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Glossier makeup review

Does Glossier Live Up to its Dewy Skin Claims?

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Main image – Glossier

Ah Glossier…the brainchild of beauty site Into The Gloss, and the toast of glowy skin enthusiasts everywhere…

Known for its won’t-bankrupt-me price tags and cruelty-free formulas, the brand is as much a firm favourite with beauty editors as it is with anyone who likes their makeup on the ‘yes I promise I just woke up like this’ side of subtlety.

So as a fan myself, I thought I’d go through a couple of my favourites (and one not so favourite) for anyone yet to dip their toe into lake Glossier.

Glossier Lash Slick

glossier lash slick

Image – Live That Glow

Similar in its subtle lengthening effect to Lancome’s Hypnose, this mascara contains shine polymers and fibres to make lashes appear glossier and slightly longer – but in a way that just makes me look like I was blessed with naturally great lashes.

The effect is the sort of subtle finish I really like for everyday makeup. Although, because of its natural effect, this means it isn’t a mascara I find particularly volumising or would use for a statement look. It does work really well alongside a lash lift though – helping to separate and lengthen.

I also really like the addition of biotin (vitamin H) which conditions and strengthens lashes.

Great for: Natural-looking lashes.

Not-so-great for: Those who like a dramatic mascara look.


What other people have to say

Lots of people on the Glossier website are praising this product, with many saying they would “recommend it to a friend”. One customer writes “This product leaves my lashes voluminous, lengthened, and held a curl. Super pretty!”

While another says “This is great for an everyday look. Nothing too over the top or dramatic but still gives your eyes a little pop.

“I have very sensitive eyes and this formula does not bother them. I can wear it all day without any issues.”

Glossier Lash Slick is £20 on the Glossier UK website/$20 on the Glossier US website


Glossier Cloud Paint


Image – Live That Glow

Easily my very favourite product from Glossier (and possibly almost any blush product I own), Cloud Paints make such a good job of simplifying, dewifying, and just putting the fun back into the makeup process that you start to wonder why no one thought of putting blusher into teeny paint tubes earlier.

Literally like playing with finger paints (but this time as an adult), Cloud Paints offer a wash of colour that looks scary out of the tube but offers a subtle wash on the skin.

Almost impossible to mess up when applying (I should know – my makeup skills are almost nil), I love how quick these are to use, as well as the dewy prettiness of the shades.

A particular favourite is Dusk, a warm apricot shade verging on terracotta out of the tube, that blends to a subtle flush of nude peach on the face.

One word of advice though, these are so pigmented that if you do accidentally spill any on anything white don’t bother trying to clean it up, just move house.

Great for: A subtle wash of colour.

Not-so-great for: Putting on without washing hands afterwards since this colour stains.


What other people have to say

These tints are a classic, and the reviews on the Glossier website prove it! One customer writes “Love the cloud paint! I wear G9 in Skin Perfecting tint. I chose the color Soar for my cheeks and it gives a great natural flushed look to my cheeks that really does last all day.

“The tube is small but you need only the tiniest amount of cheek color.”

Another says “I love the Glossier Cloud Paints because they have a buildable coverage, feel lightweight on your skin, have zero harmful additives making it safe to use for allergy and sensitive prone skin.

“Also a big plus is that a little goes a long way when using this product.”

Glossier Cloud Paint is £22 on the Glossier UK website/$22 on the Glossier US website


Glossier Solution

glossier solution

Image – Glossier

And a final word on my foray into the brand’s skincare collection with the Glossier Solution – an acid-based toner.

Now, before I start, I will say that I think that is a really effective acid…it’s just a little much for my particular skin type.

Promising gentle chemical exfoliation in a 10% formula, Solution contains a blend of AHAs, BHAs and PHAs to cover pretty much you want everything from an acid – like cleaning dead skin cells, unplugging pores and brightening skin.

Since AHAs work deeply to dissolve the glue holding dead skin cells together, while BHAs penetrate pores to unblock them (and in turn prevent breakouts) and PHAs (a larger molecule than AHAs and BHAs) work on the very surface of the skin (making skin less UV sensitive than the other two), this toner should theoretically work for most skin types.

But although I’ve found this effective, my problem with this is that I don’t find it particularly gentle. Better for when my skin is oilier, on days when my skin is sensitive or dry I find this quite harsh, unfortunately.

This means that I’ve to cut down the amount I use this – making the 130 ml here slightly unnecessary for me.

Great for: Really oily skin, and even then I think there are better acids.

Not-so-great for: All other skin types as I think this just isn’t gentle enough.

Glossier currently ships to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, making it pretty hard to get your hands on unless you live in any of those countries so I’m really hoping they open up worldwide delivery soon.


What other people have to say

The verdict on this toner is pretty positive, with one customer on the Glossier website saying “Love this product. Especially when I feel a pimple coming on. I put it on before bed and usually by morning my skin is instantly better.”

While another customer writes “My skin went thru a little purging faze which was rough for almost 2 weeks, but now! My skin is so clear and I can already see my acne marks cleaning up!”

Glossier Solution is £22 on the Glossier UK website/$28 on the Glossier US website

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  • Tatjana CVEJIC


    Thank you so much for amazing review!!! Glossier is so tempting to me, especially bc isn’t available here! So would love to try Cloud Paints and that toner!!!

    29th December 2019

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