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Glowing Summer Makeup: 5 Quick Tips to Look Great

Glowing Summer Makeup: 5 Quick Tips to Look Great

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Main image – @kjaerweis/Instagram

While summer is pretty much my favourite time of the year (I’m basically part lizard and need to be warm at all times), the ensuing heat/humidity/direct sunlight can definitely upset the fine balance of the 30-seconds-or-nothing approach to makeup application I have going.

High temperatures plus *actually moving about in the heat* is enough to make my normally fairly reliable makeup routine slither about- meaning my blusher is roughly just above my chin by about 5pm.

And so because my every natural lazy instinct prevents me from actually spending more time on my makeup, I’ve been perfecting some hot weather hacks (that take almost no time at all) to keep makeup in place this summer.

And here they are!

1. Don’t Over-Moisturise

Ok, so not so much a makeup tip, but bear with me it does all come together eventually (and skin prep really does count)… Because if you’re like me then using any rich lotions or creams in the heat causes you to *instantly* start sweating.  And in turn that means that pretty much all the work you’ve put into your makeup so far is now sitting in a slight puddle.

Instead, either switch to a moisturiser which is heavier on the humectant (water binding) ingredients than the emollient (often oilier) ones or just apply your normal product in a much thinner layer and leave it longer to absorb before adding makeup.

Alternatively, even a hydrating serum might be enough to keep skin plumped and comfortable without blocking pores in summer.  Look for anything containing hyaluronic acid in particular.

For my full thoughts on a moisturiser with summer in mind though, have a look at our review of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer.

2. Switch the Foundation

I’m not much of a foundation wearer anyway but in the summer even less so.  I am, however, a huge SPF fan but hate the weirdly ill-looking face my normal mineral sunscreen leaves me with.

So to both make my SPF wearable, as well as to even out my skin tone, I mix in some Drunk Elephant D Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops for an instant bronze as well as added antioxidant protection (catch you on the flipside UV rays…).

For some more details on exactly how to mix them, browse our D Bronzi review here.

3. Cream Formulas

I love cream formulas for their natural dewiness and ridiculously easy, no brush-no problem application method (essentially if you can finger paint then you can have a full face of makeup in roughly 15 seconds- the kind of skill level I can totally get on board with).

Having said that, cream makeup isn’t the easiest in hot weather, having a tendency to slide everywhere or just plain disappear by midday.

But while I’m normally a dewy formula kind of girl, in summer I find that the more matte cream products have a sticking power that’s hard to beat (plus the natural humidity in summer makes skin pretty glowy anyway).

One of my favourites is pretty much anything by Kjaer Weis, including their Cream Foundation.

Total luxury, yes- but this lasts for absolutely ages and the ingredients are skin-nourishing enough for even the most sensitive types.

Surprisingly matte yet still really easy to apply, this cream foundation works equally well as a concealer as it does as an all-over product. Oily types might particularly appreciate this one, while dewy fans can mix this with a tiny amount of face oil for a glowier effect.



4. Setting Spray

I’m normally loathe to add a further step into my skincare or makeup routine without a really good reason (it’s that natural laziness again), but in summer I’ve found a setting spray can be worth the extra time (and money).

My favourite is Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dewy Set, which not only keeps makeup in place impressively well even when it’s really hot out, but also (as the name suggests) gives skin a nice glow.

5. Find the Right Mascara

I’m someone who even in normal, non-tropical humidity levels is prone to racoon eyes within about half an hour of applying mascara (I wish that was an exaggeration).  So when summer comes around I normally find myself skipping it entirely because the added heat means my under eyes look so vampire-like by the end of the day it’s really not worth the bother.

That was until Wander Beauty sent me their Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara. Literally the best mascara I have ever used for my own lash type, this has never shed so much as one flake of product onto my under eyes, while also offering the sort of natural-looking lift I really like.

If you don’t want to replace an existing favourite, though, but still have a flaking problem in summer, I’ve found that when you apply it as an effect.  If you’re using a setting spray mist, instead of applying a full face of makeup and then misting your face, mist and then apply mascara.  This seems to act almost as a mascara primer, helping it to stick in place for longer.

The Takeaway

So there you have it, five quick ways to keep summer makeup in place for a look that’s still dewy (without being sweaty)!







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