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We Review *That* Genius Under-Eye Cream That’s Been Flooding Your Feeds

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The people behind the brand Gatineau have massively upped their game recently. First, I discovered their Golden Glow Gradual Tan Cream, which has influencers everywhere astounded by its gorgeous, non-biscuity smell and gradual golden results. 

And then I found out about this – Miracle Eye Contour Cream (£36 from Gatineau UK). AKA a clever under eye cream that doubles up as an under-eye concealer. If the before and after videos I’d seen online were to be believed, this wouldn’t dry up my under-eye area or accentuate my fine lines (don’t you just hate that?). It would simply hydrate, brighten and blur them instead. 

Here’s how I got on.


Cream to concealer

The size of the tiny tube is surprising at first but then you realise you really don’t need to use much, making it perfectly proportioned. The brand recommends applying three little dots under each eye.


Image – Courtesy of writer


When you squeeze out the dots, you’ll notice the product is white, like a normal eye cream. But as you dab it into your skin (using you ring finger which is best for the gentlest application), you’ll see it changing colour.

There is no selection of shades for this product. One shade suits all because it cleverly adapts to your own skin tone as soon as you blend it in. So, the usual ball ache of deciding on your perfect shade is eradicated straight away. Reason to buy, number 1.


Blurred lines

Reason number 2 is clear when you’ve blended it in and taken a step back to admire the results. Not only does it feel super lightweight, really creamy and hydrating when you’re applying it, it doesn’t look heavy or ‘cloggy’ on the skin either. 

It doesn’t sit and settle in fine lines. It doesn’t make any dryness under the eye area any worse – just better. It simply seamlessly melts into the skin, blurs out the bad (dark circles, redness, fine lines) and reveals nothing but good – brighter, more even skin. And it does it better than any liquid or cream concealer I’ve tried.


Skincare benefits

The bonus feature of this product is that it contains ingredients found in standard eye creams – reason to buy, number 3. Things like brightening, smoothing niacinamide, soothing aloe vera and protecting vitamin E. 

Honestly, even if it wasn’t tinted on contact with the skin, I’d probably still use it as an eye cream alone because, save for the pigment, it’s hard to even notice you’re wearing it.

And that’s exactly what we want from an under-eye product – right? Lightweight, comfortable to wear, hydrating, soothing, brightening and protecting. The pigment for blurring and concealing is just an added bonus. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


All rounder

Whilst this product is brilliant to accompany a full makeup look, it’s also excellent for days when you want to go almost completely makeup free, with a teeny bit of extra help. 

And despite being marketed towards the under-eye area, you can also apply it anywhere else on your face that needs evening up, for example, if you have redness around your cheeks

It instantly takes away any minor discolouration in the parts that need it and leaves an even finish, without the need to add any extra makeup if you don’t want to. 

I’ve said it before. But I like to call products like this the perfect solution for answering the door to the postman. You’re at home all day and you’ve no plans. But should someone come to the door unexpectedly, your complexion game is covered.


What other users are saying

Other users seem to agree with me about this cream’s abilities. Lesley R on the Gatineau website says “it really is a miracle.” Job done! Other comments include, “absolute game-changer for light coverage that gives full cover and eliminates dark circles/lines – totally worth the spend as only need a minute amount,” (Rachel) And, “Cannot believe how well this works round the eyes, wonderful.” (Marion T).


Overall value for money

Brace yourself because this little tube costs £36. Yep, I know, not exactly something you can justify buying as a last-minute decision. What users must remember though is that this is made by a premium French skincare brand. 

One of their anti-ageing serums costs £88 and the Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Eye Cream is £79. Of course these will contain more high-tech ingredients than the Miracle Eye Contour Cream. But if you’re looking for an eye cream that hydrates and acts as a brightener and concealer at the same time, it’s worth saving up for.


The takeaway

Is it an eye cream? Is it an under-eye concealer? No it’s both! And for something so jam-packed with jobs, it feels remarkably lightweight on the skin. 

Use it to hydrate the skin under your eyes, blur fine lines, brighten your overall eye area and conceal dark circles or redness. Being a well-known, premium skincare brand it is on the expensive side. But it’s a true all-rounder and one that I intend to carry on using daily.


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