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nars concealer review

The Cult Nars Concealer This Beauty Editor Thinks Everyone Should Know About

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Main Image – Nars

I first stumbled across Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (£27 on the Nars UK website/$32 on the Nars US website) in around 2010. I was rummaging through the beauty cupboard at Glamour (where I worked) and had been looking for something else entirely.

Back then, my skin type was dry and in need of a serious glow but I didn’t have anything in particular to conceal. No breakouts, no undereye circles and certainly no lines. I probably thought I did at the time but at age 28, apart from a little redness, I didn’t have much to complain about.

But everyone needs a boost, right? And a concealer is one of those products that can instantly lift your confidence, whether you use it to cover up a breakout or you just want your skin to look more even, brighter and radiant.

And speaking of ‘radiant’, this is the word on the packaging that stood out when I saw it buried underneath all the other makeup items in that beauty cupboard. Because who doesn’t like their skin to look radiant? Combine it with even, flawless skin and it’s a no-brainer.

So, here’s why the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is still, to this day, the best concealer I have ever tried and why it still works for my ever-changing skin type 14 years later.


The product details

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer looks like a pretty bog-standard concealer. Housed in a long, rectangular, plastic tube, the lid is black which, when you unscrew it, pulls out a doe foot applicator much like a lip gloss.

The full-sized product is 6ml but there is a travel size available which is 1.4ml and costs (£15/$15). I have used both and don’t feel £15 is worth what you get with the travel-sized product so I stick to the full size.

There are a whopping 30 shades available – hallelujah – and contains what Nars call a ‘multi-purpose’ formula which apparently helps to brighten, correct and perfect. It contains hydrating ingredients like grape seed extract and antioxidants like vitamin E. Basically, it has lots of lovely goodness for the skin.

It promises 16-hour wear as well as a crease-resistant formula making it a good choice for the undereye area where fine lines are usually more prominent. Its radiance comes from light-diffusing technology. All these benefits suit those needing a brighter, blurred complexion and/or those who experience things like redness or undereye circles.


nars concealer review

Image – Nars


First impressions

As I pulled out the aforementioned applicator, I liked how ‘loaded’ with product it was. Sometimes products can be a bit stingy and you have to keep dipping back in for more which only adds more air to the formula and dries it out.

When applying concealer, I always aim for my undereye area first and then move on to around my nose as I experience redness there. As soon as I applied the concealer, I instantly noticed how smooth and creamy it was. It didn’t look too heavy or too sheer, it had just the right balance of coverage.

And most importantly, it blended beautifully – seamlessly in fact! I had obviously chosen the correct shade for my skin (Custard) but the texture melted into my skin and my eye area looked brighter and more awake.

I remember how impressed I was because I instantly wanted to slather it over my entire face and wear it as a foundation. Yup, that’s me – so dramatic!


My game-changing results

My overriding feeling about this concealer is that it does the job it’s asked to do but with added class.

It doesn’t clog or sit in fine lines, it smoothes them over. It doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing lots of concealer but the bits you want gone are well and truly hidden.

My skin looks brighter, smoother and more even when I’ve applied it, and the creaminess is second to none. It feels as soft as butter (minus the grease).

Let’s also have a moment for the radiance. It’s not shimmery radiance. It’s bright, light-bulb-skin type radiance. As if someone has packaged up 12 hours of sleep and a big cup of coffee in one hand-tied concealer. Creamy and radiant. They certainly got the name right.

It has seen me through countless hormonal-related skin changes too. Whether I’ve got dry, dull skin circa 2010 (late twenties/early thirties, pre-pregnancy) oily, breakout-prone skin circa now (early forties, 3 rollercoaster pregnancies later) or skin that’s somewhere in between (approaching my period/stressed/hungover), the formula is so balanced that it always works for my skin, whatever it’s going through.

That is what makes it so special. Because, based on my experience, I actually don’t think there is a single skin type this concealer wouldn’t suit. Sensitive skin types should always err on the side of caution of course, whatever the product, but if yours is dry, combination, oily or normal this concealer should work for you.

Make sure you use the right shade (the one for you will blend seamlessly into your skin so that it looks like you’re not wearing anything) and apply it either with a brush or dab it on with your fingers. I like to use a concealer brush simply because I hate the thought of wasting any on my hands. Because after all, this is precious nectar.


What other users are saying

The positive reviews seem to outweigh the bad for this concealer but most of the negative comments I’ve seen are about how you should definitely try before you buy. This is really good advice. One person’s life-changing product could be another’s disappointment so if you can, go to a shop and test the formula on your hand first.

“The minis were expensive for the size I got. The concealer is OK but I’ve used other products not as expensive that do the same job. I’d say this concealer is better for younger skin,” says ShaunaNicoleBeauty on

I agree, the mini size is far too expensive and you can of course find decent concealers for a fraction of the price. However, determining whether it’s best for younger skin depends entirely on the condition of the skin as well as the skin prep you do before application.

There is a large portion of reviews that agree with me about its creaminess and ease of use. Nila says “this is by far the best concealer I have used, just right and sinks in beautifully.” And Cleobelle says, “this is the best and my most favourite concealer. It’s creamy, doesn’t sink into my fine lines and it’s so easy to blend.”


nars concealer review

Image – Nars


Value for money

£27 to spend on a 6ml tube of concealer is expensive. I am not always in possession of this concealer for that very reason. I usually save buying it for winter-time when my skin is paler and needs more coverage but I’ll also treat myself at other times of the year if I’m feeling like I can stretch to it.

Like I said before, £15 for the mini size feels very steep but it’s up to you if you’d prefer to try it out before spending the full amount. £15 is still a lot of money to spend on something you don’t love though so it’s best to try out a sample in-store if you can.

Having said all this, there aren’t any concealers I would spend £27 on apart from this. It makes such a positive difference to my skin that I feel like it’s worth the money, and because it does half the job of my foundation, it saves me a little money there too.


The takeaway

Since meeting Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I haven’t met any other concealers that match up to it. I’ve dabbled. But nothing comes remotely close.

I’ve tried creams and liquids and whilst I’ve found some really lovely products (Gatineau Miracle Eye Contour being one of them) the Nars concealer has still yet to be beaten in the smoothing, blurring, redness-erasing, and longevity department.

With so much makeup available, things can get really, really confusing. But take it from me, this is one concealer you don’t want to miss out on. 


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