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Quick Tips for Taming Frizzy Hot Weather Hair

Quick Tips for Taming Frizzy Hot Weather Hair

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Main Image – Ohlamourstudio/Stocksy

The weather is definitely heating up, and with it goes the volume (ahem, fluffiness) of my hair.

As someone whose hair when left to its own devices is what can only be described as ‘frizztastic’ (not a word but should be), I’m constantly on the prowl for any product to manage it.

And there are two particular products I first bought last summer that have been helping me control my mane.

So here are some ways to use them (and one definite way to avoid) to control hot weather frizz.

Ouai Wave Spray

In terms of beauty lines that are so aesthetically pleasing you’re not sure the products will actually live up to the looks, Ouai so fell into that category for me that for ages I was almost nervous to order anything of theirs.

Thankfully, those dark days have been behind me for some time now and I am happy to report that- for my hair at least- their products deliver on their claims, and Wave Spray is a firm favourite.

On the Hair

This rice protein-enriched spray is essentially a texturiser designed to offer hold and volume. But since my hair is already enormous and it was roughly 100,000 degrees when I first tried it, instead of using this to create bigger waves I decided to try this out as an at-root volumiser.

And the results…? You’ve seen the film There’s Something About Mary right? Well, due to some overzealous spritzing and ruffling on my part the first time I used this, my hair genuinely ended up with more volume than it has ever had.

Yes, just think of me as Cameron Diaz just without the cheekbones, bank account or acting ability.

And although I’ve definitely scaled back on the amount I spritz on since then (!), if I’m looking for volume or hold this is one of my absolute go-to products for its sheer efficacy.

Great for: Natural-looking volume.  Also the scent- a gorgeous blend of lemon, cedarwood, magnolia, lily and blackberry.

Not-so-great for: The slightly sticky texture this leaves in hair after use (kind of wishing I hadn’t used that Something About Mary reference now…). It’s no worse than the finish from an average hair spray though so it doesn’t bother me particularly.

Ouai’s Wave Spray is from $14 for 1.7 oz/ 50 ml, Sephora US

Ouai Wave Spray review

Image – Live That Glow


Image – Live That Glow


IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm

My second summertime favourite is another gorgeous smelling product, this time a serum leave-in conditioner combination from US brand IGK.

Containing coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil, this is both moisturising enough to rehydrate hair that is dry from swimming/sun, as well as heavy enough to weigh down my enormous hair (no small achievement).

Vegan, paraben, sulphate and mineral oil-free, this balm is also cruelty-free and provides UV and heat protection.


On the Hair

This leave-in conditioning balm has a slight silicone feel on the hands (which makes sense since it does contain them), but absorbs quickly, leaving hair soft and with a subtle sheen.

It also smells lovely- with a warm, almost honey-like scent.

In terms of hydration, I have lots of very fine, dry hair and my highlights addiction means I need a lot of moisture.

So while I do find Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm moisturising on dry hair, just after washing I still use another leave-in conditioner alongside it.

For me, though, its strength lies more in its ability to add control and shine while reducing frizz. For those with less damaged hair, however, I suspect this would be very moisturising on its own. As an added bonus, the balm’s sunny packaging makes it a welcome addition to my bedside table collection.

For (much) more on IGK’s Mistress, browse my full review.

Great for: Controlling frizz and adding shine.

Not-so-great for: Adding lots of moisture to very dry hair like mine (but probably enough for less damaged hair types).

Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm is from £14 for 50 ml, Space NK UK and from $15 for 1.5 oz/ 50 ml, Sephora US

The Takeaway

While summer makes my hair does some pretty weird things, increasing volume at the roots while defrizzing the lengths and ends keeps my strands from returning to their natural (triangular) shape.



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