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The Rare Beauty Lip Oil That’s Made Me Confident to Wear Lip Colour

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Main image – Rare Beauty

Ok. Stop. Everything

Because in case you didn’t know already, Selena Gomez launched a makeup line called Rare Beauty a few years ago (2020 in the US, 2022 in the UK) and the products are seriously good. 

Gomez’s mission was to ‘break down unrealistic ideas of perfection’ and encourage others to embrace who they are, rather than strive to look like somebody different. The most wholesome of brand messages.

Here, I describe why her Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil (£20 from Space NK UK /$20 from Sephora US) has made me fall in love with wearing lip colour all over again.


Image – Courtesy of writer


Lipstick shy

I’m not typically a very ‘lipsticky’ kind of girl as, to be honest, I’ve never really liked my lips. My top lip is quite thin on each side (no really – it has been pointed out to me!) which makes me think that wearing lip colour will just highlight my insecurity. 

The texture of lipstick troubles me too. The creamy formulas are ok I suppose, but any matte formula just accentuates my top lip issue even further. I just find lipsticks in general heavy, harsh and not very fool-proof, particularly if I try to be clever and apply it over the line a little to make my top lip seem fuller than it actually is. 

So, I stick to clear lip gloss or ones with a hint of a natural peachy colour. And the furthest I’ll ever go – at a stretch – is a tinted lip balm. Or so I thought.

Because that was before Selena Gomez wandered into my life. 


Accidental results

When I received my box of goodies, the lip oil was the last thing I tried. “I’ll try it, but I know I won’t like it” were my initial thoughts. 

I had been kindly sent the shade ‘Hope’ (one of eight shades), which is described on the website as ‘nude mauve’. If I’d seen this description before, I would have chosen anything but this. Mauve? I don’t think so!

But on it went. It felt smooth and lightweight on my lips – gorgeous actually – but the colour was dark for me. It looked like a dusky pinky/purple on contact with my lips and the longer I wore it, the darker it got (something which the product is know for and that TikToker @allthingsrissa discussed in her video below).


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? Yacht Club – MusicBox

So I did what any other irrational, impatient person would do. Freak out, wipe it off with a tissue and go about the rest of the day. 

But later, when washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and did a double take. I was instantly drawn to my lips. Erm, I’m sorry. But they looked amazing. Actually I’m not even sorry. Selena would be proud.

What I hadn’t realised was that the lip oil I had so hastily wiped off earlier had left a rather flattering pinky/purply stain and, despite not usually wanting to wear pigment on my lips, I really wasn’t hating it.

The colour very much suited my skin tone and my lip shape – it wasn’t harsh but it wasn’t discreet either. It was as if the lip oil had taken the natural colour of my lips and made them a more vibrant, better version of themselves. They looked fuller too – who knew this lifelong insecurity could be fixed so accidentally? 


Round two

I applied it again, only this time I didn’t wipe it off. What I hadn’t noticed the first time around was its cool tingly feel – this must be the plumping action – and just like before, the colour turned darker.  But I held my nerve. 

Being an oil, it made my lips super glossy, comfortably hydrated, and with zero stickiness too, probably thanks to the jojoba and sunflower seed oil. However, because of my worry of drawing too much attention to my lips, and because I had rather enjoyed the look of the stained, matte finish in the bathroom mirror, I decided to blot it a little.

There it was again! That flattering stained finish. Only this time the shape of my lips was even more slick thanks to my lack of ‘haphazard wipe-off’ method from earlier. The colour was slightly darker too and my lips looked more refined. (You can get a better idea of the shade itself in TikTok @lucyjmorris’s video here).


Finally got my hands on this dream!! In love with this shade ?????? #rarebeauty #softpinchtintedlipoil #softpinchlipoil #rarebeautyhope #rarebeautyhopelipoil #lipoilswatch

? BEST INTEREST – Tyler, The Creator

And now I’m shocked to say, even though I’m taking baby steps, I’m now a bit of a lip colour convert. 

The other thing I love about it is, if you want to wear it as more of a stain and less like a gloss like me, your lips aren’t left feeling dry and uncomfortable like they sometimes are with other lip stains. My lips continued to feel soft and hydrated for the day, despite having blotted the majority of the glossy oil effect off, and the colour itself stayed put until my evening cleanse. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


There were no touch ups required and no issues with it rubbing off when eating and drinking. My lips kept a consistently fuller shape and a flattering, hydrating colour that has made me realise they aren’t so bad after all. 

I almost feel like texting my new fave Selena to say thanks but she probably already knows it’s great. And yeah, I don’t have her number.


What other users are saying

I love that others agree with me about its lip stain element. Viola D ( says “I have this lip oil in three different colors and I really like the product. It gives your lips a shiny finish and after a while it leaves a stain on your lips which is perfect for a natural look.”

And Terry T said, “I got the color Hope. It looks so sheer with a hint of light color. It isn’t sticky at all. I plan to get another dark color. It kept my lips from drying out, made them so soft.”


Overall value for money

I was convinced this would cost at least £30 given that it’s such a beautiful, well thought out texture. So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was actually £20.

It’s still a considerable amount to pay for a lip product. But when you think about it, most premium brand lipsticks cost around this, if not more, and well they don’t have Selena Gomez’s geniusness involved do they? Just saying. 


The takeaway

It’s pretty cool when you find a product that not only eradicates one of your insecurities but that you also look forward to applying every morning. 

Not only does it do exactly what it sets out, it does it easily and quickly too. That’s my kind of product. One that simply enhances the rest of my makeup look and brings out the best in one of my features. 

You can either leave it on as a glossy lip oil, or if you don’t want to go all the way, apply it all over then blot with a tissue for a flattering stained finished. 

And if you want to go and choose your shades in person, Rare Beauty is easy to see in the flesh in store too (at Space NK in the UK or Sephora in the US). Our girl Selena’s got us well and truly covered.


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