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black french tip nails with bug rhinestones

45 of the Chicest Black French Tip Nails for Your Next Mani

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Main Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram

Long live the French tip nail!

A timeless classic that will never go out of style (yep, I will die on that hill), the possibilities for nail art, finishes, lengths and shapes are *literally* endless with a set of Frenchies.

This classic style, characterised by a pale base with a contrasting white tip, has undergone a pretty transformative evolution in recent times. But – forget goth and emo aesthetic, black Frenchies can be glam and fun (although, we do love Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Adam vibes).

From subtle intricate nail art to striking statements, these designs embody the perfect combo of classic charm and avant-garde appeal. Recently seen on the likes of Bella Hadid, Kim K, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez – get ready for endless inspo for your next mani appointment.


45 Black French tip nail design ideas


1. Black and white French tip nails with neon 

Checkerboard print is *everywhere* at the moment, even in the world of nails. This set is giving Mario Kart vibes!


2. Black and gold French tip nails

The perfect combo.


3. Black and red French tip nails

There are tonnes of colour variations for a French mani, but black and red is up there with the best.


4. Black, nude, and gold French tip nails

The most celestial nails in the roundup – dreamy.


5. Arty black French tips on a natural base

An arty twist on the Frenchie trend.


6. Black French tip nails with bug rhinestones

Add a touch of glam with gems, rhinestones or pearls! These large rhinestones made into spiders are stunning – not to mention the creamy chrome base.


7. Black zebra French tip nails with silver glitter

The tiny silver accents on zebra print black French tips give a little something extra.


8. Black French tip nails with glitter and stars

The perfect NYE nails? 


9. Micro black French tip nails

The tiniest black French tip can really up your mani game.


10. Black French tip nails on a milky base

Milky manis have been all over my feed lately, so this coffin set is bang on trend.


11. Deep black French tip nails with half moons

These deep French tips with half moons at the cuticle are an ultra-modern take.


12. Black French tip nails with snake nail design

Adding a feature nails to French tips is a great way to show off some personality and style.


13. Yin yang black French tip nails with gems

You’re the yin to my yang.


14. Black and white cow print French tip nails

For all of the animal lovers out there.


15. Pink and black wavy French tip nails

I’m *slightly* obsessed with this wavy pink and black mani on long natural nails.


16. Matte and gloss black French tip nails

Mix gloss with matte for a modern twist.


17. Black and deep purple French tip nails with flowers

We are BIG fans of purple nails, and these Frenchies with deep purple details, glitter, and tiny bouquets of flowers are no exception.


18. Black chrome French tip nails with stars

Chrome nails have been everywhere in 2023, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.


19. Black and orange flame French tip nails

Hot Wheels vibes.


20. Black and blue Burberry French tip nails

This delicate Burberry print would fit right in at the office.


21. Black and neon green French tip nails

Two different colours on each hand is becoming a huge nail trend this year, like these neon green and black modern Frenchies.


22. Black swirl French tip nails

We love a swirl set of nails, and this is super groovy mani that would go with any outfit.


23. Black heart French tip nails

Fancy a change from the classic Frenchie shape? This heart-shaped set is the *perfect* take on the trend.


24. Double line French tips

Two is always better than one, right?!


25. Arrow shape French tip nails

A fresh take on the classic.


26. Mismatched black and white French tip nails with flames and flowers

Hotter than hell, but with cute flowers.


27. Black French tip nails with 3D croc print

3D nails are one of the biggest mani trends at the moment, and we are loving this wet-look croc print!


28. Black French tip almond nails

You can’t go wrong with a classic almond nail.


29. Black French tip square nails on a pink nude base

Square nails are a bit of a classic for French tips, and the nude pink on this set is the perfect base colour.


30. Black French tip coffin nails

Go big and bold with modern abstract monochrome coffin nails.


31. Black French tip stiletto nails with gold leopard print

This mani combines some of the biggest nail trends for 2024 – ombre, French tips, and animal print.


32. Black French tip round nails with tiny hearts

Round Frenchies are a classic, and we love the added tiny hearts on these nails.


33. Long ombre black French tip nails

The perfect length to add some ombre nail art!


34. Medium black and chrome French tip nails

Sleek Medium black French tip nails with added shiny chrome is a super smart look.


35. Short black French tip nails with dots and lines

Frenchies look great on shorter nails, and I love the tiny dots and lines on this set.


36. BIAB black French tip nails

We are loving the way these French tips have been taken down the side of the nails for a seriously modern look.


37. Gel black scallop French tip nails

A durable and glossy solution for long-lasting nails.


38. Natural black French tip flame nails 

This minimal mani is great for those who prefer to keep it au natural.


39. Spring black French tip nails

Checkerboard print AND classic yellow smiley faces make the most Y2K mani in the roundup and are the perfect nails for spring.


40. Valentine’s black French tip nails

Valentine’s nails don’t have to be pink and red! And this black and white heart set would actually be perfect all year round.


41. Summer black French tip nails with multicoloured leopard print

Add a pop of colour to your summer nails with multicoloured leopard print French tips!


42. Fall matte black French tip nails with cuffs

Cuffs are everywhere at the moment, and this monochrome matte set is the perfect chic mani to take you through fall.


43. Halloween black, orange, and yellow French tip nails

These nails are seriously spooktacular.


44. Winter black French tip nails with gold glitter and shimmer

Gold, shimmer, and French tips are the perfect winter nail combo.


45. Christmas black French tip nails with custom multicoloured glitter

Nothing says Christmas like colourful glitter!


The takeaway

Well, we think it’s *pretty* clear that black isn’t boring when it comes to nails.

Whether you love intricate designs, coffin nails, short and sweet manicures or super-long acrylics – there’s definitely a set for you in this carefully curated list!

Tried one of these ideas? Let us know which one is your *fave* in the comments below or on our Instagram @live.thatglow!



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