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How Long Does Hair Have To Be For A Brazilian Wax?

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Main Image – Asya Molochkova/Stocksy

Here at Live That Glow we know there are some questions that just feel off limits, that you might be a little too embarrassed to ask yourself.

Even though there should be zero shame when it comes to your bikini line (hey, we all have one!) we get it and are devoted to asking, and answering, the awkward questions for you.

So, if you’re wondering about how long you should wait before booking in for a Brazilian and how to prep for one, then look no further. Aesthetician and founder of The Birthday Suit Stacey Laricchia is here to answer all the questions you’ve been keeping under your hat (or should I say, pants…?) for fear of the ground swallowing you whole.

What can I say? Reading minds is our superpower.


How long should your hair be for a Brazilian?

Luckily, Laricchia is asked how long hair should be for waxing frequently and has the most genius answer. “Someone somewhere decided a grain of rice was ideal, but unless they are speaking of long-grain brown rice, anything else is too short!” she says.

“I tell our new guests planning their first-time waxing, you should be able to grab a hair, pinch it and give it a little tug. At that point, it is long enough.” Told you it was genius.


liquid wax for pink depilation drains from the stick. The concept of depilation, waxing, smooth skin without hair. brazilian wax

Image – Elena/Adobe


Can your hair be too short for waxing?

Laricchia says even when using high-quality wax, hair that’s too short can prove to be problematic. “The Birthday Suit uses the most top-tier hard wax which has no adhesive ingredients,” she explains.

“It doesn’t stick to the hair to pull it out, it wraps around the hair like a big hug to gently and effectively remove it, oftentimes root and all.” This is how the process of hair reduction starts because if there is no root then there’s no hair.

However, “if the hair is too short unfortunately some of the hair will come up with the wax,” she adds. This will then slow down the hair reduction process as the hair is not being removed properly.


Should I trim before my wax?

Laricchia’s response is politely clear. “The effort is appreciated but unnecessary,” she says. “Unless you have gone sans grooming for a year or more, please leave the hair removal to the experts. We don’t trim. Most waxing establishments don’t.”

So how does it work? “We are able to work in small sections to remove the longer hair,” she says. “A guest who attempts to trim, especially with trimmers, is more likely to cut too short resulting in hair length not amenable for waxing.” Roger that, loud and clear.


brazilian wax hair

Image – Asya Molochkova/Stocksy


4 extra tips for your Brazilian wax

1. Have a shower the morning of your appointment.

2. The night before, have a warm bath and do a gentle exfoliation to prep the skin for waxing. Do not exfoliate the day of your wax.

3. [PRO TIP] Make sure you’re wearing loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment as your skin might feel quite sensitive post-wax.

4. [PRO TIP] Avoid excess heat and sweating for 24 hours after and don’t apply any perfumed creams or lotions to the area for a while.


The takeaway

So, remember the rice trick (but get your rice type just right!). Do the ‘grab, pinch and tug’ test to see if your hairs are the right length for a Brazilian and remember, there’s no need to trim in advance.

It’s important to note that whilst you may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, your aesthetician has seen it all before. “We are confident and comfortable with as much hair as you bring us,” says Laricchia. “It’s our job and we’ll get it done with a smile.”


Meet the expert:

Stacey Laricchia is a renowned aesthetician with more than 25 years of experience and is the founder and Chief Creative Director of The Birthday Suit, the award-winning US-based waxing franchise bringing affordable luxury across the states.


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