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Reviewing Fourth Ray Beauty's Rainfall and Watermelon Face Milk

Fourth Ray Beauty: Low Cost Luxury?

While there are quite a few brands that I wish it was easier to get in Europe, the one that stands out the absolute most is Fourth Ray Beauty.

Having been lucky enough to get a few of their products over from the States earlier this year I can only say that since I’ve started using them I’ve sort of regretted starting my obsession- because I already know it’s going to leave a genuine hole in my routine when I run out of this budget-yet-high-quality brand.

Fourth Ray Beauty

The skincare sister brand to popular budget makeup line Colourpop Cosmetics, Fourth Ray Beauty operates along the same principles of cruelty-free, high quality products at impressively affordable prices.

Most famous for their face milks, cleansing oils and natural botanicals, the brand is vegan, as well as paraben, pthalate and synthetic fragrance free.

Of the three products I bought- the Good Mood Gel Moisturizer, Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid, and Watermelon Face Milk– Good Mood has probably been my favourite so far, simply because it has turned out to be so wearable even in the extreme heat this last summer.


Fourth Ray Beauty Rainfall

Pretty much your typical no-nonsense hyaluronic acid serum (similar to what you’d get from say The Ordinary) and does what it says on the bottle (ie hydrate), this has a slightly sticky texture on first application, before drying to a non-sticky formula that has a slight cucumber scent (which I really like).

Great for: Simple hydration.

Not-so-great for: Anyone who likes their serum to tackle multiple issues in one go as this is pretty much just hydrating.

Fourth Ray Beauty’s Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid is $16/£14 for 30 ml, Fourth Ray Beauty

Watermelon Face Milk

This serum goes one step beyond Rainfall, and provides both hydration (water) and moisture (emollients/oil).

As well as being a seriously adorable (if not slightly Pepto Bismal like) pink it also has an uplifting watermelon scent which I love in summer.

The combination of cucumber, melon, aloe vera, jasmine, apple, mango and sweet almond extracts in this product also make it that rare combination of light enough to wear in hot weather yet really nourishing.

I’ve included the full list of ingredients of this (and all the products I’ve reviewed here) at the bottom of this post.

Fourth Ray Beauty Watermelon Face Milk

Great for layering under an emollient moisturiser on days when I need both a hit of hydration and moisture, I also use it on it’s own on days when my skin isn’t needy for anything too oil-based.

Rich in antioxidants, this also provides enough natural hydration to be used as a moisturiser during breakouts. The result is skin that is comfortable and gently glowing.

I’ve actually started rationing this to when my skin is particularly thirsty because I know I’ll miss it when it runs out (especially at this price).

For me, this is a great options for anyone serious about skincare but not anxious to spend hundreds to get results.

Great for: A combination of hydration and moisture, although this is a great all rounder that could probably work for most skin types.

Not-so-great for:  I can’t think of anything- I really like this.

Fourth Ray Beauty’s Watermelon Face Milk is $14/£12 for 30 ml, Fourth Ray Beauty

Good Mood Moisturizer

Meanwhile Good Mood ,with its blend of soothing watermelon seed extract, cucumber fruit extract, hyaluronic acid and silicones, is aimed more at dehydrated yet oily types (which can tolerate silicones). My skin absolutely drinks this up when it’s sensitive.

Great for: Oilier types who like gentle hydration and don’t mind some silicones in their products.

Not-so-great for: Anyone who doesn’t like silicones in their skincare.

Fourth Ray Beauty’s Good Mood Moisturizer is $14/£12 for 50 g, Fourth Ray Beauty

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