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How To Get Your Skincare Down To 5 Minutes (And Still Have Great Skin)

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One minute you’re getting dressed, trying to make your morning coffee and feeding the dog all at the same time. And the next, you’re rushing for a train, spilling said coffee down your coat and realising as soon as the train departs that you’ve left your laptop at home. And all this before 9am.

So even if you’re a confirmed skincare addict, fitting a decent routine in can sometimes feel daunting. But, say the experts, good skincare doesn’t have to take up too much time. 

With tips from celebrity aesthetician Jenette Serrins and board-certified dermatologist Dr Anthony Rossi, find out how to strip your regime down to minimal steps without compromising your skin. Which products are essential? And which ones are still essential but only need to be applied every so often?

Welcome to super speedy, expert approved skincare.


The time-saving skincare essentials

So what is the most basic, time-saving morning routine that still benefits your skin? “Ideally you would be washing your face when you bathe or shower,” says Dr Rossi. So, that’s cleanser ticked off the list. 

Next, the biggest anti ager of them all – sunscreen. “Because we know it decreases the risk of skin cancer as well as skin aging from UV exposure,” he adds. 

You’ve saved more than enough time here, so you could even add a serum in between your cleanser and SPF, making it a three-step routine. It wouldn’t take long to apply it and your skin would get ample hydration and treatment.


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A night-time regime is usually slightly longer because of your double cleanse but this is non-negotiable. “Wash your face every night before going to bed, preferably starting with an oil cleanser or milky cleanser,” says Serrins

This ensures all the dirt and makeup up is loosened before you ‘vacuum’ it up with your second cleanse. “Move onto your second cleanser with an appropriate gel for your skin type.” 

Next, “apply a healing serum and/or moisturiser, preferably with vitamin C, niacinamide and/or hyaluronic acid,” she adds.

Hang on a minute. What about exfoliation? Whilst some advise doing this weekly, the time-poor among us will be pleased to hear that Dr Rossi recommends doing it less frequently. 

“You should not overdo it as this can cause irritation or inflammation,” he says. “I recommend exfoliating at least once a month.” I think we can stretch to that…


5 time saving skincare hacks

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  • 1. Don’t waste time showering and cleansing separately:

If you cleanse whilst you shower then no time at all will be added onto your morning to-do list. Oh how I love a two for one deal.

  • 2. Another two for one can be found with your SPF:

You can either buy a beautifully moisturizing targeted SPF or, “find a moisturiser containing a great sunscreen,” Dr Rossi says. “This will be a one stop shop for you to get the moisturiser and sunblock in one.”  Just make sure to apply enough according to the product’s instructions to get the full SPF value.

  • 3. Split up your ingredients:

If you haven’t got time to apply certain ingredients you know your skin will benefit from all in one go, split them into your morning and evening regimes so that they’re shared out. For example, if you love wearing a hyaluronic acid serum but you don’t have time to apply one in the morning, incorporate hyaluronic acid into your night serum instead so that your skin still gets the hydration it needs.

  • 4. Multitask your skincare:

You’ve showered (and cleansed your face) but you’re desperate for your morning cup of tea. Take your serum to the kitchen with you and apply it while the kettle’s boiling. No one will judge you, they’ll just be seriously impressed with your time-saving skills.

  • 5. Set a timer:

To make sure you stick to your five-minute routine, Serrins says, “set a timer and have your key products ready to use.” Perhaps giving yourself a physical time limit will make you more likely to actually do your regime and not skip it.


The takeaway

OK so we all want to be able to sit down and treat our skin to a ten-step regime so that it’s the best it can be. But realistically, most of us just don’t have the luxury of time. 

As you can see though, the experts say a two or three step regime that still benefits your skin does exist. It’s just a question of which ingredients you use to maximise your skin’s full potential. 

Cleansing and protecting from the sun are key for day-time. Whilst double cleansing, hydration and treating with a serum in the evening is best. 

And don’t forget to exfoliate once a month, as per Dr Rossi’s advice. Or, if your skin can handle it and you can squeeze it into your evening routine, don’t be afraid to up it to once weekly.


Meet the experts

Jenette Serrins is a skincare expert and celebrity aesthetician, and the owner, founder, developer and alchemist of Jenette Skin Care Inc and Being in LA wellness spa, a Los Angeles-based spa that tends to the likes of Emma Watson and Rachel McAdams.


Dr Anthony Rossi is a board-certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. One of the most sought-after surgeons and laser experts in the field of dermatology, he is internationally recognised for his pioneering research and clinical work.


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