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Why This SPF 50 Glow Fluid is My New Favourite Summer Skin Staple

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Main image – Garnier/TikTok

There are days when I wake up and crave going all-out glam.  And there are others when I just cannot be bothered. 

All that skin buffing, cheekbone contouring and eyeliner winging can really take it out of me, and it’s just a waste of good foundation if I’ve got a quiet WFH day or I haven’t got any plans.

But call me vain, even on the mundane days I still like my skin to have a little bit of coverage, a hint of a glow (and of course, ample sun protection). Because you just never know do you? I’ll forever be haunted by that one makeup-free day I had in 2021 when I bumped into my ex-boyfriend. And I haven’t let my guard down since.

Bearing all this in mind, I recently tried Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Brightening Fluid Sheer Glow SPF 50 and found it ticked all of the above boxes. You know, for those in-between moments when you don’t need heavy coverage, but you do want to retain some dignity.


Image – Courtesy of writer


First impressions

When you squeeze this fluid out onto your fingers, you notice its glowy, pearlescent texture right away. 

The other thing you notice instantly is its fresh, clean, pretty smell. Something I think Garnier always absolutely nails. (I urge you to smell Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Classic Trigger Spray Sun Cream SPF 50 even if you don’t have children. It’s Florida in a spritz. You’re welcome.)

At first glance, I wondered whether the shade would suit my skin as it looked slightly orange when rubbed between my fingers. And whilst I wouldn’t recommend applying it on very pale tones, as soon as it went on to my fair to medium skin, I realised that because it is so sheer, a shade match wasn’t entirely essential. What mattered was the finish it gave my skin. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


Glow getter

It glided onto my skin like a dream. Like a really, really glowy moisturiser (that’ll be the vitamin C derivative then), only a little bit runnier and of course, tinted. 

So how should it be used? Well, as a moisturiser with benefits. It gives your skin the perfect balance between bare faced and fresh faced. 

But be warned, when I say it’s sheer, I mean sheer. Think of the thinnest veil you could wear on your skin, rather than something that will cover up blemishes, and this is it.

But it’s not meant to be a concealer or a foundation. It’s for hydration, protection, giving good glow (and wow, does the glow deliver) and evening up your skin tone. All so that your skin doesn’t look or feel completely naked when you answer the door to the postman. 



If you’re not keen on the idea of all this ‘sheer coverage’ business, bear with me. Because I hear you! Confession: I crave full glam far more frequently than not. Wearing this product – and only this product – happens very rarely so I often just use it as a primer instead.

This means that whilst the coverage isn’t quite full enough on a regular day for me (particularly during winter in the UK when I don’t have a natural base tan) wearing it underneath my foundation helps it to glow brighter and gives it all the moisture it needs to keep glowing. 

It isn’t marketed as a primer, and those with super oily skin might want to give it a miss if they like a matte finish. But because my skin has been going through a dry spell recently thanks to hormonal changes, it’s appreciating the extra hydration and helping hand in the glow department.


What other users are saying

This product is already getting amazing reviews online from others who seem to love it as much as me.  One reviewer on the Boots website said, “I just love this radiant vitamin C moisturiser with a tiny tiny of colour. It’s so lovely on its own, you glow! Can’t wait to use it on my holiday.”

Another said, “This is an amazing alternative to [Super]Goop Glow Screen.”


Value for money

At £12.99, this is definitely worth trying out. If anything, it’s a really good facial SPF, which usually costs more.


The takeaway

What I love about this product is that instead of being totally makeup-free in the summer (because regularly topping up on my SPF takes precedence), I can have the best of both worlds. A radiant, more even skin tone that’s expertly shielded from UV rays (and smells nice too). 

Oily skin types beware. It’s very glowy – there’s no hiding it – and it won’t cover up blemishes or spots either. The shade is slightly orangey but it’s so light in coverage that not everyone would notice. For medium skin tones and drier skin types who want an affordable, grease-free glow and strong UV protection, this is a sure-fire way to achieve the look you’re searching for.


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