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Kjaer Weis and Manasi 7 makeup products

Scandi Makeup Favourites for Natural Beauty Looks

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Main Image – Live That Glow

From their taste in ultra-chic minimalism to their commitment to healthy living, there’s a lot to love about the Scandinavian approach to beauty.

Couple that with their emphasis on skin health, high-quality ingredients and a fuss-free approach to functionality, and Scandinavian brands are quickly becoming a go-to for anyone who likes their makeup skin-friendly and subtle (like me!).

So given my addiction to dewy makeup formulas and nature-inspired ingredients there are two Scandinavian brands in particular currently taking over my makeup bag.

Read on to learn more about the Danish and Swedish brands I’m currently loving.


Kjaer Weis

Genuinely one of my absolute favourite brands right now; classy, beautiful formulas in reusable, high-quality packaging, Kjaer Weis is the brainchild of Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis.

As a fan of a cream makeup formula both for the dewy, subtle finish they offer, as well as their moisturising effect on the skin, I really enjoy Kjaer Weis’s range of cream foundations, highlighters, blushes and lip colours.

Based on skin-friendly, natural formulas with ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil and gardenia Florida extract, the lip and cheek colours are so gentle they can be used interchangeably on various parts of the face.


Kjaer Weis and Manasi 7

Image – Live That Glow

Easy to work onto skin using fingers for a natural flush, dewy skin fans will probably enjoy the finish of the Lip Tint, while those who prefer a slightly more matte look may like the Cream Blush.

Meanwhile, the cream-based Foundation also offers a classy, matte finish.  I personally mix mine with a little face oil to get a glowier look going, but the foundation’s matte look works really well on its own under the eyes and can be used interchangeably as a concealer.

I also have to take a moment to appreciate the brand’s refillable packaging, which is both genuinely beautiful (and heavy), and also so much more eco-friendly than the plastic used by so many other brands.  Just watch out for fingerprints because these are magnets for them.

Yes, the initial prices of Kjaer Weis products are really quite pricey- but the refills are almost half the price, actively encouraging buyers to reuse their packaging.

Plus their formulas are all so concentrated I use very little, and I’m also genuinely happy to pay a little more for the quality of the products here.


Manasi 7

Another stunning brand. Created by another makeup artist, Susanne Manasi, this Swedish company boasts similarly easy-to-use, multi-purpose cream formulas- but in a range of super concentrated single pot shades that can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes.

Available in 21 shades, their All Over Colour offers an impressive wash of colour in everything from subtle nudes to deep berry shades, bright pinks and summery corals.

With a slight scent of vanilla, these shea butter, apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil-based I  love that these formulas are ridiculously easy to work onto skin using fingers in seconds (which is conveniently the maximum amount of time I’m normally prepared to dedicate to applying makeup) and that can essentially carry around a whole makeup routine with you in just one pot.

Just be aware that these little colours are so concentrated that you need the *teeniest* amount and you’ll also probably need to wash your hands after using them – because these colours really do stick around.


mansi 7

Image – Mansi 7


The brand also offers similarly creamy highlighters, bronzers and a glitter-free, transparent shine product- the All Over Shine in Cristallo– which can be used to add a subtle glow without the shimmer to cheeks, eyelids and lips.

As well as their versatile formulas, I also like Manasi 7’s sustainability-friendly packaging, with paper outer boxes and plant-based cellulose material in place of plastic packaging for the products themselves. They also use a small batch manufacturing process and wild-harvested and natural ingredients.


The takeaway

If like me you enjoy your makeup on the natural and skin-friendly side, then you might like some of the Scandinavian brands making waves at the moment

Although somewhat pricey, I do love the Scandinavian approach to high-quality, sustainable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and subtle results.



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