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The Best Alternative to Playa’s Now Discontinued New Day Hair Mist

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While I love the look of sleek, polished hair, a combination of natural laziness and bleach-inflicted damage means I tend to stay away from heating tools as much as possible.

Instead, I’ve spent years perfecting the hair mask/Aquis towel-drying/ridiculous-amounts-of-serum approach to heat-free styling, which generally leaves me with a loose wave look that I can live with.

Still, the craving for shiny, straight hair never quite goes away, so I tried out New Day Mist by Playa. While I like this product (more on this to come), it’s now been discontinued – which has led me to search for an alternative.



This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this article in February 2024 to add further ways to use the product complete with updated prices.


Now discontinued Playa New Day Mist

Promising hydration, fragrance and heat-free styling in one, this product sounded like the sort of lazy girl hack I needed in my life. And, through a combination of nourishing ingredients and added fragrance, it definitely delivered on its claims of both hydrating and leaving my hair smelling great.

Meanwhile, the agave root juice, aloe leaf juice powder, sugar cane extract (a humectant) and argan oil served to moisturise my hair over time too.

I was mostly happy with this product, however, I’ve had to find an alternative as it’s now been discontinued!


The alternative – OUAI’s Texturising Hair Spray

If you’re looking for a product that will refresh the smell of your hair as well as add shine without looking greasy, I really recommend Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Perfume (£34.00 on Cult Beauty UK/$44.00 on the Gisou website). The smell is incredible and it even helps me to brush through and knots in my hair when it’s wet or dry.

For a product that will help with texture, frizz, and curls, OUAI’s Texturising Hair Spray (£26.00 for 130g on the Cult Beauty UK website/$35.88 for 130g on the Cult Beauty US website) is great, and it’s complete with their signature scent.

This spray is great for dry hair and is described as “Halfway between hairspray and dry shampoo” – much like Playa’s 3-in-1 spray.

OUAI describes this spray as “A lightweight but buildable texture spray that combines the best parts of dry shampoo and hair spray to boost volume, add some hold and give that perfectly tousled look.”



It’s enriched with OUAI’s ‘Smart Technology’ which is made up of a cocktail of nourishing ingredients including amino acids, tamarind seed, keratin, and ama oil. Hibiscus and jasmine are added to strengthen, enhance moisture levels, repair, and protect from humidity.

And, it refreshes, volumises, and perfumes your strands with the delicate scents OUAI’s ‘North Bondi’, which is a blend of Italian bergamot, rose, lily of the valley, waterlily, iris and white musk – ideal for masking odour from hair that’s in need of a wash.

Over on Cult Beauty, it’s mainly glowing reviews for this product, with one customer saying “I use this everyday! Nothing else makes my curls last. It gives the right amount of texture and hold without making the hair sticky.”

Another said “Nice Texture spray and helps keep curls and waves in.” But, they also had a word of warning for those of us who are heavy on haircare “Just be careful with how much you use as too much can make hair greasy.”

However, if you’re looking for a super curl-holding mist, this might not be the one for you, with a few people saying that – while the product smelt gorgeous – it didn’t hold their curls as well as they hoped.


How to use it

Shake the bottle well before spraying. Then, hold the bottle 6″ from your head and mist dry hair from roots to ends. For ultimate volume, flip your hair upside down and spray.

For a more ‘lived-in’ look, mist it on dry hair and scrunch strands out with your fingers.

This is also a great spray for adding texture to a messy updo and will help to keep strands in place as well as add texture to any whispy bits that frame your face.


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The Takeaway

With Playa’s New Day Mist, I had to use quite a bit of product to get the styling I wanted – which made my hair a little damp and fluffy.

Whereas I didn’t need to apply as much of OUAI’s Texturising Hair Spray to get results. And, if you’re familiar with their signature scent, you’ll love the smell of this!

Great for: Speedy hair styling, beachy waves, refreshing the smell of your hair.

Not-so-great for: Those looking for SUPER curl-holding abilities.


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