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Hair wrap for looking after curls overnight

Why Curly Haired Girls Might Love This New Dream Team

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Main image – Silke London

If you have beautiful, bouncy curls you’ll know that finding the right overnight and morning routine to get them looking just right is no mean feat. 

Whether you go to bed with your curls looking on point and they’re frizzy by morning. Or you just can’t ever get the shape or condition right, you’ll know that curly hair needs a lot of love and attention.

But there’s a new brand collaboration in town that might just make your hair routine a whole lot easier. Combine that with the below handy hair tips from Silke London co-founder Maria Sotiriou, and I reckon you’ll have curly hair nailed by bedtime.


What’s the collab? 

Silke London and Color Wow have partnered up to create their Curly Girl Bundle (£69.30, exclusive to Look Fantastic). It includes the Silke Hair Wrap (The Kate – Navy) and Color Wow Dream Coat Curly (200ml) aiming to cover all bases while you sleep. 

The Silke Hair Wrap is made from pure silk. We’ve tried this one for ourselves at Live That Glow HQ and can honestly say it comfortably fits onto the head and cocoons our hair while we sleep, making for smoother hair the next day.

It can be used on all hair types but according to it’s makers it’s particularly beneficial on curly hair. 

Add to this, Silke London have teamed up with Color Wow to include a lightweight spray that hydrates, conditions and smooths curls to the max and they’re hoping to make a pretty dreamy combination for curly hair girls. Dream Coat is one of the most luxurious, hydrating, softening products I’ve ever used on my hair so I imagine it will be pretty effective on curls too.

But what tips to Silke London have for looking after curls overnight?


Color Wow product in Curly Girl Bundle

Image – Color Wow


What happens to curly hair when you sleep?

“Because of the structure of the strands, curly hair is often likely to have raised dehydrated hair cuticles,” explains Sotiriou. “This makes curly hair types more prone to loss of moisture resulting in dryness and breakage.”

Sotiriou says silk is the answer. “Without 100% silk protection, we’ll typically wake up to frizzy, misshapen curls that look nothing like that they did on wash day!”

So that’s why hair can sometimes look like a ball of frizz, particularly the morning after a restless night. “This is mainly caused by friction caused by your pillowcases whilst you sleep,” Sotiriou says. *buys silk pillowcase immediately*. 


Silk hair wrap

Image – Silke London


How to preserve your curls overnight

It’s all in how you style your hair while you sleep. “I recommend tipping your head forward before tying the hair into a loose pineapple,” says Sotiriou. “This is to make sure you don’t buckle any strands of curls.”

Or, “clip back your frontal face framing pieces separately to ensure they are not stretched out,” she adds. 

Next is when a wrap like the Silke London Hair Wrap comes into play. “This will ensure that your wash-day curls are preserved into day 2, 3, 4 and even 5!”


Silk hair wrap in Curly Girl Bundle

Image – Silke London


How to refresh your curls the morning after

Sotiriou says you shouldn’t need to if you slept in a silk hair wrap (hello lie in!) 

“If you feel that you need to give your curls some extra life, I recommend tipping your head forward then using a spray misting bottle to apply a light mist of water mainly to the tips of your hair,” she advises. “Squeeze the tips with the palm of your hand to make sure you don’t over-soak.”

If you need to tie up your curls during the day, she recommends styling it loosely and to try and use a silk hair tie “to not stretch, damage or kink your curls.”


The takeaway

If you’re struggling to keep curls under control at night and it’s adding time onto your morning routine, try a silk hair wrap and/or silk pillowcase. This will prevent friction and therefore help to prevent frizz – the curly haired girl’s nemesis. 

If you don’t have a hair wrap though, loosely clipping or tying curls overnight will help to keep their shape and avoid the dreaded tangle.  Now go enjoy your curls!


Meet the expert

Maria Sotiriou is co-founder of Silke London


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