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color wow volumiser review

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumiser: Our Honest Review

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Main image – @colorwow/instagram

As someone who experiences unruly, frizzy, wavy hair you’d think that adding volume would be the last thing I need. And you’d probably be right.

However, if you’ve read my recent article “Is GHD’s Duet Styler Really a Game-Changer?” you’ll know that I straighten my hair. *A lot*.

This means that I sport sleeker hair than my natural hair type will have you believe. But because I want it all (who doesn’t?), I refuse to compromise on body. Who said you can’t have sleek hair and volume?

As much as I’d love to pull off a flat, slick ‘do I just don’t. And that’s ok!

My face shape, features and quite frankly, personal taste, prefers a bigger, bouncier finish. So, I am forever in search of a volumizer that will provide this, without making my hair feel weighed down.

And when I saw a video on Instagram of a girl testing out Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumiser (£24 on the Color Wow UK website/$26.00 on the Color Wow US website), I just *had to* try it for myself. If her hair could double in size, why couldn’t mine?

Volume booster or mood de-booster? Here’s how I got on.


color wow volumizer

Image – @colorwow/instagram


What is Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumiser?

It’s a white foam that comes in a bottle with an easy-to-use pump. And it’s free of ingredients that many other products use to create volume like alcohol and salt.

The information on the Color Wow website says that using ingredients like this forces open the hair’s protective outer cuticle which can be bad for the hair. “Opening the cuticle is very damaging, and leads to dehydration, frizz, brittleness,” it explains.  

“Xtra Large uses totally new volumizing technology: A weightless yet bulky polymer blend (fortified with strand-strengthening BAMBOO) that mimics a raised outer cuticle layer but leaves hair’s essential cuticle layer smooth, intact, and hydrated.” Intriguing no?!

Aimed at fine, thin, limp hair as well as colour-treated, dry, dehydrated, damaged or fragile hair, it acts as a heat protector too. Bonus.


color wow volumizer review

Image – @domseeley/@lydiafowler/instagram


How do you use it?

The instructions say that it’s best to section the hair off first. When it’s damp, use one to two pumps per section and apply it from top to bottom.

You basically want to make sure your hair is coated in it. Comb it through then blow dry and style as normal.

Education specialist at Color Wow, @jeannettestagg demonstrates how to use it in this reel:



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A post shared by Color Wow (@colorwowhair)


But, does it work?

My overall answer is yes -it’s great – with a but. My first application was easy and I instantly noticed how light-weight the foam felt in my hands. Not sticky or gloopy. Phew.

The application didn’t make a difference to how I heat-styled it, other than my GHD Duet Styler sounding slightly more ‘squeaky’ as it passed through my hair.

Once dry, I noticed that parts of my hair were volumized, and parts weren’t. Oops, I hadn’t applied enough product.

When they say coat your hair in it, they clearly mean it. However, because I have trust issues with volumisers, which can sometimes weigh my hair down, I always hold back.

Comments on Color Wow’s Instagram page unfortunately tell a similar tale, with customers commenting on the sheer amount of product you need to use to get the volume you desire. @lexicon.and.on said “I mean I own this product and like it, but at $30+, being told to use 1/10th of the bottle to make it look that good is ridiculous.”

While @chelsemurray simply said “Am I the only person that has bought this and been super disappointed? It did absolutely nothing”, and Pam M commented on the Color Wow website also saying, “I will give this product one more try….but it absolutely did not provide any volume for me. I watched the video, and tried to use an instructed. I even used a round brush hair dryer.”

but, are customers using the product the right way?


color wow volumizer review model kenya brown

Image – @hairbycarmenamelia/@kenyabrown_/instgram


Well, next time I did as I was told. One to two pumps on each section, from top to bottom, just like @jeannettestagg shows in her reel (the fact that a reel is needed to show consumers how to use the product is a *slight* red flag IMO).

This time, after drying I could instantly tell that my hair was bigger and fuller. Result! Gone were the days of flat roots. “I need to stock up immediately,” I thought, and “my life has officially changed.” (I’m dramatic when it comes to my hair – you’ll get used to it…)

Here comes ‘the but’. As much as my roots sat higher and my hair was certainly bigger and felt thicker, it looked very matte. The shine I usually get post-heat style had left the building and it wasn’t as easy to run my fingers through it either.

The ends felt like they needed a *serious* detangle. Not to the point of being knotted or painful, but they felt ever so slightly more stubborn than usual. And I was aware all day that there was a lot of product in my hair.

Perhaps it’s my hair type. Maybe my hair is just too coarse for the hair type needed for this product which on the label, to be fair, says ‘fine, limp and thin.”

My hair is definitely not fine, limp and thin. It’s thick, frizzy and has a mind of its own. This product is designed for those who want their volume with a side of matte because they’re trying to steer away from the slippery, sleek look (with volume) that I strive for.

Ok, so it wasn’t created for me. But here comes another but!

Whilst the effects of the volume lessened slightly as the day went on, they didn’t completely disappear. Far from it!

I woke up the next morning and I could see that my hair still looked bigger and felt much thicker. Usually, my hair feels quite flat the morning after styling so I’m taking that and running with it.

And comments from consumers aren’t all bad, with Hannah S saying “Really gives good volume to my thin fine hair makes it feel thicker too . Would recommend for fine hair”.

While @ashleeblee_ on Instagram commented, “Game changer! My hair has never looked better!”.


color wow volumiser review

Image – @colorwow/instagram


The takeaway

This product works, that’s for damn sure! But if you’re looking for shiny, glossy, volumized locks, you’ll need to edit out the words ‘shiny’ and ‘glossy’, whatever your hair type.

The finished texture is too much on the matte side for me and my hair type but let’s face it, Color Wow never professed to have us all covered.

When it comes to volume though it packs a punch, and I was seriously impressed.

I’ll definitely be using it again, I’ll just add a detangler and shine serum into my regime while I’m at it.

Have you tried the Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumiser? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!


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