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The Moisturiser Made of Snail Secretion That I Can’t Believe Has Won Me Over

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Main image – Courtesy of writer

Yeah, so snail secretions. Not something I ever thought would be at the top of my skincare ingredients list to be honest, but here we are. 

The name for the Korean skincare brand behind this one is Cosrx, which means a mix of ‘cosmetics’ and ‘RX’ (meaning, prescription). Boasting a huge range of skincare products, their philosophy is to make skin look great on the outside whilst also giving it the star treatment on the inside.

The Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream (from £16.99 from Boots UK /from $15 from Cosrx US) is probably one of the brand’s more controversial products. And in all honesty, I don’t know many people who would look at it and feel desperate to try it. 

But hey, that’s what beauty editors are for. I took one for the team and slathered snail secretions all over my face. And the results surprised me.


At first glance

The packaging of this product leaves a lot to be desired. You’d think that something containing snail slime (come on, that’s what it is) would be packaged a little more attractively. 

The black and yellow print on the plain white tube isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye and doesn’t make you enthusiastic about applying it on your skin once, let alone include it in your daily skincare regime


Image – Courtesy of writer


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for pretty pictures of snails – absolutely not, no thanks, forget about it. But maybe some slightly less clinical branding that at least would look nice on my bathroom shelf. 

It looks more like a prescription cream from the doctor. But then again, I suppose that’s half the meaning of Cosrx’s name, so kudos to them for staying on brand.

I’m just saying, if you’re going to write the word ‘snail’ on my moisturiser, you’ll need to give me another incentive to buy it. What can I say? Snails don’t really do it for me.


Snail trails

According to the packaging, the cream is formulated with 92% Snail Secretion Filtrate and ‘helps naturally create the appealing glow of healthy skin.” It promises to be lightweight, repairing, plumping and soothing, particularly after a breakout. 

So how do snails get involved? Don’t worry, none are harmed in the making of this product. Apparently, they are placed over a mesh in a dark and quiet room. They are left to roam freely, leaving mucin in their trails which is caught in the net and gathered for the formula. Simple, when you think about it.

But why snails? Well apparently their secretions are hugely hydrating and have been used in the past to treat wounds, skin irritation and sensitivity. I’m not sure who thought to try this theory out in the first place, but I’m relieved it worked for them and that their slime-capturing efforts weren’t in vain.  


Image – Cosrx


Testing the product

You can probably tell by now that I wasn’t overly keen to try this out. Apart from being quite picky over my skincare, I am also incredibly squeamish. Any talk of creepy crawlies and my skin starts to itch.

But I must admit, I had heard about the benefits of snail secretions before and was surprisingly intrigued. So I bit the bullet and tried it on the back of my hand first. Baby steps.

The first win was that it doesn’t have a fragrance. I’m not sure what I expected it to smell like – soil perhaps?! But no. It just has the usual clinical smell of other fragrance-free products. 

The next thing I noticed was that it was clearly very hydrating. It is quite thick at first, but not overpoweringly so and once it sinks into the skin, it feels very light and instantly softens the skin.

Quite impressed, I then decided I was ok with putting it on my face, so I applied it after cleansing and the results were pretty amazing to be honest. In one application, I had smooth, hydrated skin that just… glowed. 

There’s this dewy, gleamy finish that I haven’t experienced with other moisturisers before, and I really liked what I was seeing. My skin felt slightly firmer too.

You don’t need to use a lot. The instructions rather unhelpfully say ‘apply a proper amount evenly’ which to this day I’m confused about. 

What exactly is a ‘proper’ amount? Generous? I guessed and used the same amount as I would my usual moisturiser which as it turns out was a bit too much – a little goes a long way.

But I really liked how it made my skin feel – plumped, glowy and hydrated. I agreed to keep using it as my night-time moisturiser for a while and trust me, no one is more surprised by this than I am. 

But you see, over a few weeks, I could really notice a positive difference to my skin. My usual dry patches were smoothed over, I maintained a glow and my skin just felt sturdier. 

You can use it morning and evening, but it does not contain SPF. My oily skin can get quite greasy if I apply a moisturiser and an SPF, as well as makeup during the day so I’m sticking to night time.

The texture is a bit odd – if you rub it in between your fingers and then separate them, the cream forms a string which I could do without seeing, personally. Why? Well, because it looks like slime and I don’t really need reminding. But once I’m past that, I can 100% see the appeal of this product, just by looking in the mirror. 


What other users are saying

Other users seem to love it too. Augustine on says “honestly this product is magical, I have never imagined that my dark spots will fade away, I have been using a lot of products but sincerely this cream makes me more confident that Cosrx is the best.” 

Whilst Dorothy A says, “I was a bit nervous order(ing) something made from snails but I LOVE it. Very light and feels very moisturising.”  And finally, Carina R says, “I’m sold on the snails. It really helps my dry skin be more balanced and dewy.”


Overall value for money

Ok I know what you’re thinking – what’s the catch? Snails? Well, yes. But what about the price tag? Forget about it. It costs from £16.99 in Boots and $15 on the Cosrx website. That price is La Roche Posay or CeraVe moisturiser territory and I have no qualms spending it there. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel, but the price has made me love it even more. 


The takeaway

So it seems snail secretions rock my world. I have never written that sentence before.

If you’re looking to try something a bit different with your moisturiser, I say ignore the packaging and the fact that snails are heavily involved. Just enjoy the benefits it gives your skin. After a few weeks you’ll be pleased you did.


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