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7 Steps to Get the Fluffy Hair Look

7 Steps to Get the Fluffy Hair Look

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While the idea of fluffy hair *might* not sound so appealing, we’re not talking about the frizzy hair you get when you step out in the humidity on holiday. No, no, no.

Think intentional bounce, body, height, and movement that’s a happy medium between a voluminous blowout and messy texture.

Although it’s a lived-in vibe that looks effortless and casual, don’t be fooled because getting the fluffy hair look does take a teeny bit of taming.

But you’re in luck! From choosing the right products that add oomph to your mane to nailing the perfect teasing technique, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to achieve that envy-inducing fluffy hair look that’s having a *serious* moment right now.

We got the goss from celeb hairstylist and PURA D’OR partner Clyde Haygood, whose clients include Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian (to name a few) on his expert tips for a light and fluffy mane.

So, let’s enter the fab world of fluff!


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What *exactly* is the fluffy hair look?

We often recoil in horror at the thought of puffy hair, imagining the dreaded 80s perm or the humidity look (hello, Monica from Friends in Barbados). This is *not* what we are referring to!

Fluffy hair is ALL about volume, height, texture and movement, whereas poofy hair often refers to strands that have unwanted volume and a frizzy appearance.

Fluffy hair is intentionally created using various hair care and styling techniques. While poofy hair naturally occurs depending on your hair type, the texture of your hair, the length, and the humidity in the air – remember Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries before her *iconic* makeover? Not. A. Good. Look.

Basically, frizzy hair is akin to an unruly, wild beast, while fluffy hair is more like a gentle cloud.

Now for some science. Having frizzy hair can feel like a relentless battle, and it’s caused when the hair’s outer cuticle lifts up and allows moisture to seep in and create complete and utter chaos.

A lack of moisture, excessive heat styling, or environmental factors can all contribute to this frizz frenzy. Taming frizz requires deep hydration, anti-humidity products, and gentle styling techniques.

Now, fluffy hair, on the other hand, is airy and voluminous. It tends to lack structure because the individual hair strands are fine and lightweight. This can lead to a seemingly puffy appearance, especially in high humidity.

The key to handling fluffy hair is adding structure without compromising its lightness. A volumising shampoo and lightweight styling products can be your allies here!

The long and short of it is that frizzy hair CRAVES TLC, moisture and control, while fluffy hair wants structure and volume.

How do you do this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


how to get the fluffy hair look products frizzy

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7 ways to get fluffy hair

Before we get into it, Clyde tells us that “If you want 90s fluffy hair, it’s best to start with mousse – it fattens the hair and gives lots of volume for that airy, fluffy texture,” so make sure to apply your mousse before styling!

Grab your combs, hairdryers, diffusers, and hairspray, and get set to turn heads as we show you how to conquer the world with your *fabulously* fluffy hair to rival Cindy Crawford’s legendary tresses.

1. Blow dry your hair upside down

Fluffy hair and volume go hand in hand for a marriage made in heaven, and one of the easiest ways to create volume is to dry your hair upside down. This age-old technique works really well on both long hair and short hair, lifting your roots at the scalp to enhance that large hair look.

Clyde recommends you “Blow dry hair upside down to achieve maximum volume, then use a curling iron to add shape and dimension to the style.”

Just flip your head upside down and dry your hair with a boar bristle brush for the quickest way to achieve a fluffy head of fab hair.


2. Use heat-free hair rollers

Another great tried and tested way to fluff up your tresses, particularly if you were gifted with naturally straight hair, is using hair rollers. This method will give you fluffy curls without the heat damage (don’t worry if you prefer heated rollers – you do you! Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray to avoid damage.) You could also use your curling irons or flat irons to create curls/waves.

When your hair is still slightly damp (around 80% dry,) add the rollers and some hair spray, rolling them up from the bottom and securing at the scalp. Leave them in for a few hours or, for EXTRA volume and fluff, wear them while you sleep to preserve your voluminous ‘do.


3. Use the right products

The key to creating this look starts in the shower. Use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to prep the strands for height – products with hyaluronic acid are great for plumping life back into your strands! We also advise using a leave-in conditioner, styling creams or volumising mousse to achieve a fluffy and floaty look that still has *amazing* movement.

Depending on your hair type, make sure you choose the products that will help you to really amp up the volume. Thin and fine hair will thickening products, while curly and unruly hair will need extra TLC and moisture to avoid frizz.


fluffy hair look

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4. Tease your hair

A staple in the 80s, teasing your strands is the *perfect* way to create that fluffy look because, let’s face it, this technique is ALL about using the backcombing technique to build ultimate volume and height! This trick is especially effective on short hair because you only need a bit of length to tease those strands into a fluffy look.

Start at the crown of your hair and take a section of around 3 inches. Holding the hair up, take a fine tooth comb and brush the underside of the hair downwards toward your roots and scalp. This will slightly tangle the hair and create more volume (remember, we aren’t looking for the huge hair most of us were wearing with terrible extensions back in the 2000s!)


5. Use a hair diffuser

A *super* simple way to achieve volume is to reach for the diffuser.

This hairdryer attachment is SO great for naturally curly hair and works by gently dispersing the air to dry and fluff it up into a bouncy and healthy-looking head of curls.


6. Reach for the dry shampoo

We are *serious* dry shampoo fiends here at LTG HQ. Dirty, greasy hair? No problem. But did you know that this miracle spray is also PERFECT for creating fluffy volume as well as absorbing oils and refreshing your tresses?

Amp up the height by spraying the dry shampoo into your hair in sections, adding it to the roots. Leave it on for a few minutes, giving it time to work its powdery magic, then brush it through your hair with your fingers or a large tooth comb. Don’t want the white cast? Don’t worry, there are loads of tinted options available!


7. Use a high-quality hairspray

We don’t know about you, but hairspray sometimes feels a little outdated, but it’s perfect for locking in style, curls and bounce (just be sure to use one that doesn’t make your hair look too stiff, we aren’t looking for Lego hair here!)

Simply spritz the hairspray through your strands to lock in that look.


how to get the fluffy hair look products frizzy

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The takeaway

And that’s it! 7 *super* simple ways to create fluffy, bouncy hair that’s FULL of volume and height.

This look is probably slightly more difficult to achieve if you were graced with sleek and naturally straight hair, particularly if it’s long. But adding waves or curls and then teasing them out is the PERFECT way to wear this trend.

Short hair? No problem. Use dry shampoo to add volume and lightly backcomb your hair, misting with hair spray to lock in your look.

Those with curly hair often struggle with frizz rather than fluff. Use products that eliminate frizziness and enhance your bouncy curls, dry your hair with a diffuser, and tease those ringlets into the fluffy hair of your dreams!

After all, how does the saying go “The higher the hair the closer to God“?



Meet the expert

Celebrity hairstylist and PURA D’OR partner Clyde Haygood, whose celebrity clients include Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Shakira, Erika Jayne, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Kylie and Kris Jenner (to name a few), is recognised as one of the top hair stylists in the fashion and beauty industry.




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