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Reviewing Ouai's Rose Hair & Body Oil

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil: Our Review

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If you’re someone whose hair increases to three times its normal size with the slightest hint of moisture then, like me, you’re also probably used to trying out endless products to tame frizz and restore hydration.

And while I have a pretty steady rotation of masks, serums and leave-in conditioners to keep my hair somewhere in the ‘normal size’ range, there’s another type of product I love for softening and adding shine: hair oils.

As a big fan of Ouai’s delicious-smelling line of haircare goodies (including their cult scalp scrub), when I saw their Rose Hair & Body Oil my interest was piqued.  But is it moisturising enough to join my regular lineup of de-frizzing products?

Read on to find out!


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This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this in June 2023 to add our further thoughts on the product, as well as some alternatives, and updated prices.


Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

Containing shea, sunflower seed, rosehip and apricot kernel oils to moisturise, this oil is free from parabens and silicones, and also cruelty-free.

And as you might have guessed from its name, rose is the standout scent here, as well as lychee- giving this a light, floral fragrance (Ouai’s classic Melrose Place scent).

Moisturising and softening on both hair and skin, I like the scent, the results, and the fact that it’s multipurpose (great for travel).

I’m not so keen on the use artificial fragrance here, though, although I haven’t found it drying or irritating.

On the plus side, the scent really is noticeable enough that- if you were really trying to pack light- you wouldn’t necessarily need a separate perfume (the sort of lazy girl packing I can get on board with).


Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub review

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Softening (and certainly lovely smelling), I really like using this on my hair overnight before washing out.

I find it goes some way to give some extra moisture to my bleach-frazzled locks using like this while massaging a small amount of this through the lengths and ends of dry hair helps to add shine and control frizz (and did I mention that scent?).

And given that daily scalp massage has been shown to improve hair thickness, using this oil to treat your scalp a little is also a good way to help hair growth.


How to use it

With a thin texture that makes it easy to work through strands and over skin, this is one of those oils that tends to run away from me a bit on legs/arms etc, so I try to work quickly when applying.

Massaged over skin post-showering this doubles as a body moisturiser, while I also like using before washing as a moisturising hair treatment (my frazzled locks definitely appreciate the hit of moisture).

It can also be used on styled strands for adding shine (use sparingly if you have fine hair though as this is a little heavy).  

Finally, use Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil on wet strands too for a hit of moisture to damaged hair.


Reviewing Ouai's Rose Hair & Body Oil

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Some alternatives

Of course, Ouai is the only company offering a body/hair oil combo, and there are definitely some cheaper dupes out there.

Here are some of the best!


Nuxe´s Huile Prodigieuse

A cult classic for good reason, Nuxe’s hair and body oil has been softening strands and sunbaked bodies for years.

At a price tag that won’t make you wince (from $15 for 30 ml/ 1 oz), this oil may not smell quite as yummy as Ouai’s but will definitely pack in the moisture.

It’s also available in a gold shimmer version for those who really want to sparkle.


Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil review

Image – Nuxe


Oribe’s Cote D’Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil

Ok so this one may not be cheaper- in fact, at $75 for 100 ml it’s a lot more expensive than Ouai’s Rose Hair & Body Oil- but what it lacks in affordability it makes up for in pure luxury.

Infused with a fragrance so good you’ll smell like you’re wearing an upmarket perfume, Oribe’s Cote D’Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil drenches skin and hair in moisture while giving you serious pampering vibes.


Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil review

Image – Oribe


The takeaway

Overall Ouai’s Rose Hair & Body Oil does a great job moisturising both hair and body, and the scent certainly feels pretty luxurious.

Considering it’s a high-end look and feel too, this works out cheaper than a few similar brands and products.

For more of a heat protection and styling serum though, something like Gisou’s stunning hair oil is another multipurpose hair hero and smells fantastic.

Great for: Rose scent fans and for moisturising hair and skin. Also for travel- both because it’s under 100 ml and because you’re essentially getting at least two products in one here (and four if you also use this as a pre-shampoo treatment or in place of perfume).

Not-so-great for: Really sensitive skin types who might not like the artificial fragrance here.

Ouai’s Rose Hair & Body Oil is $32 for 3 oz/ 98.9 ml, Sephora US





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    Amazing review!!! I’m afraid of hair oils due to my oily hair sculp!

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