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I Tried a Full Face of Viral Favourite Refy Makeup: Here Are My Results

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Everyone knows that the current trending makeup aesthetic is about less is more. Ever since lockdown made us all set aside our makeup bags and turn attention to our skincare shelves instead, a low-key, minimalistic makeup look has dominated beauty trends. While many brands have capitalised on this trend—you only have to look at recent makeup launches (skin tints, lip oils, and brow gels) to see it in action—some were literally born from it.

One such brand to grow out of the ‘clean girl’ beauty trend, and arguably, propel the trend into the mainstream, is Refy. The brainchild of influencer Jess Hunt and her business partner Jenna Meek, Refy’s tagline is ‘simplifying beauty’. Designed to enhance your natural beauty and with lightweight, skin-kind formulas infused with the ingredients you’ll know and love from your skincare routine (think: hyaluronic acid and niacinamide), the brand has won over everyone from the makeup sceptics to the makeup obsessives. 

Refy launched in 2020 with a capsule collection of brow products designed to be used together to recreate Hunt’s famous brushed up, laminated-look brows. Since then, it’s gradually expanded with the launch of lip products, complexion products (although no base makeup, as yet), and more recently, a lifestyle collection of clothes and accessories.

Ultimately, Refy is not a brand for those who experiment with creative eye makeup looks or don’t leave the house without a full face of foundation. But with sales of eyeshadow palettes and full coverage foundations in decline, it’s easy to see why it’s become a makeup bag must-have in little under four years.

Of course, the affordable price point also helps. The most expensive product in Refy’s collection is £24 – the cheapest, just £8. But despite their accessible price points, the products don’t compromise on quality, and the sleek, minimal packaging leans into a luxury aesthetic. Search for Refy on Instagram and you’ll spot the products featured in shots alongside the likes of Chanel, Dior, and Westman Atelier…

Given that Refy has become one of my personal favourite makeup brands, and because I love sharing products I love, see my edit of the best Refy products below.



Image – Courtesy of Writer


Face Primer

A true skincare-makeup hybrid, this hydrating serum-like primer is delivered via a sculpting facial roller. The lightweight, gel formula gives skin an instant glow, and contains ingredients like niacinamide, glycerin, and vitamin E—to help hydrate skin and reduce redness. 

It can be worn alone, but for those who do wish to apply foundation and concealer, it still functions as a traditional primer, prepping skin for makeup application by creating a smooth canvas.


refy makeup

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Cream Bronzer in Dune

In place of foundation, I find this bronzer to be the perfect way to add warmth and colour to my face. I tend to sculpt the edges and contours of my face first, then dust the excess everywhere else to tie it all together.

The cream texture blends beautifully  (it’s impossible to overdo) and not one of the shades leans orange, so it gives a really natural finish.


refy makeup

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Cream Blush in Rose

In the pan, this shade looks rather like a sickly pink and, at first glance, I wasn’t sure it would suit me at all. However, I now consider it to be one of the most flattering and natural-looking blush shades I’ve ever worn. In fact, this is definitely one of my most worn Refy products. Again thanks to a cream formula, it has a really sheer, blendable formula and leaves skin with a soft dewy sheen.

“I’ll never use a different blusher again,” says one reviewer—and if I wasn’t in the business of trying beauty products for a living, I’d have to agree.


Image – Courtesy of Writer


Gloss Highlighter

Highlighter, in my opinion, should be dewy and glossy, and never shimmery or glittery. Fortunately, Refy’s Gloss Highlighter falls under the former description. A bronze gel-serum solution which admittedly looks scarily pigmented when first applied, it blends out sheer for a high-shine, glass-like finish. 

It’s the finish and texture that clearly appealed to other users, too. Scrolling through the reviews for this highlighter, it’s the gloss finish and lack of sparkle that clearly appeals.


refy makeup highlighter

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Skin Finish in 01

A finishing powder might seem like the enemy of fresh, natural-looking makeup, but Refy clearly kept that front of mind when formulating Skin Finish. Not your average setting powder, this has a unique water-based formula which prevents the finish from looking cakey.

Instead, it feels cooling and refreshing upon application, helping to reduce shine while maintaining glow. 


Image – Courtesy of Writer


Brow Tint in Black

Arguably my favourite and certainly my most frequently repurchased Refy product, Brow Tint is an all-in-one tinted brow gel, which adds colour, helps to lift and shape brow hairs into place, and contains peptides to help support brow growth and health. It’s perfect for those who want a one-and-done brow routine.

The small round brush delivers just the right amount of product and makes it easy to sculpt hairs into place without packing on too much pigment.


refy makeup eyebrows

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Brow Sculpt

Brow Sculpt was part of the original three-step brow routine that the brand launched with—designed to be used alongside a pomade and a pencil for adding depth and colour. Personally, I’ve always preferred it worn alone for a natural brushed-up effect. It’s one of the few brow products I’ve ever used that keeps my unruly brows locked in place all day.

While some reviewers find that it leaves residue in brows, I’ve only ever experienced this when I’ve not wiped excess product off the brush before application. 


Image – Courtesy of Writer


Lash Sculpt

The curved shape of this mascara brush takes some getting used to—I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and still have yet to apply it without getting product on my eyelids. The same sticking point crops up in most reviews, but equally is outweighed by feedback praising the fact that it’s non-clumpy and great for adding length. 

I do think this is a really impressive mascara and I’ve been getting tonnes of compliments when wearing it. It’s certainly not one for those who like a thick, voluminous falsie-effect, but if you want to lift and lengthen your natural lashes, look no further.



Image – Courtesy of Writer


Lip Sculpt in Taupe

This is what I like to describe as ‘a lipstick for people who don’t like lipstick’. The pigment is applied via a creamy lip liner hidden in the handle and then set in place using a setting gel formulated to lock the colour in for up to ten hours.

It’s easy to apply, impossible to mess up, and really does stay in place—no reapplication required.



Image – Courtesy of Writer


Lip Gloss

The above leaves lips with a matte finish, so if, like me, you prefer a glossy lip finish, you can apply this on top. In texture, it’s less a conventional lipgloss and more a lip serum. A blend of hyaluronic acid and jojoba seed oil gives lips a really glassy, dewy sheen and feels balm-like rather than sticky.



Image – Courtesy of Writer


The takeaway

What I really love about Refy is that the brand isn’t afraid to do things differently. From a three-step brow routine to a water-based powder and a dual-ended lip applicator, Refy has identified the gaps and the ‘room for improvement’ areas in our everyday makeup routines and created solutions that aren’t trying to set trends, go viral, or duplicate already existing products. 

In addition, there’s no crazy mark-up. Adding a few Refy products into your makeup bag won’t break the bank, and you won’t need to remortgage your house when the time comes to restock.

It’s both for this reason and the fact that they’re clearly so aware that makeup shoppers are long done with complex contouring routines and multi-pan eyeshadow palettes that they’ve been so successful in such a short space of time.

Whether it’s post-workout in the gym changing rooms or while scrolling Instagram, rarely a day goes by that I don’t see or hear someone recommending a Refy product—proving that the appeal really is universal.


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