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curtain bang hairstyles

59 *Awesome* Curtain Bangs Styles to Inspire You

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Main image – @brittsully/Instagram

Let’s face it; bangs are having something of a moment.

From J Lo to Kim K and even Margot Robbie’s (soon to be viral) Barbie bangs, the classic fringe cut is pretty much *everywhere*.

Universally flattering, there are literally bang styles to suit every face shape and hair type.  But if you’ve never cut your fringe before you may want a hand picking the right style for you.

Fear not because we’ve spoken to not one, but three experts in the field to get the goss on how to style your curtain bangs this summer, as well as adding in plenty of fringe inspo to help you pick the style for you!

Welcome, YouTube sensation Annagjid “Kee” Taylor, stylist and Schwarzkopf digital artist Brendnetta Ashley, AKA Instagram’s Edgybgirl, and celeb hairstylist Mario Solis!


59 Ultra-Flattering Curtain Bang Styles (Whatever Your Face Shape or Hair Type)

Image – LightfieldStudios/Adobe


How to style curtain bangs in 5 easy steps

The good news is, “bangs are a quick way to totally transform your look. The best way to determine which bangs suit your face type is to first determine your face shape,” Brendnetta tells us.

Determining the shape of your face is super important, “since bangs have the ability to accentuate your facial features, considering hairlines and face shape is important in order to customise the style to work for your specific hair type,” Annagjid adds.

So, ready to rock those fringe-tastic vibes? Look no further, here are the 5 amazingly easy steps to style your curtain bangs regardless of the texture of your hair and the shape of your oh-so-lovely face!

  1. Start with clean, dry bangs
  2. Apply a small amount of styling product, like a styling cream or gel, to your fingertips
  3. Use your fingertips to shape and mould your bangs into your desired style
  4. Use a flat iron or a round brush and blow dryer to further define and style your bangs
  5. Finish with a light hairspray to hold the style in place throughout the day

Annagjid tells us her secrets to styling clients’ bangs: “I just blow out the curtain bangs with a blow dryer, then curl them facing away from the face. I part on each side and blow them out a bit more to set it.

“For curlier hair types I like to style with a light hold gel or serum to define the curls and part in the middle. If you are looking to create angles around your face, I recommend side-swept bangs which help add dimension and is trending again in 2023.”




The 5 main types of curtain bangs

Ok, so now you know how to style them.  But before we get into the inspo, let’s take a look at the 5 main types of curtain bangs and how they could work for your face shape.


1. Swoopy Side Bangs

Great for heart-shaped or oval faces, embrace a classic side parting and sweep your bangs to one side. Use a round brush while blow-drying to add volume and a subtle curve. The result? A flirty and glamorous look that will make heads turn!

2. Effortless Tousle Bangs

If you have a square or round-shaped face, try a relaxed and tousled-style curtain bang. Spritz a texturising spray onto your damp bangs and gently scrunch them with your fingertips as they air dry. This carefree vibe will soften your features and give you that effortless appeal a la Stevie Nicks (major, MAJOR girl crush.)

Brendnetta tells us that the “key things to consider are that short wispy bangs are a great way to soften a sharp jawline. Whereas, a strong side bang is perfect to create a slender look to a rounder face. Curtain bangs are the universal bang for all face types,” – FAB!

3. The Curly Whirly Bangs

Round or square faces can really rock the curly curtain bang. Grab a curling iron with a medium-sized barrel and create loose, bouncy curls on your bangs. Gently tousle them with your fingers to separate the curls for a whimsical vibe like Sandra Oh.

Curtain bangs are “coming back once again and are great for clients that love to style and curl their hair because they fall back so nicely and really give the client a beautiful face frame,” Mario tells LTG HQ. So, you’ve heard it from the expert – Bangs are still, well, bangin’!

4. Sleek and Polished Bangs

Oval or rectangular-shaped face? Opt for a sleek and polished approach like Ariana Grande. Straighten your bangs using a flat iron until they blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. Apply a small amount of hair serum to add shine and keep those frizzies at bay. Hello, sophistication

5. Retro Glam Bangs

Who doesn’t love a bit of retro glam? No matter your face shape, you can achieve a vintage-inspired look. Part your bangs in the middle, and using a small round brush, blow-dry them inward to create a soft, face-framing curve.


Onto the inspiration!


59 curtain bang styles to flatter every face shape and hair type


Short hair curtain bang styles

1. Pixie-cut with curtain bangs

Despite loads of us having a bit of a love-hate relationship with bangs (did anyone else’s mum use a bowl to cut their fringe in the 90s?!) Curtain bangs suit every shape face and hair type – whether you are going for Kim K’s latest 90s cut with wispy bangs, or Zooey Deshchanel’s classic full-on fringe, braving the bangs cut is a really easy switch-up without having to chop off the length of your hair or cause any damage with colouring – perfect!

These curtain bangs with a pixie cut are super cute and show just how versatile this cut can be.

pixie with bangs

Image – @waxxamsterdam/Instagram


2. Short layered hair with curtain bangs

How cute is this shaggy, wavy, wispy short hair with sweeping curtain bangs?!

curtain bang hairstyles

Image – @trendfrisuren1/Instagram


3. Short bob with curtain bangs

A sort of 60s mod style, this sleek short cut with blunt curtain bangs is, well, BANG on trend (pun intended.)

curtain bang hairstyle ideas

Image – @yuya__hair/Instagram


4. Long bob (lob) with curtain bangs

Here she is, the epitome of the long bob with curtain bangs cool – it’s, of course, Alexa Chung.

I mean, she’s just cool in general though, isn’t she?!

long bob with curtain bangs

Image – @alexachung/Instagram


Long hair curtain bangs styles

5. Long straight hair with curtain bangs

These delicate curtain bangs look *perfect* with some highlights and long, face-framing layers.

curtain bang hairstyle ideas

Image – @jeanclaudeelmoughayar/Instagram


6. Long wavy hair with curtain bangs

You’ll probably be surprised to find out that Jennifer Lopez is actually known for wearing clip-in bangs! That’s right, you don’t even need to get the chop to be bang on this trend.

jennifer lopez curtain bangs

Image – @jenniferlopez/Instagram


7. Long curly hair with curtain bangs

Naturally curly hair? No problem. Brednettna told us that “If we are going for a curly look, always begin with the fringe damp so it can absorb the product better. Then apply OSIS+ Topped Up. It’s a curl mousse that will give you control and shine, while still having movement.”

curtain bang hairstyle ideas curly hair long

Image – @bwatuwant/Instagram


8. Long blonde hair curtain bangs

This Farah Fawcett-esque cut harks back to the 70s when shag cuts (and rugs!) reigned supreme. Use your straighteners to flick the ends out slightly to really complete the look.

shaggy hair curtain bangs blonde 70s

Image – @hairbymickk/Instagram


Wavy hair curtain bang styles

9. Wavy hair with curtain bangs

We are seriously loving this long, tousled wavy hair with curtain bangs. To get this look, “just blow out the curtain bangs with a blow dryer, then curl them facing away from the face. I part on each side and blow them out a bit more to set it,” celeb stylist Annagjid advises.

If you do find that you bangs end up being a little shorter than you hoped though and you’re finding them tough to style, here’s how quickly they will grow out.

wavy hair curtain bangs hairstyle

Image – @alsalhair/Instagram


10. Short wavy hair with curtain bangs

A short, shoulder-length haircut with curtain bangs is the perfect model-off-duty look.

wavy hair curtain bangs

Image – @hirohair/Instagram


11. Mid-length wavy hair with curtain bangs

We get it, that in-between phase when your hair isn’t quite long but isn’t *quite* as short as when you first got the chop can be quite annoying. But add a curtain bang, and your hair will feel much less ‘neither here nor there’.

curtain bang hairstyle ideas curly hair mid-length

Image – @hirohair/Instagram


12. Wavy hair with sweeping curtain bangs

Barbiecore is EVERYWHERE right now, and Margot Robbie is seriously rocking the look. Want more Barbie inspiration? Check out our 59 Barbie Nail Design Ideas to *Sparkle* This Summer!

barbie barbiecore curtain bangs margot robbie

Image – @margotrobie.0ficial/Instagram


Straight hair curtain bangs

13. Straight hair with curtain bangs and flipped layers

Very Brigitte Bardot-esque, this gorgeous look has been bang on trend lately – channel your inner Anna Nicole Smith or Pammy Anderson (*swoon*) with this choppy cut with flipped layers.

straight hair curtain bangs layers

Image – @canozermann/Instagram


14. Short straight hair with curtain bangs

This blunt short bob looks slightly softer with some wispy curtain bangs added. The flicks on the end look perfect and are easily achieved by using your flat iron at an angle.

short straight hair curtain bangs

Image – @yukistylist/Instagram


15. Mid-length straight hair with curtain bangs

This mid-length cut with curtain bangs is giving us *serious* Nicole Richie vibes. Don’t worry, we will get to the queen on The Simple Life soon!

mid-length hair curtain bangs straight

Image – @nunzio_nyc1/Instagram


16. Long straight hair with curtain bangs

Kim K can *literally* do no wrong at the moment. The SKIMS mogul and all-round reality TV and social media personality (not to mention that she’s now a lawyer), looked incredible with long straight hair and sweeping curtain bangs at the 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

long hair curtain bangs

Image – @dolceandgabbana/Instagram


Curly hair curtain bang styles

17. Smooth curly hair with curtain bangs

Brendnetta achieves a smooth blow-out on curly hair like the style below by starting “in the fringe area first. The moisture in the hair with make smoothing curls out much easier.”

smooth curly hair curtain bangs

Image – @magdelinembaye/Instagram


18. Short curly hair with curtain bangs

A short and tapered curly cut with curtain bangs blends the naturally occurring baby hair with the rest of her haircut, leaving an irresistible bounce and tons of body.

short curly curtain bangs

Image – @romeufelipe/Instagram


19. Mid-length curly hair with curtain bangs

The mid-length shag with curtain bangs looks *insane* on curly hair, creating loads of texture and a soft finish.

curly hair bangs style hairstyle

Image – @hirohair/Instagram


20. Wild curly hair with curtain bangs

This style is super feminine and soft. Tousle some of your curls away from your face and leave the rest wild for a gorgeous and effortless look.

wild curly curtain bangs

Image – @salsalhair/Instagram


Middle-part curtain bangs

21. Short hair with middle-part curtain bangs

This cut is SO classic and super chic. Use a smoothing serum or product to create shine and use your flat iron to create a slick flick in your bangs.

short hair curtain bangs

Image – @thatguyreno/Instagram


22. Mid-length hair with middle-part curtain bangs

We can’t talk about curtain bangs without mentioning the *iconic* Brigitte Bardot and her ‘Bardot bangs.’ Keep it shorter at the front and longer at the temples for this effortless 60s look. Obsessed.

curtain bang hairstyles

Image – @brigitte_bardot34/Instagram


23. Soft waves middle-part with curtain bangs

Get romantic with tumbling waves and soft curtain bangs that blend into the rest of your hair.

soft waves curtain bangs

Image – @giuliadenicola_hair/Instagram


24. Long curtain bangs with middle-part

Hilary Duff has been sporting bangs since forever – remember the Lizzie McGuire show?! Well, she’s all grown up now and opts for longer curtain bangs that sweep to the sides of her face.

curtain bang hairstyles

Image – @hilaryduff/Instagram


Thick hair curtain bang styles

25. Thick hair with curtain bangs

Princess of Paris and queen of the curtain bang, Lily Collins’ cut is a total vibe for summer.

long hair curtain bangs

Image – @lilyjcollins/Instagram


26. Thick hair with wispy curtain bangs

She’s tried almost *every* take on the bangs trend over the years, from thick and full to long and sweeping. Most recently, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer has been seen sporting a wispy fringe that falls just below her eyebrows.

bang haircut ideas 2023 long bangs

Image – @taylorswift/Instagram


27. Thick hair with full curtain bangs

Jamila Jameel is pretty well-known for her glossy full and thick curtain bangs (not to mention her role in The Good Place and the AMAZING work she is doing for body positivity through I Weigh.)

full curtain bangs

Image – @jameelajamil/Instagram


28. Thick hair with overgrown curtain bangs

Overgrown curtain bangs will never go out of style, they’re really versatile and look great on any face shape.

long curtain bangs hairstyle

Image – @haileybieber/Instagram


Fine hair curtain bang styles

29. Wolf cut fine hair with curtain bangs

The shag cut, also known as the butterfly cut or wolf cut, has been having a bit of a moment this year and we are *so* here for it. Mario told us that “Wolf cuts or butterfly cuts have a lot of texture and movement, also a lot of face-framing that allows the bangs to fall nicely without it looking to disconnect, this look may require a little more attention but can also look great messy.” Perfect for low-maintenance gals.

wolf cut with curtain bangs 2023 hair

Image – @billieeilish/Instagram


30. Fine hair with micro curtain bangs

This cut reminds us a bit of our ‘scene’ days of short layers, backcombing, and dying our hair every colour of the rainbow!

micro curtain bangs

Image – @salsalhair/Instagram


31. Short hair with short curtain bangs

luzlands on Instagram had long locks until she went for this short crop with short sweeping bangs and, to be honest, it looks *amazing*. Don’t be afraid of those scissors, gals!

short hair short bangs haircut hairstyle fringe

Image – @luzlands/Instagram


Curtain bang styles for round face shapes

32. Wispy curtain bangs for round face shapes

Curtain bangs look great on every face shape, but those with round faces should opt for softer bangs that draw the eyes to the cheeks, giving the mirage of defined cheekbones.

wispy bangs round face curtain bangs

Image – @christopherluis_vivid/Instagram


33. Soft curtain bangs for round face shapes

Social media went CRAZY when actress, singer and all-round nice gal Selena Gomez posted this image on her Insta, using the caption “New hair who dis?” We. Are. Still. Obsessed. with this softer take on the trend.

selena gomez round face bangs

Image – @selenagomez/Instagram


34. The modern mullet with curtain bangs

Business in the front, party in the back, as they say! Forget the outdated look we imagine when someone mentions the word ‘mullet’, this cool and modern take on the cut is great for round faces – and we love the fun pop of colour in this look!

curtain bangs mullet modern haircut

Image – @pinkdagger/Instagram


35. See-through curtain bangs for round face shapes

This layered cut with see-through bangs will frame and soften the cheekbones and create a more flattering silhouette. As your stylist for choppy layers around the front and longer layers through the back.

curtain bangs round face shapes

Image – @taylorjeanaehair/Instagram


36. Textured curtain bangs for round face shapes

Messy textured bangs will add structure to a round face, creating a lighter feel and balancing out the shape.

textured bangs round face fringe

Image – @gunnyhastings/Instagram


Curtain bang styles for oval faces

37. Baby bangs for oval faces

A curtain bang will balance out an oval face, but it’s important to tailor the fringe length to your forehead length. Longer layers can balance a longer forehead, while a shorter bang can elongate a shorter forehead.

curtain bangs baby bangs hair

Image – @emawatson.only/Instagram


38. Long bangs for oval faces

Once the lesser-known of the Olsen clan, Elizabeth Olsen has been EVERYWHERE lately – and for good reason. The actress and Marvel star can take on *literally* any haircut, but we especially love her super soft long bangs.

long curtain bangs

Image – @elizabetholsendaily/Instagram


39. Medium bangs for oval faces

Medium bangs are *slightly* longer than micro bangs but shouldn’t hit your brows. The style works great on curly hair types and curly bangs like Bella Hidid’s below (although, we have to say we do prefer her hair darker!)

curtain bangs oval face 2023

Image – @bellahadid/Instagram


40. Side swept bangs for oval faces

Sweep your bangs to one side for a look like Dua Lipa.

oval face shape bangs curtain bangs trend

Image – @dualipa/Instagram


41. Bottleneck bangs for oval faces

Little miss spooky, Jenna Ortega, looks amazing with these bottleneck bangs to rival Wednesday Adaams. What the *heck* are bottleneck bangs we hear you ask – according to Wella “Bottleneck bangs are a blend between a full fringe and a grown-out fringe, with the shorter, fuller bangs falling in the centre.”

curtain bangs hairstyles

Image – @jennaortega/Instagram


Curtain bang styles for square faces

42. Sweeping bangs for square faces

Nicole Richie has been setting trends since appearing in cult reality TV series The Simple Life with Paris Hilton – “loves it!”

long bangs bang hairstyles

Image – @nicoleriche/Instagram


43. French bob with full fringe for square faces

The key for this cut is texture, texture, texture! The French bob is usually cut at chin length or shorter, and still looks good as it’s growing out – bonus!

french bob square faces curtain bangs full bangs

Image – @bescene/Instagram


44. Effortless curtain bangs with ombre

Ombre is the *perfect* low-maintenance choice, giving depth and dimension to square face shapes. Ask your stylist for some long sweeping bangs, making sure they fall around your eyebrows.

ombre hair curtain bangs square face shape

Image – @nothingobvious/Instagram


45. Separated bangs for square faces

Kylie Jenner’s lash-skimming bangs are an ultra-modern take on the separated bangs.

bangs for square faces kylie jenner curtain bangs

Image – @jesushair/Instagram


46. Choppy curtain bangs for square faces

Choppy bangs that are slightly longer at the sides are a super versatile option for those of us with a square shape face.

choppy curtain bangs square faces

Image – @brianaguilarhair/Instagram


Curtain bang styles for long-face shapes

47. Short bob with sleek curtain bangs

Harking back to her Glee days, Lea Michele recently declared on TikTok that “the bangs are back!” and we are SO here for it.

curtain bangs ideas hairstyles lea michele

Image – @leamichele/Instagram


48. A-shaped bangs for long faces

What are A-shaped bangs, we hear you ask. A-Shaped bangs are like curtains for your face! They part near the centre or just off the centre of your forehead and are angled away from the face.

curtain bangs

Image – @alisontoby/Instagram


49. The Daisy Fringe for long faces

Very aptly named, the Daisy fringe blends seamlessly into the rest of your hair for a much softer look. Perfect for long faces, like the gorge Daisy Edgar Jones.

curtain bangs daisy edgar jones

Image – @daisyedgarjones/Instagram


50. Grown-out bangs for long faces

Grown-out bangs suit *every* face shape but, for those with a long face, these type of curtain bangs will make your face appear shorter.

gown out bangs curtain bangs

Image – @salsalhair/Instagram


51. Birkin bangs for long faces

Inspired by Jane Birkin’s go-to fringe, this bang lands firmly between “blunt” and “wispy”.

curtain bangs fringe jane birkin

Image – @janebirkindaily/Instagram


Bang styles for heart face shapes

52. Blunt bangs for heart faces

Reese Witherspoon is *officially* back in her bangs era after posting on Insta with her new locks! She posted this image just last month, featuring some blunt bangs that blend into the rest of her hair – “The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would’ve known.”

reese witherspoon bangs

Image – @reesewitherspoon/Instagram


53. Long textured bangs for heart faces

Bangs are actually the go-to cut for those with a heart-shaped face, filling in the extra space on the forehead and balancing the width of the face.

long textured bangs

Image – @sarabotsfordhair/Instagram


54. Choppy curtain bangs for heart faces

Those of us with heart-shaped faces will want to avoid a blunt cut. Ask your stylist for choppy curtain bangs and loads of layers to recreate this look!

choppy bangs curtain bangs heart face

Image – @thebangsbabe/Instagram


55. Long side swept bangs for heart faces

We’ve been *slightly* obsessed with Emma Stone since The Help (oh, and Pineapple Express!), and she’s tried tons of bang styles – from full fringes to long sweeping bangs. This bob cut with long side swept bangs looks incredible with her fiery red hair!

emma stone long bangs curtain bangs

Image – @_emmastoneofficial_/Instagram


56. Thin face-framing curtain bangs for heart faces

This cut is ultra-flattering on most face shapes but especially so for heart-shaped faces, which are wider at the top and draw to a point at the chin.

face framing bangs curtain bangs

Image – @brendakamt/Instagram


Bang styles for diamond face shapes

57. Halle Berry

The *stunning* Halle Berry has had a LOT of hairstyles over the years, and plenty of different bang styles! These gorgeous choppy bangs look seriously soft and feminine and are the perfect shape for her diamond face. Also, how cool is this photo?! Obsessed.

halle berry bangs curtain bangs

Image – @halleberry/Instagram


58. 70s bangs for diamond faces

Brednetta told us that “If we are going for a smooth blown-out look, begin with damp hair. Spray into the hair BLONDME Wonder Glaze Mist. It’s a great product to add shine while smoothing out the hair plus it is a heat protectant.”

70s bangs brigitte bardot

Image – @thebangsbabe/Instagram


59. Slightly off-centre curtain bangs for diamond faces

This effortless look means you don’t even have to worry about getting your parting right in the mornings! Curtain bangs will balance a diamond-faced silhouette by elongating the face and widening the forehead.

curtain bang hairstyles

Image – @brittsully/Instagram


The takeaway

The takeaway? Well, curtain bangs look great on any face shape, any hair length, and any hair texture. All you need to do is decide the best shape for you!

So what are you waiting for? To the salon!


Meet the experts

Annagjid “Kee” Taylor is a celebrity hairstylist, a hair YouTube creator with 1.3M+ subscribers, and salon owner at Deeper Than Hair.


Mario Solis is a celebrity hairstylist, entrepreneur and Bellami educator, providing precise hair-cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind colour applications, and all forms of hair extensions.


Brendnetta Ashley, AKA Instagram’s Edgybgirl, is a stylist and Schwarzkopf digital artist.






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