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Can This Viral Product Really Create Heatless Curls? invisibobble curling set

I Tried This Viral Heatless Curls Kit. Here Are My Results

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Aaah, curly hair. Something I’ve always been *really* envious of.  My hair is poker straight – even when I leave it to air dry or use curl-encouraging products – and pretty long (my mum has been known to say it “looks like a pair of curtains”, always advising me to put it up in a bun or saying I should “cut it into a bob.”)

But alas, I can’t part with my long hair and, while I’ve considered a perm, I haven’t quite built up the courage to go for it.

While I love my curling wand, giving me beachy waves that last all day – I’m not comfortable with the amount of hair damage it can cause if used regularly, and I also discovered that my hair would end up in knots once the evening came. So, I’ve been looking at the best ways to achieve the waves without the warmth.


Laura Kemp with straight hair before trying heatless curls

Laura with her normally straight hair. Image – Courtesy of writer


After seeing multiple at-home hacks on TikTok and Instagram that claim to achieve bouncy curls with minimal effort, I became *slightly* disheartened that none of them seemed to work on my hair and, if they did reveal a cool set of curls, my hair was practically back to its normal (straight) self by midday.

However, a friend recently gifted me a product that promises to solve my straight hair woes! Enter the Invisibobble Heatless Curling Set

But could this viral product give me the curls of my dreams? Read on for my full review.


What is Invisibobble’s Handle with Curl Heatless Curling Set?

You might be familiar with Invisibobble already. Those cute springy, spiral-shaped bobbles that are almost *impossible* to get tangled in your hair? Yep, Invisibobble created the originals!

Within the curling set, you’ll receive two Invisibobbles wrapped in a silky material to secure the curling band to the ends of your hair (I also use mine for ponytails.)

Invisibobble was founded by Swiss-born Sophie Trelles-Tvede at 18 years old after suffering from headaches and hair kinks caused by her ponytail. After going to a party where she wore an old telephone cord in her hair, Sophie realised she didn’t have the usual headaches from wearing traditional bobbles and hair ties – and Invisibobble was born with the help of Sophie’s then-boyfriend Felix Haffra.

The original hair spirals are scientifically proven to cause less damage, less pain, and no kinks. Since creating the original hair tie, Sophie has expanded the range to include new designs of hair bands and clips, all with hair-friendly technology.

As for the heatless curling set, according to Invisibobble, “This easy-to-use heatless curls kit made out of premium silky material will create gorgeous no-heat hairstyles. The soft material of the curling ribbon is designed for the most comfortable sleep, while the stylish scrunchies hold the curls in place and can be used for additional hair styling after using the set.”

I asked Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at top Chicago hair salon Maxine, whether a heatless curling set is good for straight hair and whether heatless curling is better for our hair. She told me, “Heatless curling is good for straight hair and also works on all types of hair. Using a heatless curling set, you can achieve less heat damage and can also provide time-saving for curling hair.”

Sounds good to me.


invisibobble curling band set curls wavy hair

Image – Courtesy of Writer


How to use the Invisibobble Heatless Curling Set

The Invisibobble Hair Curling Kit (£14.95 on LOOKFANTASTIC/$15.00 on Ulta Beauty) is a game-changer in the world of hairstyling and I was eager to try it out.

And while heatless curls are nothing new (think rollers and flexi rods), more and more home hacks have been all over social media.

I’ve tried tons of rollers – which are far too uncomfortable for my sensitive scalp – as well as tying my hair in rags (very retro), wrapping my hair around my dressing gown belt (this fell out as soon as I tied my bobble around the ends), and even wrapping my hair around tights (this also wasn’t successful, creating hardly any waves in my hair.)

But I *think* I’ve found the solution with the Invisibobble’s kit.

It’s super simple to use (you may need a bit of practice to coordinate your fingers wrapping the hair, a bit like practising French braids) and is really comfortable to sleep in.

So, how do you use it?


Step 1: Position the band

Start with damp hair. Place the centre of the curling band on the top of your head – some people like to secure this with a claw clip, however, I just tie the other half of the hair to the band to keep it in place. I also added some L’Oreal Stylista salt spray before wrapping my hair to help hold the curls and add some texture, I prefer this to adding hairspray afterwards.


invisibobble heatless culrs review how to

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Step 2: Wrap small sections

Then, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and wrap it backwards (away from your face) around the band. The smaller the pieces of hair, the more curls you will have.


invisibobble heatless culrs review how to hair

Image – Courtesy of Writer


Step 3: Secure the ends

Continue wrapping, adding more small sections as you go, until you have wrapped the entire length of your hair down the band. Secure the ends of your hair to the band using the provided scrunchies. I find this curling set actually stays put, particularly in comparison to DIY options like my dressing gown belt or pair of tights.


invisibobble heatless culrs review how to hair

Image – Courtesy of Writer


My tip: Try to keep the band as close to your head as possible to ensure it’s secure. You can also move it towards the back of your head as you add sections around the band, this will create curls higher up in your hair. Doing this in the mirror also helps!


I like to leave my hair in the band overnight for maximum results and hold, however, Invisibobble states that 3 – 5 hours in your hair is long enough to create waves.

It’s important to use this on damp, almost dry hair and to make sure your hair is completely dry when you take it out. Otherwise, you run the risk of your hair going back to its natural shape pretty quickly.

Hurtado advises that, “to make heatless curls last longer, it’s best to have the curling method stay in longer, at least 6 hours or overnight, to have long-lasting curls” – so, you heard it here first, overnight is best for strong curls that stay.

And to take the curling band out, simply remove the hair ties and unravel those curls!


The result?

Bouncy, curly hair – without heat damage!

The curls do hold, however, on particularly hot or humid days I do notice they drop slightly. But, even with my SUPER straight hair, I’m still left with beachy waves at the end of the day – which I’m definitely happy about!

Using hairspray will definitely help the curls hold for longer, I just don’t really like the feel of hairspray in my hair so I usually opt for a salt spray before wrapping my hair, brushing the curls out slightly and adding a pump of serum instead.

I’m yet to wear heatless curls on a night out (these days, I’m tucked up in bed watching a series at 10pm), but I do have doubts about how well these curls will hold in a hot, humid and sweaty nightclub or bar.

I recently wore the curling band overnight before a daytime event in 30 degree heat. Taking the curling set out at around 11am, my hair was still curly by 4pm and had dropped to waves by around 7pm.


invisibobble curling band set curls wavy hair

Laura 3 hours after taking the curling band out. Image – Courtesy of Writer


The takeaway

All in all, the Invisibobble Heatless Curling Set is great for everyday curls or waves.

It’s so quick and easy to put in that it’s really worth wearing it overnight for day-to-day beachy waves/curls, and it’s particularly good if you don’t have the time to sit sectioning hair and using a hot curling iron (let’s face it, who does?!)

And for my damaged hair gals, this is perfect. The silky band and bobbles provided mean you are really unlikely to get your hair tangled, saving you from any snags.

You will have to use a bit of trial and error with this, from getting used to putting it in your hair to judging how long the curls and waves will last. 

Personally, my curls drop to waves after around 5 – 6 hours, and my hair is usually still slightly wavy the next day.

I’ll definitely keep using this as an easy way to create curls and waves, and I’d say it’s worth a purchase at under £15/$15!


Meet the expert

Raven Hurtado is a stylist at Maxine Salon, a top salon in Chicago that has been featured in Allure, Elle, Vogue, Refinery 29, Marie Curie and more.


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