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Do Pixi’s BeautifEYE Brightening Eye Patches Actually Brighten My Under Eyes?

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Main Image – Courtesy of writer

We’ve all either seen or tried those under-eye gel patches. I first saw someone wearing them on Bravo TV during one of the Real Housewives’ reunions (this is my guilty pleasure – what’s yours?).

At least one of the cast members arrives in the makeup room wearing them having applied them in the car on the way to the studio. And I always think, if a ‘real housewife’ usually in her forties/fifties and who can afford Botox and plastic surgery thinks an eye patch is also worth a shot, then so do I.

My skin is primarily oily and in need of a major pick-me-up, most mornings after my kids have woken me at 6:30 am. So I made a beeline for The Pixi BeautifEYE Brightening Eye Patches in the hope that they’d help me look a little less puffy and a lot more awake. Here’s my honest review.


The product details

The patches come boxed and in a round pot. There are 60 patches (30 pairs) and a spatula is included. I was excited by the ingredients – vitamin C (the OG of brightening) as well as ginseng and liquorice which also help to revitalise and even out the skin tone. These ingredients are beneficial for all skin types but if you have sensitive skin, it’s worth doing a patch test first.

The copy on the website says “instantly brightening and energising hydrogel patches. Under-eyes are awakened, reinvigorated and refreshed.” During my involuntary post-wake-up state, hopes were high!


First impressions

When I screwed the lid off the pot, I was greeted by a foil seal which I tried to peel off – unsuccessfully. It was rather stiff, and I only managed to peel a tiny bit off eventually. Unfortunately, some of the gel from underneath the seal then leaked out, so as I tried to pull the rest of the seal off, my fingers got increasingly slippery making what should be a simple job not so simple. Bad start.

This went on for a while and in my continued difficulty to open the seal, drops of gel ended up all over my kitchen table. Eventually, it came off but honestly, this was a much messier process than I had envisaged!

You then have to open a plastic casing to access your spatula – another ball ache which thankfully proved to be *slightly* easier than the foil and I did eventually manage.

Using the spatula, I separated the top patch away from the pile of patches in the pot and was surprised at how wet and slippery it was. For some reason I expected it to be a little sturdier but it makes sense for them to be quite floppy as they need to fit around the contours of your under-eye area.

The instructions say to apply it so that the thickest part of the patch is on your outer under eye so I applied them both accordingly and patted them down so that the whole thing stuck. It was instantly cooling and felt really comfortable and there was enough moisture on them to stay on well. There wasn’t a fragrance really, just a generic clinical one.



Image – Courtesy of writer


My mixed results

After ten minutes, I removed the patches. This was super simple and it didn’t hurt or stick. I patted the excess gel into my skin using my ring finger and looked in the mirror.

My morning puffiness had noticeably reduced but it hadn’t disappeared completely. My skin tone looked pretty much the same as it had before and I didn’t note any extra brightness or that ‘wide awake’ look you’re meant to see with brightening products. Given that this was an instant product, I was a bit disappointed.

My skin felt great though – nice and cool, comforted, hydrated and really fresh. If anything, these patches are great for being safe in the knowledge that you’re applying extra hydration to what can sometimes be a really dry (and fine-lined) area of the face. And as we all know, hydration is the key to everything.

But that’s sort of it really. Would an under-eye serum do the same job? Probably.

I wasn’t blown away by the results, I just knew I’d done a good job of moisturising my under-eye area and de-puffing it slightly. Something perhaps a serum might do equally well without the hassle of hiding away for ten minutes while you wear some strange patches on your face.

If you’ve got super dry skin or you’re prone to puffiness, these patches would probably be best for you. But the jury’s out on brightening.


What other users are saying

I was interested to find out what other people thought of these patches considering my results were a bit disappointing. Intriguingly, there are no 1 or 2-star reviews on the Pixi website and only one 3-star, which is encouraging.

The three-star review is by Alexandra who says, “they’re definitely fun to use. I think they make a slight different on my dark circles. That said, sometimes they sting a little make me slightly red which could be due to my retinol use and the combo of them. So keep that in mind.”

Jeri R gave them four stars and agrees with me about the application experience. “It feels really good. The under-eye pads don’t move or slide all over. They stay in place really well.”

And Nora E is also a little split. “These cooling patches are extremely relaxing and stay in their place. However I can’t say they have helped my under-eye circles much.”



Image – Courtesy of writer


Overall value for money

£22 (on the Pixi UK website)/$24 (on the Pixi US website)  is pretty reasonable if these work for you. You have enough to use every day for a month and even more if you only use them when you really need them. It’s cheaper than a really good brightening, de-puffing eye serum like Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage which costs £35/$39.

But if you’re looking for a miracle for brightening up under-eye circles, I’d spend that £22/$24 elsewhere.


The takeaway

All in all, I’m not sure I would buy these again but I do really like the feel of them on my skin. Anything cooling and soothing under my eyes is enjoyable for me, particularly after a bad night’s sleep, and it’s always nice to know you’re hydrating such delicate skin to the max.

I would probably use them again if I was really puffy and had an event to go to but I probably wouldn’t rush to put my hands in my pocket for a top-up.

They de-puffed around 70% of what needed de-puffing but as far as brightening goes, I’m at a bit of a loss. Or maybe my skin just needs more.


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