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We’ve Put Together Your Complete Dry Skin Routine (and it Costs Less Than a Night out)

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At certain times of the year, our skin can react to extreme temperature changes. One minute you can you be outside in the freezing cold and the next, in a centrally heated house. Cue: confused skin that’s drier than the desert. 

But dry skin doesn’t just happen because of changes in the weather, it’s an actual skin type too. Meaning that for some, it can feel flaky, look dull and lack radiance whatever the weather.

Don’t panic though, because there’s a skincare routine for that. And in this handy list collated by the Live That Glow team, you’ll find some affordable products that make up a pretty decent dry skin regime (even if we do say so ourselves.)

We know a good product for dry skin when we see one and hey, sharing is caring. So keep scrolling, pick and choose the ones from each category that sound right for you.

Consider this you pick n mix guide to creating a skincare regime that treats and soothes your dry skin (and budget) before you know it.  The best bit?  The whole routine will cost you less than a typical night out.


How to know if you have dry skin

First up though, how do you actually know if you have dry skin?

The best way to identify your skin type is after a thorough cleanse. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, don’t put any other skincare products on and see how your skin feels, bare, after 30 minutes.

If it feels irritated or looks red and aggravated then it’s likely to be sensitive. If you have an oily t-zone, it’s oil-prone. And if it feels tight and is giving you the urge to slather it in oils and creams, then it’s dry.

Other ways you can tell if you have dry skin are if it is prone to flaking, it’s itchy or it feels rough to the touch.


The best cleansers for dry skin

Image – The Inkey List


Sally Underwood, Editor in Chief: My all-time favourite affordable cleanser for when my skin is particularly dry or sensitive is The Inkey List’s Oat Cleansing Balm (£11.99 from The Inkey List UK /$13 from Sephora US).

Not only is this oil-based cleanser ridiculously effective at removing makeup and SPF, but the oat here is really soothing for irritated skin. 

The best bit?  This doubles as a face mask too making it even more of a bargain.  If I want an extra boost of moisture, I just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes after an initial cleanse.


Philippa Pearne, Beauty Editor: Back in my dry skin days (it’s oily now – hello hormone changes!) I used cleansing oils and balms to relieve and hydrate my skin.

My favourite oil was Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (£12 from Boots UK / $7.80 from Feel Unique US) which lifted makeup off beautifully without my skin feeling stripped of anything else. 

I still use it when my skin is feeling dehydrated during the summer or particularly after I’ve been swimming. 


The best toners for dry skin

Image – Bybi


Sally: Vegan, affordable brand Bybi do some amazing products and their Mega Mist Hydrating Vegan Facial Toner Spray (from £12 from Bybi UK /from $10 from Bybi US) is soothing, hydrating, and adds a lovely glow.  I like this either spritzed over my whole face or onto a cotton pad before I swipe over my skin.


Philippa: Ok, Ren Skincare Radiance Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic isn’t the cheapest from £17 from Cult Beauty UK /$22 from REN US but it’s definitely very effective.

I don’t normally like using toners on dry skin because the ones I’ve tried tend to feel too stripping. This one is the only toner I feel actually moisturises my skin and makes it feel comfortable afterwards. Containing lactic acid for gentle exfoliation and salicin to unblock pores, it leaves a noticeable glow too.


 The best moisturisers for dry skin

Image – Fourth Ray Beauty


Tori Crowther, Contributing Beauty Editor: If I’m in the mood for something a little lighter, or for underneath makeup, I opt for Q+A’s Ceramide Barrier Defence Face Cream (£12 from Q+A Skin UK /$14.40 from Feel Unique US).

You can trust this brand to deliver exactly as promised and this is no different. It’ll boost the skin barrier (relieving dry, irritated skin), deeply hydrate the skin and never clog pores. It’s fragrance- and alcohol-free (ideal if you’re on the sensitive side), as well as being cruelty-free and vegan so I find it works for a lot of people. 


Sally: Affordable skincare brand Fourth Ray Beauty does a great line of ‘face milks’, which are these beautiful, lightweight moisturisers, each packed with loads of plant-based ingredients and designed to tackle a particular issue. 

The Watermelon Face Milk ($14 from Colourpop with worldwide shipping available) is the perfect lightweight moisturiser for my skin in the summer months, while the Oat Face Milk ($14 from Colourpop) is a more nourishing and soothing alternative during autumn or spring when my skin isn’t at its driest.

For really dry skin types though, these face milks will probably be better used as a serum and layered under a moisturiser.


Laura Kemp, Senior Beauty Editor: I use the Tropic Tamanu Balm All-In-One Skin Saviour (from £16 from Tropic UK with global shipping available) on my dry patches. It melts into skin without being sticky and it’s also great for reducing inflammation when I have a breakout. I also get dry patches in between my fingers, on my elbows and on my knees and I use Tamanu Balm on these too. 


The best serums for dry skin

Image – Fourth Ray Beauty


Sally: One of my favourite affordable brands is Fourth Ray Beauty for its straightforward yet effective formulas in packaging that’s still fun to use.  Their Avocado + Aloe Double Shot ($14 from Colourpop with global shipping available) is an antioxidant-rich soothing serum for anyone looking to add an extra shot of hydration to their routine


Philippa: Back in my dry skin days there was only one serum that really hit the spot for me. It was La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Serum (£33 from La Roche Posay UK /$39.99 from La Roche Posay US) and it really was the holy grail of my skincare regime.

It didn’t matter what else I was using, this did my dry skin the world of good. It has quite a strong smell – although I didn’t mind, some people do but my goodness, the hydration! It’s not the cheapest on the list but a little goes a very long way, so it’s lasts for a while. 

Another favourite of mine was The Inkey List Niacinamide Serum (£7.99 from Boots UK /$10 from The Inkey List US) which hydrates beautifully when paired with a good moisturiser. When not used with a moisturiser it doubles up as a really good makeup primer and it’s not too slippery.


The best face masks for dry skin

Image – The Inkey List


Sally: For an instant soothing hit of moisture when my skin is particularly irritated, I like The Inkey List’s Madecassoside Mask.  At just £11.99 (from The Inkey List UK), this mask has a mixture of nourishing ingredients in a cream-gel like mask which absorbs easily for quick results.  


Philippa: I always think an overnight face mask is a better option than a wash off, especially for dry skin. It just ensures you’re getting as much moisture into the skin as possible while you sleep and the skin regenerates.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Face Mask (£28 from Feel Unique UK /$35 from Sephora US) feels like a tall drink of water for parched skin. My skin feels smooth, plumped and healthier the morning after.


Laura: Instead of a mask, I use The Ordinary’s 100% Argan Oil (£7.40 from The Ordinary UK /$7.80 from The Ordinary US) when my skin is very dry, usually applying it at night so it can get to work while I sleep! This really helps with any flaky patches and I also like to use it (very sparingly) on the ends of my hair when it feels dry and damaged. 


The best sunscreens for dry skin

Image – Vichy


Sally: There aren’t always tons of great affordable SPFs around for dry skin in my experience but the best ones I’ve found have always been pharmacy brands; including anything from Avene or La Roche Posay. Try Avene Very High Protection Fluid SPF 50+ Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin (£21 from Boots UK /) which is ultra-soothing for both dry and sensitive skin.


Laura: Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Sun Cream SPF 50+ Face SPF (£15.79 from Amazon UK) contains hyaluronic acid and it really does feel velvety when you apply it!

In the States, Vichy’s Capital Soleil Ultra Light Sunscreen SPF 50 (from $25.50 from Vichy US) is formulated for dry, sensitive skin.


Philippa: My skin feels particularly drier in the summer so I turn to more hydrating formulas, despite having naturally oily skin.

The one that hydrates my skin without making it feel too overloaded is Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer (£15 for members from Beauty Pie UK).  In the US, the company offers the very similar Traceless UVA/UVB SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen + Primer ($22 for members from Beauty Pie US)


The takeaway

The cheapest products in each of the above categories add up to an entire regime costing £52.33. I’d say that was a pretty good price for a whole beauty editor-approved routine.

So you see, having dry skin doesn’t have to cost you. There are plenty of products that work to soothe and treat it whilst not breaking the bank.


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