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The Pimple Patches That Really do Reduce the Size of My Breakouts

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As a teen, I experienced pretty soul-destroying acne. And despite those days being firmly behind me, I still get the odd breakout here and there, even at the age of 41.

My instant reaction is to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse and then to use a chemical exfoliator containing salicylic acid, followed by a retinol serum and lightweight, oil-free moisturiser. However, this month, my usual go-to method wasn’t quite cutting the mustard. 

So, I turned to the Indeed Labs In-Patch Hydrocolloid Blemish Patches (£9.99 from Boots UK /$9.99 from Indeed Labs US). Yep, little stickers that you place onto each spot in the hope of flattening and unclogging them. Keep scrolling to find out if they worked…


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The lingerer

This particular breakout was a painful one and occurred in all the usual places – along my jawline and just above and below my lips. Nice.

The spots appeared from nowhere since I hadn’t experienced a breakout for a good six months. But hey, my skin likes to keep me on my toes.

The most irritating one of them all appeared between my top lip and nose. A particularly painful area for a spot, I’d say. 

It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t subtle either and every time I tried to cover it up with makeup, it just looked like an unflattering shadow. It had been there for around two days, until it peaked. Then on the third day it got a little smaller but still stared me dead in the eyes whenever I looked in the mirror.

I felt like saying, “alright you’ve made your point, now clear off,” but alas, it was a lingerer. 


Using the patch

Indeed Labs Hydrocolloid Blemish Patches come in two sizes and, according to the packaging, “absorb impurities from the surface, unclog pores and quickly flatten the look of blemishes.” Clever. 

It continues, “each patch is infused with niacinamide and tea tree oil helps to fight dark spots and minimize the look of skin discoloration and redness, even after a breakout has cleared.”

Being a big niacinamide fan, I was excited to see what these little stickers would do for my persistent little friend. So, I removed all my makeup by doing a double cleanse, made sure my skin was completely dry and applied one of the small patches.

The instructions say to leave your pimple patch on for six hours, so after sticking the patch onto my spot I went to bed and thought nothing of it. 

The great thing about these stickers is that they are very discreet. Not even my husband noticed I was wearing it, so you don’t feel in any way embarrassed about wearing them. You don’t feel it on your skin either – there is no stinging, no tingling and certainly no pain. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


And they’re so simple to apply too – cleanse your skin, dry it, then stick one of the patches on your spot/s. It’s exactly how you would peel off a child’s sticker and stick it to a page in their sticker book. Easy peasy.


The results

The next morning I forgot I was wearing it and didn’t even see it at first glance when I looked in the mirror. It wasn’t until I went to wash my face that I noticed it again and I was impressed that it had managed to stay on my skin for the entire night.

I peeled it off (which wasn’t in the least bit painful) and was amazed at how much flatter my spot was.  Not only that but the redness and size had reduced significantly, it was no longer painful and I could tell already that my concealer would definitely do its job this time.

Wow. This was seriously impressive. In fact, that was the last I ‘heard’ of that particular spot. The patch had worked miracles on it.

It’s worth noting though that this particular spot wasn’t huge. It was annoying, and medium in size, but it wasn’t a pustule or boil-like spot. And it had already peaked by the time I had applied the patch, so I think the patch may have just given it the nudge it needed to clear off. Which I’ll take.


Image – Courtesy of writer


The bruiser

The next time I used one of the patches it was on one of the biggest spots I’ve ever had, on my jawline. It felt like a huge bruise that kept growing and growing. Urgh.

So, I chose the bigger size of patch this time and applied it just like I did before. The difference with this spot was obviously its size but also that it wasn’t at its peak. This one was still in the process of forming so I wasn’t sure how well the patch would perform in comparison to the last one. 

However, I continued to do the same cleansing routine as before and woke up the next morning to reveal the results. I could instantly tell that the spot had reduced in size. It was much much flatter and, whilst some redness was still there, it didn’t look as angry as it had the night before. 

It would still need some hardcore concealing and I could still feel a bit of pain (although thankfully this time it didn’t feel like I’d been punched in the jaw every time I opened my mouth) but there was serious wow factor in the flatness of the spot. It’s like this mountain on my jawline had been sliced in half overnight.

That evening I applied it again and the following morning it had reduced again, this time with way less pain and redness. Brilliant. 

It’s nice to know something is tangibly working its magic on my pesky breakouts while I sleep. I love the fact that I can stick a little cocoon onto my spots when I go to bed and then wake up with them having halved in size. 

Well done Indeed Labs, I feel seen. I wish these had been available when I was a teenager.


What other users are saying

Lots of other people share the same thoughts as me. Anastasia on says “so convenient that they are available in two sizes. In the morning, I noticed that my acne became smaller and dried up. They are easy to use and invisible on the skin.”  Siennah says, “this is now my go-to product whenever I experience new blemishes!” And Kelly says, “they really do reduce the size of my pimples.”


Overall value for money

Just when I thought these couldn’t get any better, I discovered they cost £9.99. Bonus. I suppose when you think about it, it’s really just a packet of 48 stickers. But think about what these stickers are doing for your skin. I can vouch for the fact that they do a lot.  You’re also getting a lot of patches for your money here compared to some of the other big pimple patch brands.

You might run out quite quickly though depending on the severity of your acne, but for occasional breakouts this is a great price.


The takeaway

What a genius product. Whilst you should manage your expectations and not assume you’ll have absolutely flawless skin within six hours, these patches are kind of the next best thing. 

And it’s comforting to know you have an extra option for breakouts in case your usual skincare products aren’t quite doing the trick. 


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