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Why This Tinted Lip Balm is Making Me Actually Want to Wear My SPF 

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Main image – Courtesy of writer

SPF brand Hello Sunday’s creator, Amy Ford, is on a mission to make SPF cool again. And by cool, I mean encourage people to incorporate it into their daily skincare and makeup regimes without even realising. 

Because SPF should be worn all year round, whatever the weather. So why don’t all products contain it so that all our sun protection bases are covered? It seems Ford agrees, so every one of her Hello Sunday products contains SPF and they’re affordable too. 

So, I tested out the Hello Sunday SPF 50 Tinted Lip Balms (£10 from Cult Beauty UK /$10.75 from Beauty Bay US). I wanted to see if they were just plain old SPF lip balms dressed up as fancy lip tints that in the end, consumers may tire of using. Or whether they could actually pass as a consumer’s go-to makeup bag staple that just so happens to contain SPF. 

It should be the norm to wear SPF and because of this, I so wanted it to be the latter….


Pretty in pink

There are two shades available in the Hello Sunday SPF Tinted Lip Balm. ‘The Rose One’ and ‘The Mauve One’. Both come housed in a pretty pink box that clearly states SPF 50 on the front. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


Pull out the balm contained in a squeezy tube and unscrew the lid. As soon as you squeeze out a little balm, you’ll instantly notice its smell. It is berry flavoured but, in my opinion, not too sickly. Phew. Though of course this is completely subjective, and many agree that lip balms don’t actually need that standard fruity scent. 

At first sight, the shades look gorgeously wearable. The Rose One is – you’ve guessed it – a rosy pink. The Mauve One is more of a nudey pinky-brown. Both glossy, both pleading with me to try them on.


A treat for the lips

Apply just like you would a normal squeezy-tubed lip balm – gently pressing the tube as you go to dispense your desired amount. The first thing I noticed was that the balm feels super soft and is genuinely enjoyable to apply. 

Once I’d then applied it all over, I found that I just pressed my lips together and…there it was! That lovely smooth, glossy feeling I instantly recognise as a nice big drink of water for my lips (and my description of its glossiness shouldn’t be mistaken for stickiness either. What a treat.)


Image – Courtesy of writer


Instead, the hydration here really is impressive thanks to the hyaluronic acid and shea butter – mmm. 

The pigment itself isn’t full coverage, but it isn’t overly sheer either. I’d say it was just right. You can apply a little then dilute it slightly by spreading it out with your finger. Or you can layer up two or three coats for a stronger pigment. 

I particularly love the shade, The Rose One. The colour is perfect for my fair-medium colouring and blonde hair. I wear a lot of pink eyeshadow shades too, so The Rose One ties in nicely with my daily makeup look.


The verdict

SPF aside, the question is, can I see myself ditching this in favour of a better lip colour, a better finish or a better performing tinted lip balm over all? And is it just a plain old lip SPF dressed up as a makeup product that I will eventually forget about? 

No. There’s a difference between feeling like I should wear something (and therefore not sticking to it) and actually wanting to wear it. And I actually want to wear this. It makes my lips feel good and the colour suits me. It’s easy enough to apply on-the-go and it only costs £10. Enough said.

It just happens to be a massive bonus that it contains SPF 50 (not 15, not 30, but 50!) and that my lips will get all-day protection whilst looking and feeling good. Why can’t all makeup be like this? Then maybe we will actually make more of an effort to protect ourselves all year round. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


The real test for me is whether I feel something is good enough to keep in my handbag or not. Earning a permanent place in the handbag of a product-weary beauty editor is a true accolade.

And that’s because if I keep something in there it means I’m actually going to use it (and be seen in public in it). Not just apply it once in the morning and then gravitate back towards my old faithfuls for top ups. 

I am lucky enough to have two Hello Sunday SPF 50 Tinted Lip Balms. And they’re both in separate handbags, just in case. 


What other users are saying

Other users seem to agree with me on Instagram – @roseberrylemonade says about The Rose One, “there is NO better”, @zozoranger says “such a nice everyday tint” about The Mauve One and @mua_aldonafrancis says “Omg this lip balm is a must.”


Overall value for money

I mean, you’ll get no complaints over here. £10 for a pretty lip look with added sun protection – I’ll take it. There’s something wonderful about not feeling panicked that you’ll run out of something when you know you can afford a top up. 


The takeaway

Bravo, Hello Sunday! For the first time, well, in forever really, I can say that I now wear SPF on my lips every day and actually enjoy doing so. It’s not a chore and this product works for both my confidence and the health of my skin.

If you were given a choice between using this and a similar one that doesn’t contain SPF, choose this. It’s just like any normal makeup item, only much better because it protects and cares for your lips. Meaning you can pout your way through sunny days completely guilt-free! 

My only request to Hello Sunday? More shades please!


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