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Is Fresh's Rose Face Mask the Perfect Summer Mask?

Is Fresh’s Rose Face Mask the Perfect Summer Mask?

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Main image – Fresh

If you’re anything like me then winter is pretty much the time to go heavy on face masks.  Both for the (definitely necessary) added hydration, as well as for the general level of comfy cosiness they offer (is there anything better on gloomy evenings?).

But in summer those snuggly nights in normally get traded for mojitos somewhere sunny, while anyone who’s ever tried to use a face mask in the heat will know the attempt mostly ends up in some sort of undignified puddle (will I ever learn…?).

So while I’m not normally a big masker in the summer, there is one type that does work well for me in hotter weather (leaving me less sweaty mess, more glowy mess); a gel mask.

And one of my absolute favourites has to be Fresh’s Rose Face Mask.


Image – Live That Glow


The Brand

I’ve been a big fan of the gentle formulas and natural ingredient-heavy products from Fresh Beauty since first trying the brand last year.

And some, like their  Soy Face Cleanser, have definitely made their way onto my permanent rebuy list.

Created in Boston in 1991 by Russians Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh’s brand ethos is natural luxury; which anyone whose ever seen the real rose petals in some of the products would probably agree they’ve nailed pretty well.

They’re also into effective formulas and are generally kind to sensitive skin. And I’m already a big fan of a few of the brand’s face products, including the Deep Hydration Facial Toner.

But for cooling, post-sun hydration it’s got to be their Rose Face Mask.


Fresh Rose Face Mask

Infused with real rose petals and the same dreamy scent as the Rose Deep Hydration Floral Toner, this mask is one of my current skin-soothing favourites.

Containing glycerin to soften, rosa damascena flower water to soothe, and cucumber fruit and aloe leaf extract to hydrate, this light gel mask also boasts green tea and vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

“Vitamin E is available in cream form and as an oil for topical use. It’s added to many cosmetic products, including anti-aging creams, eye serums, sunscreens, and makeup,” says Healthline.

“Vitamin E easily absorbs into skin. Topical use via creams or other products may increase the amount of vitamin E stored within the sebaceous glands,” so it’s great for the skin and replenishing moisture!

Finally, Porphyridium Cruentum – a type of algae – helps hydrate further while also soothing stressed skin.


On the Skin

A thin gel texture, this rosy-smelling mask is instantly cooling on skin, and absorbs very quickly – making it an ideal travel mask for hot weather destinations.

It’s actually so wearable that I often leave it on for longer than the normal 10 minutes, and even keep it on overnight if my skin really needs a lot of hydration.

Meanwhile, the aloe leaf and cucumber fruit extracts here really do soothe – especially helpful on sunburnt or even retinol-irritated skin – while the glycerin leaves skin gorgeously soft.

To be completely honest, I actually like this so much (especially if my skin is stressed) that I even sometimes use it as a serum under my moisturiser – and it’s really helping to hydrate.

As well as hydrating, I like that this is both gentle and soothing – making it a rare face mask that even the most sensitive types can enjoy.

And while I might be the only person who actually uses it like this, I’m also a fan of how this works as a light summer moisturiser for holidays etc (just be careful to avoid the actual chunks of rose petals otherwise people might stare).


Is Fresh's Rose Face Mask the Perfect Summer Mask?

Image – Fresh

What other people have to say

Customers on the Space NK website are loving the smell and texture of this mask, with one saying “I am a big fan of Fresh products and this face mask is one of my favourites. It is a treat to use! I apply every few days to clean skin and leave on whilst I shower.

“It is delicate and smooth and has a lovely fragrance. After rinsing my skin is soft and supple, it feels really nourished. It is the only face mask I use and I would definitely recommend this product.”

Another writes “I received a sample of this with a purchase and didn’t hold out a lot of hope for it, in truth. I’ve sensitive skin that reddens easily from a variety of factors. However, this slipped on easily. It proved refreshing and nurturing.

“What’s more, it’s really economical too. I’ve now bought a full sized pot. On flare up occasions, I add a Caudalie grape water blast to hydrate and find my skin calming immediately.”


The Takeaway

I honestly love this mask – and I think the results are great if what you want is gentle hydration and some skin-soothing action.

I’m not such a fan of the price though, which at £52 for the full-size 100 ml version is pretty steep.

The smaller 30 ml (£21) version does last me a good few months though so its overall value isn’t bad.

Having said that, for a similar price I also really enjoy Sand & Sky’s Emu Apple Super Bounce Face Mask, which is both impressively brightening, and filled with lots of lovely antioxidants (great for city dwellers and sun worshippers).

But for real versatility as well as sensitive, dehydrated types who react easily to slightly stronger active ingredients, Fresh’s mask really is a winner.

And I also think this has a place for anyone who enjoys a slight spa feel to their products, which the real rose petals here definitely help with.

Great for: Quick hydration. Soothing sensitive types. Floral scent fans. Also for the high number of natural ingredients. And I love that this is available in a small size (30ml) as well as 100ml so you can try it out before investing fully

Not-so-great for: The price, which is pretty steep for a gel mask, plus I actually use quite a lot of this each time because of its watery texture.

Fresh’s Rose Face Mask is from £24 for 30 ml, Cult Beauty UK and $27 for 1 oz/ 30 ml, Sephora US



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