife goals, Spice Girl.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered when she launched her makeup line.

I think my exact words were, “she’s Victoria Beckham, she could launch a selection of salamis and I’d buy the lot.”

As it turned out I couldn’t buy the lot, or any of her makeup collection actually. Because I’d have to sell all my worldly goods for the privilege. £40 for a highlighting stick, £56 for a bronzing palette and, sorry, £37 for a lip tint? I respectfully declined.

However, time went on and I was shown more and more tantalising reels and promoted posts on social media. “I could just get the eye pencil,” I thought, one pay day.  So, I made a beeline for her Satin Kajal Eyeliner

In the pictures it looked smooth, shimmery, amazing.  Surely £30 was worth the spend. After all, it had been developed by 1 fifth of my favourite childhood girl band for goodness sake, and wife of David Beckham no less. 

Eventually, it was pretty much out of my hands anyway thanks to one of those ‘discount with first purchase’ offers, which entice me in every time. So, I bit the bullet. One Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliner in Bronze was on its way. 


Image – @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram


First impressions

The boxed pencil arrived in a branded dust bag. “Great start”, I thought. If anything, at least now I could say I owned a Victoria Beckham clutch bag.

The pencil itself was a nice luxurious weight, not just a piece of plain wood that I’d just spent £30+ delivery on. There were two ends. One with the eyeliner itself and the other for smudging. 


Image – @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram


I tested some on the back of my hand and it glided on like a dream. I then used the smudger to see how that fared and it seemed to be quite brilliant.

The shade itself was pretty – not quite as dark bronze as I’d hoped but I could tell it would be flattering, nonetheless.


First wear

When I first applied it along my top lash line, I noticed how easily it glided on again. Zero scratching, zero snagging. Just an easy, smooth application that didn’t feel uncomfortable. 

Some eyeliner pencils are so pencil-like, with barely any colour pay off that it is just like applying an actual pencil to your eyes. Ouch. So, I’d prefer to call the VB one a crayon because this highlights its super-smoothness and smudginess.


Image – @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram


I drew the line all along one eye, then used the smudger to create a smokier, more ‘slept in’ finish. It worked beautifully and I was pleased with the results. The colour was growing on me too.

I did the same to my other eye and then decided to draw a line along my bottom water line too for a more defined look and to see what the shade looked like overall.

But just as I was finishing my second water line, I felt a slight scratch. Very slight, you understand. No injuries were experienced in the testing of this eyeliner. [Don’t @ me Beckham lawyers.]

I looked at the pencil and realised it was already blunt. Yes, after applying it just once to the top and bottom of each eye. The scratch had come from the jagged wood of the inner crayon because the pigment had already disintegrated. 

On the one hand, this was a testament to the softness of the crayon. But could it really need sharpening already?!


Staple makeup item

As time’s gone on, I’ve carried on using my eyeliner because I really do like it. I’m pleased with how it looks, it provides really flattering definition to my blue eyes without making my eye makeup look too heavy and it’s really easy to blend and smudge. 

But after every single use I have to sharpen the damn thing. Maybe I’m pressing too hard, or perhaps I’m using too much. But even so! Surely an eyeliner crayon should last a little longer than this, especially at the price.

Now, every time I sharpen it, a little piece of me dies. “There goes another 50p,” I think to myself. Because with every twist of the sharpener, it gets smaller and shorter. 

Sooner or later (but, let’s face it, probably sooner), it will be reduced down to a sad pile of shavings.

Image – @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram


The takeaway

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the softness of this crayon, it feels lovely to apply and the colour pay off is *chef’s kiss*. 

But whilst it lasts on my eyes and doesn’t transfer – a huge tick for any fellow eyeliner wearers – I need an eye crayon to have a little more longevity in my makeup bag to spend another £30 on it. 

In the name of girl power, solidarity and all things empowering VB, there must be a way of maintaining your Satin Kajal Eyeliner’s velvety smooth texture whilst still giving it a longer shelf life. Because the *only* thing this eyeliner is missing is the affordability factor.


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