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35 of the Cutest Pink Ombre Nail Design Ideas to Show Your Nail Tech

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Main Image – @lolo.nailedit/Instagram

Ahh, ombre. Ombre hair, ombre interiors, ombre nails – we love it all.

Classic ombre begins with a darker colour, subtly and seamlessly transitioning into a lighter colour. 

And with pink nails set to take centre stage on the mani front in 2024, combined with the ombre trend you’re bound to find something that suits your vibe.

So, I’ve saved 35 of THE prettiest ombre nails I’ve seen when scrolling my feeds, so you can screenshot them and take them to your next mani appointment. We’ve also added some tips and tricks to be able to re-create some of these looks from home.

You’re welcome!


35 of the Prettiest Pink Ombre Nail Design Idea


By colour

1. Pink and white ombre nails

This super pretty set was created using The Gel Bottle Inc in shades Biab Tedd, Marshmallow, Matte Top and Extreme Shine, as well as Chameleon Glitter’s Snow White Pigment Powder. Obsessed.

pink and white ombre nail design ideas

Image – @chameleonglitter/instagram


2. Pink and nude ombre nails

Send us your fave nudes (not those kind of nudes).

pink and nude ombre nail design

Image – @@overglowedit/instagram


3. Twist on the classic French ombre nails

A modern take on an absolute classic. The ombre French mani we saw during the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic trend in 2023 is here to stay this year (and we are NOT surprised).

ombre french manicure nail design ideas

Image – @jessmaynard_nails/instagram


4. Pastel pink ombre nails

Now, this is an upgraded take on the ombre, where each nail transitions from white through to pastel pinks and hot pink. This set was created using Glossify.

pastel pink ombre nails

Image – @beautyspace_charlotte/instagram


5. Neon pink ombre nails

Neon pink can be a *bit* bright, but it looks great on all skin tones. If you want to wear this shade without being too ‘out there’, keep your nails short and neat.

hot pink ombre nails

Image – @stephstonenails/instagram


6. Ballerina pink gel ombre nails

Mimicking the beautiful hues of ballerina shoes and clothing, this set was created using Pink Gellac in the shade Ballerina Pink (duh).

ballerina ombre nails design ideas

Image – @alikis_nail_bar/instagram


7. Peach and pink ombre nails

Feeling like a lil fruit salad, who remembers those sweets are they still around? Created using The Gel Bottle Inc in the shades Madonna and Peach Daiquiri.

peach and pink ombre nail design ideas

Image – @charsgelnails_/instagram


8. Barbie pink ombre nails with a glass chrome finish

Margot Robbie stepped out of the box at this year’s Golden Globes Awards, wearing a hot pink shimmery dress, a custom by Giorgio Armani Privé – proving Barbiecore nails are here to stay (for now, at least).

barbie pink ombre nails

Image – @jet_set_beauty_nails/instagram


9. Baby pink ombre nails with floating French tip

Baby pink is a classic, mix it up with some ombre and a floating Frenchie – set to be everywhere in 2024.

baby pink ombre nail design ideas

Image – @avaishlanails/instagram


10. Bubblegum pink ombre nails

When OPI released these bubblegum pink shades, they blew up. 

If you can’t decide which shade you prefer, go for an ombre selection on each fingertip. Shades, from index to pinkie: Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon, Sugar Crush It, Emflowered, and Shorts Story.

bubblegum pink ombre nail design ideas

Image – @polishobsessed/OPI/Instagram


11. Hot pink ombre nails with shimmery glitter

Baby pink? Check. Hot pink? Check. Shimmery glitter? Check. The perfect mani does exist.

Barbie nail design ideas hot pink

Image – @lolo.nailedit/Instagram


12. Rose quartz ombre nails

Pink and white swirl together in an ombre design that looks like a beautiful rose quartz.

rose quartz ombre nails

Image – @harrietwestmoreland/Instagram


13. Coral ombre nails with gold flakes

There are *so* many shades of coral, but we love this slightly pinky-orangey shade with gold flakes.

coral ombre nails

Image – @p.l.s.lashes.and.nails/instagram


14. Pink and blue long ombre nails

This long and strong ombre set was created using Eclair Nails shades.

pink and blue ombre nail designs

Image – @lakierowy_apacz/instagram


15. Pink and turquoise press-on gel ombre nails

These semi-cured stickers from MoYou London are the perfect way to recreate the ombre trend from home – and they last for weeks!

pink and turquoise ombre nail design

Image – MoYou London


16. Pink and navy ombre nails with glitter strips

This purply pink shade is perfect with navy blue, and the glitter strip adds a *slightly* sci-fi feel. You can easily add a glitter strip to any mani by using a glitter polish and some scotch tape!


PRO TIP: Make the scotch tape less sticky by sticking it to your skin a few times to reduce the risk of it peeling off your base polish, and remove the tape while the glitter polish is still wet!

pink and navy ombre nail design

Image – @jeanettee_nails/instagram


17. Light pink and black glitter ombre nails with hearts

When I hear “pink and black” my thoughts usually go to neon pinks and emo vibes (if you were around in the 2000s, you’ll know what I mean).

But this barely-there light pink set complete with hearts and glitter is the perfect shade for ombre black.

light pink and black ombre nail design

Image – @pakobeauty/Instagram


18. Pink and purple bold ombre nails

There are *so* many shades of purple to choose from, from lilac and lavender to amethyst and indigo, and these bold and bright colours look great on a shorter nail.

pink and purple ombre nail design ideas

Image – @yo_keshh/instagram


19. Pink and lilac chrome ombre nails with celestial stars

Pink ombre starbursts with some gorgeous Anona chrome, which you can buy online from Magpie Beauty.

pink and purple ombre nails

Image – @sophrainbownails/Instagram


20. Pink and burgundy ombre nails

This is the best jelly formula! The polishes are so easy to blend without using a sponge.

Melanated Mani used Bitten Jelly, Eros Jelly, and All-Nighter from the Falling-in-Lust collection from @cirquecolors.

pink and burgundy ombre nail design ideas

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram


21. Pink and lavender mermaidcore sparkle ombre nails

We love this mermaidcore pink, sky-blue and lavender set which is easy to DIY at home! You can use a sponge to press on the gradient colour and top it off with a shimmer top coat for a reflective finish.

pink and lavander ombre nail design ideas

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram


22. Pink and orange ombre nails

Created using Death Valley Nails nail polish, the amazing set by Melanated Mani shows us that pink and orange ombre can be sheer and chic.

pink and orange ombre nail design ideas

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram


23. Grey and pink ombre nails

These muted tones are the perfect nod to the ombre trend.

pink and grey ombre nail design ideas

Image –


24. Pink and red ombre nails

Tone down the pink with some berry shades, taking the ombre from left to right for another modern twist.

pink and red ombre nail design ideas

Image – @imarninails/instagram


25. Pink and yellow ombre nails

This set is *sure* to brighten up your day – the perfect shades for spring and summer.

pink and yellow ombre nails

Image – @carmel_chemistry/instagram


26. Pink and green ombre nails with 3D flowers and shapes

Using moulds and jelly glaze to create this acrylic nail masterpiece, this set is perfect for the 3D nail trend I’ve been seeing all over social media lately.

pink and green ombre nails with flowers design ideas 2024

Image – @nailsbycindyxo/instagram


27. Pink and lime green ‘watermelon’ ombre nails

We’ve been seeing loads of variations on the watermelon nails trend! To DIY, use a sponge with green, pink and white polishes to create the ombre effect, and add some black dots for the seeds. Easy peasy, watermelon squeezy.

This mani was created using: Masura in Green Mamba, Essence Cosmetics in Just White, Cotton Candy Love and Legally Pink, and Cirque Colors in Spotted.

pink and lime green watermelon ombre nail design idea

Image – @nbnailart/instagram


28. Nude pink and neutral brown ombre nails

A nude pink nail is perfect with brown for a neutral-toned mani.

pink and brown almond nails

Image – @paragonnails/instagram


29. Silver and pink holographic ombre nails with stars and gems

Want to know how to do these nails at home? We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide to doing a holographic mani.

silver and pink ombre nails

Image – @nonaphilippa/instagram


30. Chrome gold and baby pink ombre nails

Two of the prettiest shades together.  This gold and pink ombre mani is ultra feminine.

pink and gold ombre nail design id

Image – @nail_inventions/instagram



By shape

31. Coffin pink acrylic ombre nails

Coffin nails are the *perfect* shape for cool nail art and designs, and these long acrylic ombre nails are no exception.

neon pink ombre nail design ideas

Image – @pariss_nails/instagram


32. Almond pink aura ombre nails with stars and gems

Aura nails are another take on ombre, with a darker or lighter colour in the centre that seamlessly transitions as it reaches the cuticle and tip. Truly mesmerising.

almond aura ombre nail design ideas

Image – @overglowedit/instagram


33. Square nails with pink ombre butterfly nail art

To recreate this look, start with a nude pink shimmer base and some stick-on butterfly nail stickers – or ask your nail tech for some pink and white ombre insects like the ones below! So. Cute.

butterfly nail art ombre

Image – @chichinailsspa/instagram


34. Stiletto ombre nails 

These natural stiletto nails combine the ombre trend with the most recent ‘wet look’ nail movement. This set was created using Apres Nail polishes.

stiletto ombre nails

Image – @v.nailedit_/instagram


35. Subtle pink 3D round ombre nails

This subtle pink set is another incoming trend – 3D nail art that gives a jelly-like illusion. This mani was also created using Apres Nail polishes!

round 3D ombre nail design ideas

Image – @nailsxmina/instagram


The takeaway

Pink is *officially* still on our radar, and we predict it will be for the rest of 2024!

Whether you want to go full Barbiecore, you prefer a subtle set, you love bold and bright, or you’re partial to glitter, the ombre nail trend has something for us all.

We love to see an inclusive trend!


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